Microtools need excellent clamping technology

The demand for ever smaller components in industry is constantly rising. Yet micromachining follows its own laws. Tolerances must be very tight. This places high demands on the machining tools. An exact run-out and repeatability of the processes are the keys to success. The user can achieve this with the new Rego-Fix ER microsystem. This innovative tool clamping system offers the overall system very high run-out accuracy and optimum vibration dampening.

A decisive effect
The Rego-Fix ER microsystem was specially developed for high speeds on new generation CNC processing centres, and ensures ultra-high precision and excellent results in micromachining. One example of this is the tool manufacturer Fraisa from Bellach (Switzerland). Stefan Senn, application developer at Fraisa said: “In the overall system, every component in its special design is crucial to success. There is no point in using a high-performance tool if the clamping and machining system does not offer an equally high-quality performance. This means that the clamping tool has a decisive effect on the outcome of a process. This is particularly true in the field of microtechnology because high run-out quality and the reproducibility of the processes are of paramount importance here.”

2 microns that make the difference

Fraisa was looking for solutions for a new microsystem in this area. The tools with a 3-mm shaft diameter overheat during shrink-fit operations and their run-out cannot be guaranteed.
Michael Hirschi, a Fraisa ToolSchool employee: “A precise run-out is absolutely essential for the tool life. For example, if run-out accuracy is equal to 2 µm, I drill up to 10,000 holes using a drill with a 0.8-mm diameter, even a large feed rate. However, if the run-out is higher than 4 µm, I can only produce a couple of hundred holes!”

Balanced at 25’000 min-1

The special design of the Rego-Fix micromilling system allows the user to work with the ER MS clamping nut, which has been specially designed for ultra-high speeds. This clamping nut features finely machined contours on all sides, and this results in minimal residual unbalance. Because this nut does not feature a pull-out shoulder, the collet is pulled out by means of the special E MS type wrench.
It even ensures ultra-high run-out accuracy and minimum residual unbalance at the maximum speed of 80,000 min-1. Henning Neumann, Head of European Sales at Rego-Fix AG add: “The tool holders are balanced at 25’000 min-1 in G 2.5, and the system is much more precise than the competition because all Rego-Fix components are designed to work in perfect harmony with each other.”

Comprehensive tests
The tests performed by Fraisa focussed on noise factors, optimum cooling, accuracy of the overall system’s run-out and minimum play of the spindle. Different materials and vibration behaviour of the overall system were also fully tested. The results of the precision of the Rego-Fix microsystem were even better than expected.

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