Precision cleaning in the field of surgical implants

Bio-compatibility is a fundamental element in the cleaning of surgical implants. It is important to eliminate cutting fluids and lubricants after mechanical operations. This allows for a simplified final cleaning process and guarantees bio-compatibility. The use of A3 non-chlorinated solvents on site during the manufacturing of implants is a genuine example of modern techniques being used in the bio-medical industry.

Surgical implants: huge growth

The huge growth in the demand for implants requires an overhaul in precision cleaning capacities. And there are some companies ready to take up the challenge!

I was this afternoon with Maurizio Rasori, Head of Sales and Marketing at Amsonic ( to discover that the world is changing!

Companies all around the world are more and more sensitive to the cleaning topic. In the automotive industry there are some new regulations to actually define what does “clean” means! (We’ll come back on that point) and in the medical, any “leftover” is just not an option!

You’re a manufacturer of small precision parts? You can enter the medical field, a lot of know-how is there to help you… but nothing must be underestimated.

  • Machining does affect the final impact of the metallic part put into the human body
  • More than that, it affects also the way we clean the parts
  • Oil is important, not only in term of possibility to clean it but also in term of viscosity. Maybe a 20 is perfect for thread whirling but what if we need a 10 for high pressure drilling?
  • What about FDA regulations?

I’m eager to release the new Eurotec, there will be a lot of added value for everyone!