The forces exerted on the tap flank during the rigid machining and particularly by the reverse of the machine spindle led to a very important  deduction of the service life of the tap, which can generate a premature wear and even the breakage of the tap, so a lower thread quality.

Edalmatic-Synchro chuck Type MT-S
By rigid tapping, the torque graph (visible on the illustration published in next issue (3)) changes continually because of the variations of the machine synchronism. With the compensated chucks, after the torque is established, it stays constant during the total working cycle (4). The forces on the thread flanks are reduced more than 80% (1) and (2). Tool life can be 2 ½ times longer.
The integrated system, simple, very shrewd and absolutely new, allows the tightening of the tap by quick change adapter directly fixed, driven and compensated by the body of the chuck. In this way one suppresses an internal carrier spindle and collets.
The available range of the chucks cover the capacity of M0,3 to M20 (4 sizes available).
The MT-S-IK chucks allow central cooling. The MT-S 312 and 520 chucks allow cooling too, they also permit a progressive setting of the initial cutting pressure.

1. Right- and left- hand cut without any modification
2. No maintenance
3. Long Life
4. Low investment
5. Proven efficiency and robustness since 1998

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