High-frequency and much more besides!

Small, compact, energy-efficient, fast, vibration-free, precise …. the high-frequency spindles deliver a hand full of trump cards as they take their place on the precision machining marketplace. Why use spindles of this kind? A meeting at Meyrat SA with Mireille Barras, the Head of Marketing and Christian Walther, the Director of this company.


Particular conditions
Use of the high-frequency spindle is frequently determined by usage conditions. First case to highlight: machining which calls for a very high rotational tool speed (up to 80 000 rpm); In cases like this, which are becoming increasingly common, there is no other effective solution. Second case to highlight: shortage of space; modern machine-tools are becoming ever more compact, so it follows that spindle dimensions also need to follow suit.Since they are not connected to mechanical links (e.g. belts), they can be located anywhere with ease.  These points harbour some important implications. Firstly, the fact of not using a mechanical coupling delivers operation without mechanical shocks or vibration and this of course extends the service life of tools while at the same time improving the surface condition of the machined component. Secondly, with this higher rotational speed, faster rates of workpiece advance are achievable, and this helps to boost productivity.

Productivity is the key
The overall productivity of machine-tools is improving continuously, while the quality and resistance properties of the tools enable them to operate at ever higher speeds. Operations such as milling, drilling and thread-whirling performed as tailstock operations no longer need to slow down the overall machining process. For example, the time allocated to milling Torx heads on medical screws in a tailstock operationg must not be allowed to exceed the machining time of the headstock operation. High-frequency spindles therefore deliver a flexible solution to the practitioners involved in running successive series of production operations.
For the operator, the extended tool service life is of great benefit.

Quality, price and word of mouth
The balancing precision is accurate to within a few tenths of a milligram, so the service life of tools and word of mouth are key reasons underpinning the business success enjoyed by Meyrat SA. This is something of which Mr. Walther is convinced: “The quality of our spindles is reflected in the satisfaction levels of our customers. If the operator is satisfied with the operation and service life of his tools, and if Meyrat responds effectively whenever problems occur, we gain a good reputation for quality of service, and machine operators pass the word on among themselves!”

“Are you interested in learning more about high-frequency spindles, or about any of the other products? If so, please send an e-mail with your contact details to [email protected] and we will get back to you with more information” said M. Barras

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