A company that works with some nexialist principles?

I went to interview Pierre-André and Etienne Meylan in a company called Piguet Frères at Le Brassus, Switzerland and I didn’t stop thinking about nexialism. In that company, the skills are cleary interdisciplinary and transverse. You need some technique from highly specialised polishing of watch industry to finish a part for a medical device? No problem, functioning in the company allow the specialists to share all these skills and apply them on the right place, even if that’s not “the usual way”. Result? Good processes and better results for their customers.

Cold plasma – low pressure metal surface treatment

One of the main characteristics of the company is this will to always go further ad further to find solutions for their customers. For instance assembling some parts with a sticking technology needs a perfect state of the surfaces to be mounted. Piguet Frères master the cold plasma technology and the assemblies they are doing these days are far better than without that preparation… at such a point that their customer now gives them a lot more to assembly.
“In the microtechnique, we must be creative, we don’t want to do the same things as others do, we do want to give more to the customers to help them to go further too” – Pierre-André Meylan.

Piguet Frères S.A.
Le Rocher 8
C.P. 48
CH-1348 Le Brassus (Suisse)
tél.     +41 (0)21 845 10 00
Fax     +41 (0)21 845 10 09


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PS2: For those who don’t know anything about nexialist, I recommend the excellent book by A.E. Van Vogt. Nexialist: One skilled in the science of joining together in an orderly fashion the knowledge of one field of learning with that of other fields.
He put the light on this “science” for his books called “Voyages of the Space Beagle” which is a very good book. An exploratory ship full of scientists visits planets far beyond the sun and other suns. The main character in the book is the only Nexialist on board and constantly struggle with the other scientists because they don’t consider Nexialism a “real” science. Needless to say, the Nexialist character is the hero because of his ability to pull together useful things from several different scientific fields.

Want to know more about the n0vel? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Voyage_of_the_Space_Beagle