Finished parts in one clamping

Who doesn’t know Schaublin Machines in Europe? Many professionals grew with a lathe labelled with this brand. Nowadays ten thousands of these machines are being used throughout the world. For many decades, the brand is closely linked with high quality and Swiss precision.

The company never stops innovating, on the communication field with its actions with Alinghi or in term of products. Schaublin Machines SA recently launched a new vertical machining center, the 51-5AX.

High-precision machining center

This completely new machine from the Schaublin Machines SA product range enables simultaneous 5-axis control for machining even complex workpieces in one setup. Thus, the machining time can be shortened considerably. “Precision”, “flexibility” and “long life” are the core principles of machine conception. Linear motion guides and ball screws have been generously dimensioned. The X, Y and Z axis anti-friction guides of 35 mm width enable feedrates of up to 30 m/min. The 5-axis rotary table is highly rigid and is made of annealed cast iron. Workpieces with a weight of up to 75 kg can be clamped on this table. This guarantees a consistently high machining precision.

The new 51-5AX is dedicated for automotive, optical, aerospace, micromechanics and medical and dental industries. Its wide range of possibilities to finish the parts allows users to be very competitive with a good return on investment.

I’ll come back later with some insights from Schaublin Machines SA. Stay tuned!

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