GILDEMEISTER cooperates with Mori Seiki, Japan

Global, strategic cooperation

Gildemeister Aktiengesellschaft has signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese machine tool manufacturer, Mori Seiki Co. LTD. (Nagoya). The cooperation covers production, purchasing and the development of machines, as well as sales and services in selected markets. This strategic partnership allows both companies to extend their business activities. They will both benefit from short and long-term mutual advantages. The aim of this “win-win“ partnership is to achieve synergies of about € 15 million per year for both sides. To strengthen the alliance, a cross shareholding has been agreed. Investment in 5% of the shares each, confirms the long-term character of the cooperation. Gildemeister has already purchased 2 million Mori Seiki shares and will increase this up to a total of 4.4 million shares (5%). Mori Seiki will purchase 2.3 million (5%) Gildemeister shares, arising out of a capital increase in authorised capital excluding share options. Mori Seiki will subscribe to the Gildemeister shares at € 7.93 per share; the closing price on 20 March 2009 was € 5.73. Mori Seiki will thus become the largest, single Gildemeister shareholder. In addition, reciprocal representation on competent bodies is planned.

“The world of machine tools has become global. Meeting and overcoming the challenges of the international economic crisis demands strong alliances. We will bundle our resources in order to achieve joint efficiency advantages,” said the chairman of the executive board, Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza. Gildemeister management appreciates the cooperation with Mori Seiki to commonly enhance chances.

What do they think about Eurotec?

Eurotec is a magazine with passionated people working and we are all convinced about the good positioning of the magazine… but what is best than some customers feed-back to learn more?

I’ve put a new page called What they think about eurotec. It was really interesting to discuss with all these responsible of companies and learn what THEY THINK is important with Eurotec. Ithank them for the time.

Any experience with Eurotec you would like to share?  Do not hesitate to send me any comment and feed-back at the following address: [email protected]

You would like to talk about a possible collaboration?  Do not hesitate to contact the sales department here:

French speaking Switzerland, France,
Israel, Liechtenstein:
Véronique Zorzi, Tél. +41 22 307 78 52
e-mail: [email protected]

German speaking Switzerland, Germany and other countries:
Nathalie Glattfelder, Tél. +41 22 307 78 32 e-mail: [email protected]

All is revealed with the skeleton

The mechanical watch is returning to a position of importance alongside the quartz watch, the latter equipped with fully electronic movements and display. As for mechanical watches, they comprise traditional parts and movements, in the most noble sense of the term. The principle actually has not really changed since the invention of watch movements which tell the time. The same cannot be said for production techniques which, always evolving, no longer have much in common with past methods. Tornos demonstrates this in striking fashion on the occasion of its Journées horlogères ‘watchmaking days’.

From the past
Originally, watch parts and movements were entirely manufactured. Then cam-type turning machines took over. Long production runs of parts with a high level of repeated precision then became a possibility. In the last few years, these turning machines have been progressively replaced by numerically controlled turning machines, enabling the manufacture of more complex parts while ensuring faultless levels of precision and repetitiveness. However, industrial automation and market trends continually influence the manufacture of watch parts and machine-tool producers for this sector have to continually adapt. During the Journées horlogères, Tornos presents practical examples.

Back to the future
The style of watch known as ‘skeleton’ has been very favourably received on the market. The owner of such an object can not only tell the time, and other information for complication timepieces, but can also take an inquisitive and admiring look inside. This is much to the satisfaction of those passionate about technology but puts even more demands on the manufacturers of these watches and consequently on parts suppliers, in particular bar turners. This is where looks take over from technology: the surfaces of visible parts – screws included – need to be impeccable. High precision and finishing needed for the required quality levels are not enough. Beauty is even more demanding.

Reassuring discovery
And so what? Yes, the Swiss watch industry is also fighting with a slow down, nevertheless companies working with high end machines and high end people are still on a good position. I’ve discussed with a subcontractor for the Swiss watch industry and that was really clear, even if machines are incredibly efficient today, the craftsman skills will always make the difference. It can be in cycle time or way to do the parts or even on surface finish. Isn’t it a good news for all these companies doing “miracles” day after day with their so precise skills?


Expansion towards the French speaking part of Switzerland

Designer and integrator of robotized automation solutions for the German speaking countries, Robotec Solutions AG wishes now develop its activities towards French speaking areas.

To sustain this strategy, the company can count on Dominique Lalut. Benefitting from a more than 25-year know-how with the most important robots manufacturers in the world, this French native is well known in the French speaking Switzerland industries and joined the sales team of Robotec Solutions AG. From now on, he is in charge of projects and customer solutions for French speaking Switzerland and close countries.

« Man from the field, I like to find technical solutions to the challenges of today to reinforce the competitiveness of the industry » he says.
For more than 15 years, Robotec Solutions AG has been integrator and partner of Fanuc Robotics. Faithfull customers of Robotec Solutions AG appreciate skills, advices and engineering performances of its specialists that not only build dedicated solutions but also ensure the maintenance of their installations. In house training in robotics as well as a vast spare parts inventory complement the global service offered by Robotec Solutions AG.

Robotec Solutions AG
5703 Seon
Tel. + 41 (0)62 775 90 00
[email protected]

MM Live 2009 – Return of Headline Sponsors

Rapid News Publications PLC, organisers of MM Live, is delighted to announce the return of its two Headline Sponsors — Rainford Precision Machines and SmalTec International — for the 2009 event being held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 20-21 October 2009.

Highly targeted show
MM Live 2009 is the only UK event dedicated to Micro, Precision and Nano Manufacturing and the endorsement of UK-based Rainford Precision Machines and US-based SmalTec International underlines the importance of the show and its featured technologies for the micro and precision manufacturing sectors.

Faithfull partners
Arthur Turner, Managing Director of Rainford Precision Machines, commented on the company’s return to the show in 2009, “Having sponsored the MM Live 2008 show it was a very simple decision to both re-book the stand space for 2009 and agree to sponsor the show. I felt the effort put in by the MM Live team to promote the show and make the exhibition days useful both to exhibitors and visitors certainly paid off. The interest shown and the commitment by all the customers who attended the exhibition I thought was tremendous and shows the need for a focused exhibition in our industry to develop the market place further.”

Jerry Mraz, President of SmalTec International said, “SmalTec International has always been dedicated to promoting the micro-manufacturing industry and we like to support and sponsor events that have the same dedication to our industry. Our products are well received worldwide and Europe is a market that has embraced micro manufacturing. Last year’s MM Live event demonstrated the need to maintain focus on the UK and EU and to continue support growth of the small technology industry.”

Mark Blezard, Director of Sales for MM Live concluded, “It is a great pleasure to welcome both headline sponsors back for the second MM Live. Both companies took a leap of faith supporting a new show but clearly it worked for them, and we look forward to working with Rainford Precision Machines and SmalTec International as we go forward and double the size of MM Live in 2009.”

Do not miss the show
Visitor registration for the 2009 event is now open and can be completed quickly and easily at

Service to the customer!

To speak about the importance of the customers, about services offered on the market and even on how to present the company and its products, we’ve met Frédéric Springmann, CEO of Springmann S. A. This company sells solutions to manufacturers, for instance  Traub and  Index inSwitzerland and in Austria. Clearly there are some things to be learned with them.

You take part in a large number of exhibitions despite the high costs of these events. What are the objectives of your participation in such events?
Material-removal machining is the common denominator in our range of production machines. It is true that we want to participate at exhibitions with this theme and we think that our customers also expect to see us at this kind of event, even if it is just in a small way. Each exhibition is an excellent way to encourage exchanges with our customers and create new contacts.

At the beginning of May, you are organizing an in-house exhibition on your premises. Will you be presenting new products on this occasion?
Of course, our wide product range means our customers always have a good reason to come back and see us, as products are continually evolving and we regularly represent new manufacturers or products. For customers who are visiting us for the first time, it is also an opportunity to show them the infrastructure we have at our disposal to serve our customers, both in terms of human resources and logistics.

We have heard about exhibitions with no machine presentations. Is that something you could consider doing?
Yes, even within the framework of a specialized exhibition, the products on show don’t necessarily exactly meet the specific needs of our visitors, and this fact doesn’t prevent us from providing them with the information they require.

On your website you underline the confidence your customers have in your company. What measures do you take to create this confidence or to preserve it?
The fact that we still supply today some our very first customers, who have been loyal to our company since 1920, clearly proves that we have taken the right path, so we are continuing our company philosophy while at the same time adapting our structures to market changes!

You are specialized in « customer solutions ». How do you develop these solutions?

I prefer the concept of « solutions for the customer ». Our close proximity to our suppliers (Western Europe) allows us to fully fulfil our role as an interface between the machine user and the machine manufacturer.

You are present on markets in French-speaking Switzerland, German- speaking Switzerland and Austria. Do you think that the solution for the customer can be the same for these three markets?
One of our slogans is « you have the hands – we have the tool », which means that our customer has the specific know-how of his profession and we have our knowledge of the products and our accumulated experience. With this combined knowledge we can provide a solution which is technically and economically viable -this concept is universal and can cross any borders.

What is your main competitive advantage?
The constancy of the service provided.

As opposed to a manufacturer, you represent several product brands in several product categories. Can you claim to be a specialist in this case?
Like for a manufacturer, our skills are spread out among our company’s employees. The customer is expecting first and foremost an excellent understanding of his requirements.  Secondly, he must be able to rely on serious product offers and if he places an order, it must be dealt with professionally. Moreover, he also demands efficient follow-up after acquisition. From the customer’s point of view, the specialist is no doubt the company who can satisfy his requirements one way or another. Command of local factors (like language, for example) provides, of course, an additional competitive advantage.

Are you also proposing oils and tooling?
Yes and no. Our partners’ geographical location means, of course, that we also supply « turnkey » solutions with direct contact between the manufacturer and our customer. If, however, we are not in a position to advise our customer on a peripheral subject, we are happy to establish contact with our colleagues in the industry who we can recommend based on our experience.

What are the advantages for the customer?

As an intermediary, is it not difficult to offer finely tuned solutions?
An independent intermediary with a long-term vision of his business has a dual role – he doesn’t just defend the interests of his suppliers – he also has to defend his customer’s interests vis-à-vis the supplier so both are satisfied.

This was highly interesting for me, hope the same for you!

Good day


PS: I’m on Medisiams this week and I was at Medtec Stuttgart last week… the market is moving and interesting… I’ll come back on that soon.

PS2: Active in Switzerland or Austria? Don’t miss

The future of turning unveiled

Turning-Days™ Villingen-Schwenningen 2009, with over 10,000 square metres of exhibition space and close to 260 exhibitors from Germany and abroad, is now a major specialist fair for turning technology. For the first time includes a panel discussion on the red-hot topic in the sector. New admission system reduces queues at the pay-desks. Extra-long exhibition hours with a valuable viewing circuit for visitors even after closing time.

A specialist exhibition
The organizing team of the 4th Turning-Days™ Villingen-Schwenningen (23rd-25th April 2009) could look with great satisfaction at the bottom line after reservations closed at the end of February: with over 10,000 square metres (gross) of exhibition space and nearly 260 exhibitors, the event is now grown up – and fully booked. The increase in exhibition space of 33% over the last event in 2007 is no surprise, as a large number of exhibitors have enlarged their stands, and many former sub-exhibitors registered this year as principal exhibitors. A sure sign that there is good business being done at Turning-Days™.

New halls
“For this year’s event we were able to enlarge our exhibition area by an additional 4,000 square metres of hard floor, and set up a proper fair!” These are the words of Günter Ihlenfeld of the Turning-Days organizing team. The lack of a solid floor, indispensable for the installation and presentation of heavy machines, used to be the weak spot of the event, as until 2005, there were only a few halls with hard floors on the exhibition ground in Villingen-Schwenningen. A new hall had already been built for the 2007 Turning-Days™, in order to satisfy the demand for stand space. But even then it was already clear that for 2009, an even larger area would be required.
At the end of 2008, the starting signal was given for new, heavy duty structures to replace the special lightweight buildings. By cooperation between the organizers, the fair promoters Südwest-Messe and the municipality of Villingen-Schwenningen, this feasible solution was quickly found and was implemented without delay.

The complete turning process chain
Just under 260 exhibitors include all the trend-setting companies in the sector. The complete turning process chain, with all the preceding and following process steps, is seamlessly integrated in the Turning-Days™ fair. Although the basic concept of the event is regional, companies from all over Germany and from neighbouring countries are represented. “The majority of the new exhibitors came to us on the recommendation of former exhibitors or customers. We are very pleased about this, as there could be no clearer validation of the concept of the fair,” comments Dirk Spahn of the organizing team.

What is the profile of the subcontracting company of the future?
Even so, the organizers are not resting on their laurels, but are completing the 4th Turning-Days™ for the first time with a forum event which in future will form a fixed element in Turning-Days™ and will present topical themes for discussion. The panel discussion beginning on 24th April at 5 p.m. opens with the core theme “What is the profile of the subcontracting company of the future?” Invited panel members are specialists from industry, in particular from the turned parts sector, or strategic purchasers.

Turning Days

Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany)
Thursday 23.04.2009 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday 24.04.2009 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 25.04.2009 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.