High quality material and total flexibility

23 06 2014

If L. Klein SA is a supplier of high-grade steel and material that innovates continuously and offers creative solutions to help its customers, it is also a company for whom the relationship with its users and its suppliers is of paramount importance. L. Klein SA has grown with the watchmaking sector and the regional delivery plan served by its trucks has been the same for 60 years! Meeting with the two directors, Olivier and Philippe Schiess.

In their premises of Bienne, L. Klein SA has a very large stock in order to answer quickly to all requests.

In their premises of Bienne, L. Klein SA has a very large stock in order to answer quickly to all requests. Deliveries are done worldwide.

Similarly, L. Klein SA has been working with some foundries for more than 30 years. The Directors tell us: “We have built long term relationships with our suppliers and this allows us to work closely for the development of new materials or new qualities”. Over the years, this partnership has enabled the realisation of products that would have been impossible to be created otherwise.

Quantities of delivery
“With us, no minimum quantity, if you need one single bar, it is possible” explain the directors. And it is also this flexibility that allows Klein to be recognised on the international markets. For example if you need a special material, it is often not possible to order less than 1000 kg elsewhere.

The article published in Eurotec addresses the following points:

  • Quality of delivery
  • A large stock
  • New gradations that bring more (for high precision machining and watchmaking)
  • It is necessary to take the plunge
  • Watchmaking has everything to gain
  • A bespoke service
Watchmakers are beginning to see the benefits of new materials such as the LW100X (using metallic powder technology). Like Christophe Claret that uses this material to create some parts of its exceptional watches.

Watchmakers are beginning to see the benefits of new materials such as the LAW100X (using metallic powder technology). Like Christophe Claret that uses this material to create some parts of its exceptional timepieces.


You can read it here.


L. Klein SA

Chemin du Long-Champ 110
Postfach 8358
CH-2500 Biel/Bienne 8
Tél. +41 32 341 73 73
Fax +41 32 341 97 20



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New compact industrial technology

20 06 2014

At EPHJ Bumotec presents its new s100, a machining center with 3 linear axes and two machining spindles working alternatively.

The two 60'000 rpm motor-spindles and all linear axes allow the machine to be very efficient and reactive.

The two 60’000 rpm motor-spindles and all linear axes allow the machine to be very efficient and reactive.

This new concept allows the machine to reduce tool changes to the minimum as the changes are doing in hidden time on one spindle while the other is working. Every spindle has its own tool magazine (up to 36 in total).

A new concept in-between standard solutions
Nowadays the productions of parts for watch movements are usualy done using a batch of single spindle machines (mainly for small batches) or on large production chains on transfer machines for bigger series. This Bumotec s100 is aimed to propose an intermediate solution.

With its small size, its new design and the LED lighting, the first glimpse of the machine is impressive.

Chip to chip time is redzuced to the max as all tools changes are effectuated in hidden time.

Chip to chip time is reduced to the max as all tools changes are effectuated in hidden time.

The new s100 includes many features by design that simplifies the life of the operator.

The new s100 includes many features by design that simplifies the life of the operator. The machine is on show in Geneva and people there are eager to share their passion about this new tool. Don’t miss it.

You can still discover this machine at the Geneva show till the end of the day.


Bumotec SA
Route du Rontet 17
CH – 1625 Sâles
T +41 26 351 00 00
F +41 26 351 00 99




Interested in the watch industry and production means and solutions for this field? Don’t miss Eurotec latest issue. You can read it online.?  and

read online p9



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EPHJ-EPMT-SMT starts tomorrow

16 06 2014

It is tomorrow in Geneva that this trade-show dedicated to watch industry, microtechnology and medical will open its door at Palexpo. We’ve met with André Colard and Oliver Saenger, the founders of the show, to catch the spirit of the event.
If sometimes the distinctions between EPHJ (watchmaking), EPMT (microtechnology) and SMT (medical) are a little fuzzy in the minds of visitors, it is finally not very important; these three sectors work in close collaboration and synergies available to exhibitors and visitors are widely acclaimed.

Mixed fields
“At the beginning, some traditional watchmaking exhibitors blamed us to open the show to all microtechnologies, but this era is over and today the transfers of technologies and ideas between these areas is one of the strengths of the show” says Mr. Colard. Exhibitors are therefore in Geneva not only to conduct business, but also fetch new ideas and new technologies. In this state of mind, the show organizes theme days and conferences that not only add visibility to the event (and therefore very targeted visitors on the basis of the themes), but add value to the trips of visitors to Geneva. To guarantee the success, the organizers also ensure that exhibitors fit well in the concept of the trade show. Mr. Saenger says: “Sometimes we refuse exhibitors because their products are not in phase with the event and in this case, neither them nor visitors would be satisfied”.

The only Medtec trade show in Switzerland in 2014
Questioned about the SMT part and its relative smallness, the organizers are formal: “Indeed, the number of exhibitors located on this part of the exhibition, though expanding, is quite limited, but it is mainly because there are few companies working exclusively for the medical field. More than 100 exhibitors of the EPHJ-EPMT, announce to also work in medical technologies and many of them participate regularly to the medical exhibitions in Europe. As EPHJ-EPMT-SMT is the event covering every aspect of microtechnology, exhibitors are present, but perhaps less visible under the medical aspect”. They add: “In 2014 we are the only professional exhibition dedicated to medical technology in Switzerland”.

There are also many interesting talks, you can download the programme here.

Many news and skills to discover in Geneva, don’t miss them. You can download your free entrance ticket here.

Opening hours
From Tuesday to Thursday (June 17 to 19), 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday June 20, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Palexpo Geneva

You can also read the full interview of the two founders we’ve done here.






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More options for surface finishing

5 06 2014

At the EPHJ trade fair, Recomatic/Bula Technologie will be presenting several new products which meet specific customer needs, particularly for watchmaking customers. A few customers have already seen some of these new products and were favourably impressed by what they saw. So much so, that the company has even sold several machines before the official launch at EPHJ. We went to Courtedoux to meet Mr. Marco von Gunten, who has been Sales & Marketing Manager for the last 3 months.

The MR480 is a veritable machining centre comprised of a very rigid frame and 3 independent spindles, thus ensuring a high degree of stability.

The MR480 is a machine with a very rigid frame and 3 independent spindles, thus ensuring a high degree of stability.

The manager is delighted to have the opportunity to be part of the launch of these new products, as he says straight away, “I am new in the company and three things never cease to surprise me: the high degree of innovation in the products, the fact that our customers’ needs are really taken into account and the motivation of our workforce”.

Increasing synergy
Since the company took over Bula in 2008, the Recomatic group has been working to provide complementary solutions to its customers in order to offer a complete service from the preparation of a surface from a geometric point of view to the finishing of the same surfaces in terms of appearance, including automation. The company will be presenting five new products at EPHJ.

The following products will be launched at the fair:

  • Reco-MR480 grinding and lapping machine
  • Reco-MS300 satin finishing machine and
  • Bula satin finishing module.

In terms of evolution, the company will be presenting the new versions of the automatic polishing machines Bula-Poligo B11 and B22.

Making the difference with surface appearance
All the solutions on offer from Recomatic and Bula aim to provide new functionalities in order to increase the global performance of the machine and meet the increasingly high requirements of their customers. Mr von Gunten concludes, “Today Recomatic and Bula have taken their company to a new level and are offering industrial solutions which are completely in the spirit of the times, in particular in terms of repeat precision and their high level of performance. I would like to invite all customers and anyone else interested to come and see our products in greater detail on our stands A57 + A63 at the event in Geneva”.

Recomatic SA / Bula Technologie SA
Rue des Marronniers 1G
2905 Courtedoux

Recomatic SA
Tél. + 41 32 465 70 10

Bula Technologie SA
Tél. +41 32 465 81 00


Do not miss Eurotec next issue, you will find much more information on these new machines.




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Ready for the challenge

27 05 2014

In the high-end watchmaking subcontracting sector, the constraints imposed on workpieces are very strict in terms of size, geometry and appearance, bringing tough challenges for manufacturers.
For many years, Cyberis has ridden this wave, with the company undergoing constant growth. It has also bought more than 20 production machines over the last two years, and plans to purchase several machines in the next few months. Interview in Bassecourt with Mr. Muriset, the young director of this dynamic company with a workforce of around 30.

Does this signal the end of cam-type machines?
Cyberis works with several different types of automatic turning machines, namely the Micro7, Micro8 and Delta numerical control models and 25 MS-7 cam versions. Mr. Muriset explains: “Although the operators are very versatile and able to work on cam-type machines, we are planning to replace our inventory of older machines”.

The quest for excellence
“We work for many of the major Swiss watch brands, in particular the very high-end names, and we can’t afford the slightest error. We simply aim for perfection”, explains the Director. Of course, this applies to bar turning machines, but also to the polishing department, the staff, the management system and the checking methods. The entire company is on a quest for excellence.

…by a dynamic team
All of the staff working to achieve excellence in Bassecourt are well aware of the stakes. Those we met identified fully with the company and were proud to be working for such prestigious customers. Mr. Muriset concludes: “We are a small, dynamic business working tirelessly to serve our customers. We have two objectives: to continue to build long-term partnerships with our existing customers and to develop our portfolio by attracting new customers”.

To be discovered at EPHJ in Geneva from June 17 to 20, 2014 on booth H24.

Cyberis SA
Rue St-Hubert 38
2854 Bassecourt
Tel. +41 324 270 060
Fax. +41 324 270 061




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CAD for watchmaking at EPHJ

26 05 2014

Hurni Engineering, the watchmaking CAD specialist in French-speaking Switzerland will celebrate its 30th anniversary at EPHJ 2014 in Geneva from June 17 to 20, 2014.

Imagine. Design. Create. Autodesk is a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services.

Imagine. Design. Create. Autodesk is a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services.

The company was founded in 1984, when the Swiss mechanical watchmaking overcame the quartz crisis and began to integrate computer technology in its manufacturing process.

CAD to the service of watchmakers
Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds and renowned for its knowledge of the watchmaking specialties, the company has contributed to promote and disseminate CAD softwares with local watchmakers and subcontractors. But Hurni Engineering is also known for having developed tools dedicated to mechanical design («MECAD» and more recently ‘invention-Tools Watch’), which increase the potential of the famous AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor softwares, which the company is a Gold partner.

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary at EPHJ 2014, Hurni Engineering will present a new tool dedicated to the Autodesk environment.

Hurni Engineering Sàrl
Chemin de la Combeta 3
CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Tél. +41 32 924 50 90
Fax + 41 32 924 50 91




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Different watchmaking solutions

28 04 2014

If Newemag is very well established in German-speaking Switzerland, its solutions dedicated to watchmaking are not well-known yet in this market in French-speaking Switzerland. EPHJ is a perfect opportunity to discover the skills of this provider in this area.

This year, Newemag has already organised two open-houses with great successes. One in its new premises in Eschenbach and one in Chavornay. Some customers discovering the new Brother at one of those open-houses.

This year, Newemag has already organised two open-houses with great successes. One in its new premises in Eschenbach and one in Chavornay. The picture shows some customers discovering the new Brother at one of those open-houses.

What about watch industry?
‘We have been active in the field of watchmaking for a few years, but in 2014 we have reached a milestone since we have machines permanently available in Chavornay and we have hired a new application engineer specialised in this area” says the Director. Talking about casing circle, case-middle, plates or bridges, Newemag’s specialists are very well informed. Questioned about the importance of the provenance of the machines for watchmaking, M. Métraux, one of the vendors for French-speaking Switzerland who joined us says: “We offer Japanese and German machines, and sometimes the Japanese origin is a brake (which is amazing when you look at the number of Asian autlomatic lathes in the workshops). But today, even the Swiss brands offer machines with a significant portion of their components coming from Asia or even, in some cases, only the brand is Swiss. Customers look more on the rational aspect of the offer”.

A 5-axis machine is not always necessary
To have a 5-axis machine able to do everything is certainly very interesting, but specialists from the company noted that the market is also looking for rational solutions at prices calculated accurately. The price per part, in this area too, becomes a factor of importance for customers. The seller goes even further in the argument for a 3 axis machine: “We realised case-middles on a 3-axis Brother machine and the results are more than amazing. We produce parts in the same cycle time as with 5-axis machine for a level of investment far less important (2.5 to 3x) but in addition, simpler kinematics provides greater precision and best surface finishes. Broadening our vision to the whole production chain, we also see that subsequent polishing operations are largely facilitated”.

At EPHJ/EPMT/SMT, Newemag will demonstrate a turning/milling solution with Miyano and a milling machine with Brother. Check them out on the D108 booth.

Newemag AG
Acherfang 8
6274 Eschenbach
Tel.+41 41 798 31 00
Fax +41 41 790 10 54

Schneider mc SA
Rue de l’industrie 3
1373 Chavornay
Tél +41 24 441 72 13
Fax +41 24 441 72 14


Watch industry specialists: Brother S500 X1 and Miyano BNA-42 MSY.

Watch industry specialists: Brother S500 X1 and Miyano BNA-42 MSY.



PS: You can see a few pictures of the new premises of Eschenbach on this post.


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Know-how in pinions and wheels

17 03 2014

Active at 65% in watchmaking and mainly for the production of parts of movements, Helios A. Charpilloz SA is specialised in complex parts, always produced with the precision of watchmaking and the rigour of the automotive industry. Today this company, certified ISO and TS (automotive), is implementing a new ERP system in order to, according to Mr. Basara its Sales Manager, modernise the management of its activities  (Extract of the full article to be read in our next issue).
“We have worked to stabilise our processes to ensure the quality of our parts not by an effective control, but rather by a defect-free production. Today we want to professionalise more our ERP” explains the Director in the preamble. And we can see the manager accustomed to the automotive field in his comment.

Competence above all
“We do not sell production capacities” adds Mr. Basara. Indeed, the production is only the result of a process that aims to provide targeted and adapted solutions to the needs of customers. He continues: “When we are consulted for the production of parts, we are always looking for the best way to achieve them and very often we offer alternatives to our customers”. The company is famous for its expertise and the customers know that if there is a way to optimise production, it will be done. Often Helios proposes changes in design or tolerances on the parts to produce.
To be discovered…

  • A true partnership
  • Better information
  • Cam machines are still remarkable
  • Investment: 10% of the turnover every year…
  • …and many operations


Helios A. Charpilloz SA
CH-2735 Bévilard
Tel. + 41 32 491 72 72
Fax + 41 32 491 73 73




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Whole programme to produce key watch parts

7 03 2014

Willemin-Macodel is well known for its expertise in watch industry – movement, case and external parts. It is a Swiss supplier of innovative and unique tailor-made machining solutions for high added value, complex and high precision items.
At Baselworld, the Jura-based company will be presenting a programme for producing the key watchmaking components, namely preparation of settings on watch cases with the 308S, cases with the 408S2, plate machining on both sides with the 408PA and finally machining of crowns and links on 408MT machine.

Hand to hand with key players
Ever since it was first established, the Jura-based company has been collaborating with the key players on the watch market to improve the efficiency of production and the reliability of the processes. For close to 40 years, it has been developing innovative machinery and developing flexible, dynamic, stable and productive solutions based on an in-depth understanding of customer requirements.

Do not hesitate to ask for more
Thanks to the personal service provided from the initial feasibility studies to support with the machinery throughout the product lifespan, the company offers tailor-made turnkey solutions in line with market requirements.

To be seen in Basel  in hall 4.U, stand F22 from March 27 to April 3, 2014.

Willemin-Macodel SA
Route de la Communance 59
2800 Delémont
Tel. +41 32 427 03 03
Fax +41 32 426 55 30
You can read all the articles published on Eurotec about Willemin-Macodel here.



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Added value on watchmaking

4 03 2014

The 6th watchmaking days of Tornos has just started. For the last few years, the company have given presentations on watchmaking operations outside its traditional area of expertise – for example a guilloche worker in 2012 and a decorator in 2013. In addition to the machining solutions, what can be discovered in 2014? Second part of the interview as well as a few pictures of the environment (first part to be read below).

A Swissnano 'Swiss edition' welcomes visitors on the outside of the company... just the snow is missing on the bows ;o)

A Swissnano ‘Swiss edition’ welcomes visitors on the outside of the company… just the snow is missing in the ball ;o)

Brice Renggli say: “This year we’re going to talk about watch design. Every day, trainee designers at the School of Art in La Chaux-de-Fonds will be in our showroom to explain the constraints and specific aspects of their profession. Our aim is to add value to the whole event experience. Watch design is evolving, as are the parts and the machines themselves. The Journées Horlogères are firmly rooted in the present with the machines and solutions on show, but they also look to the future”.

Carlos Almeida adds: “Often our customers are too busy manufacturing to spend time learning about other related professions. During previous Journées Horlogères, there were numerous discussions with representatives from these various professions. The fact that this year they will be young designers fits nicely with the new lease of life that has been given to bar-turning workshops with the arrival of the SwissNano”.

You say that the Journées Horlogères are also a chance for Tornos to get feedback from its customers. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Carlos Almeida: The best example is the SwissNano. It was during the 2012 Journées Horlogères that we were really able to pin down the specifications of the machine with the help of our visitors. Less than 13 months later, at the 2013 Journées Horlogères, we then unveiled the new machine to those visitors. Face-to-face with the actual machine, other ideas then emerged, such as the need for cutting and polygon operations: today these come as standard with the SwissNano.

Brice Renggli: This is not the only time we work on solutions for our customers, although the Journées Horlogères are a chance to confirm or modify our ideas.

Tornos JH0

Welcome to the Tornos showroom.

Tornos JH2

The company organised a nice place to visit. Watchmakers and others are welcome to stop by till the end of the week.

Tornos JH3

Almac VA1008, SwissNano, EvoDeco 10 and Isis will be demonstrated on the show. The new BA 1008 can be discovered virtually (and visitors will be able to learn more about this machine… the first has been delivered last week).

Tornos JH4

The show is open from today till Friday from 9h00 to 18h00.

Tornos JH1

It is five SwissNano that await for customers… all in black edition, I miss some colours ;o)

The design of the new VA1008 clearly show a change of era.

The design of the new VA1008 clearly shows a change of era.


To be discovered in Moutier till the end of the week.



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