When 3% will make you over 20!

According to a widespread profitability analysis for CNC machining, the value of tooling represents up to 3% of the total value (see chart). Yet, a simple change at this level may have consequences worth several dozen percentage points in profitability. For a better grasp of this phenomenon, we spoke to Didier Auderset, CEO of PX-Tools, located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, home of microtechnology (Switzerland).

Calculable consequences
To illustrate the example which is the title of this article, Mr Auderset uses the production of this micro-reamer in carbide which not only enabled his customer to gain several percentage points in profitability because they were able to use higher cutting speeds, but in particular virtually abolished the 24% of setting and adjustment. With their former tools, the customer always had a problem with the reaming depth and was forever making adjustments. The geometry of the new reamer proposed by PX-Tools has the advantage of offering a limit stop… now there is no longer any need to adjust the depth. Simple! The new reamer is maybe more expensive than the old one but it brings with it a very clear improvement in profitability. […]

More service
To provide a real service for the customer, in addition to listening to their demands and providing a solution which meets their needs in a timely manner, the company also need to accompany them throughout the production process to avoid any tool stock-outs. PX-Tools provides a full service in this area with call-off ordering which involves the tools stocked by PX-Tools and its agents and delivered on request. The regrinding service is also available. 10 years ago, the service (in the most general sense of the word including listening and advising) only contributed to between 10 and 15% of the success of PX-Tools. Now it represents a lot more. A perfect illustration of this change is given by Mr Auderset when he addresses his employees: “your sole concern has to be the customer, if we provide him with the right service, the rest will fall into place.”

•    Small standard and specialized precision tools
•    Circular reamers
•    Shape reamers
•    Drills and micro-reamers
•    Thread whirling cutters and inserts
•    Spindle-type tools
Types of tools
•    Carbide
•    Ceramic
•    PCD

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To conclude this brief presentation (there will be more in a further Eurotec issue), I would write this sentence that Auderset told me:
“There is more than just one way of doing things. From all the different options, we provide the one which best suits the requirements.”

Any trouble with tooling for high precision machining? Do not hesitate to contact PX.

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