Applitec tooling for Medical

High precision machining needs know-how and open mind. I’ve met yesterday François Champion who is head of Sales and Marketing with Applitec and that was interesting because once again I discovered that technical skills is important but that’s nothing without a clear vision of what customers need.

Medical tooling

Medical is not significantly different than others field. Material are challenging and maybe the most difficult thing with Titanium is that it’s a material that needs very sharp tools. This implies very hard ones too… but hard means more easily breakable. A challenge to meet to achieve in adding rigidity to the whole set to be sure that the tool won’t break.

What is amazing somewhere is that proprieties of that kind of “pure” Titanium are more or less the same as of some plastics (PEEK for instance).

I will explain in next issue how that tooling manufacturer actually answers  to that challenge.

Meanwhile, you can go there

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