A know-how to meet highest expectations

With its growth prognostics widely shared by experts, the medical field is seen as an “El Dorado” by a lot of companies; but starting in this domain requires a know-how to face constantly growing demands in term of quality, complexity and productivity. Willemin-Macodel provides turnkey machining solutions to allow its customers to face these trends with serenity.

Always more complex parts
The machining centers of this builder are able to perform simultaneous 5-axis milling operations as well as turning operations up to 6,000 rpm for the MT machines (Mill/Turn) with 65mm diameter bars (518MT). Willemin-Macodel makes a difference with its MT product range— it can machine from bars or part after part; and it’s able to machine complex parts (dental implants, bone screws, spine, etc.) within a single cycle. This includes the back face thanks to a multiposition back-operation turret. Users can then finish polyhedral or revolving parts in one clamping.
Meeting flexibility
Complex parts machining often means a lot of operations, so it is important to ask for production machines offering such a potential but it’s equally important to have the flexibility to adapt the machine to the part that needs to be machined.  The MT series machines by Willemin-Macodel are designed to be flexible with their multifunction back-operation units, their 42,000 rpm motorspindles, their 6,000 rpm dividers, and their compact manipulating systems. The 508MT machining center is particularly well equipped with its 3-position turret that can simultaneously hold a back spindle (mill/turn up to 6’000 rpm), an auto-centering vice, and a tail stock. This elaborate technology gives users the ability to machine several different complex parts on the six faces without changing the set-up.

User friendliness AND possibilities
Set-up of a new part including fast grip and chucks changes, shaped bars fixturing, and tool life  management is done with ease. Optimizing set up times is easily done with the multi-grip chucks that can hold square or round bars without the user having to dismount anything in the holding system. This machine builder developed its own system to hold a wide range of bars (round, square, polyhedral) up to 65 mm diameter. The clamping devices are adapted to the customer’s requirement as well. For instance, implants in ceramic, non-annealed material that need careful tightening and that can be gripped on a short area only are perfectly held and machined.
[…] (more to be discovered in Eurotec 362).

This year, Willemin-Macodel will take part in the following medical shows: Medtec in Stuttgart (Germany) and Besançon (France), Medisiams in Moutier (Switzerland) as well as several shows in the the USA and in Asia.

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I know that it seems that there is only medical in Eurotec these days, its is due to the fact that the two first issues will be medical oriented to help people enter that market and win.
In issue 364 to be released early May, we’re going to publish a lot of things about microtechniques and watch industry… there are still a lot of business to do there and we’ll show you some help to enter these markets too.

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