Watchmaking and microtechnologies in focus.

As the ever-expanding show is full, the exhibitors are preparing themselves for business. They are getting ready to experience four intense but convivial days, under the watchful eye of a robot from Mars… This show represents the big event before the arrival of watches in the autumn marketplace, before the first deliveries. After the large watch fairs in the spring showcasing the brands and their products, the EPHJ (Environnement Professionnel Horlogerie Joaillerie) brings together the players both upstream and downstream of the finished product, who work to make dreams and to resolve production problems.

In this regard, more and more CEOs or production directors come to Beaulieu, in search of new processes, material, and solutions, as well as services and equipment.

Watchmaking, a rendezvous not to be missed…

The EPHJ-EPMT event has a unique particularity—the juxtaposition of two sectors that cultivate, in the past as in the present, relative to certain questions, their similarities. In this way, the watchmaking and microtechnology branches come together and mutually transmit their respective know-how. While the section devoted to microtechniques
(EPMT) has seen visitor numbers increase since it was created three years ago, the watchmaking and jewellery sections, created seven years ago, are again full to capacity, further evidence that the anticipated recovery is getting underway.
With the participation of the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), the FEMTO-ST (Institut de Besançon), and the Micronarc-Alliance in the scientific days and various symposia, the EPHJ-EPMT event is gaining institutional exposure. It also welcomes a number of group initiatives, such as that of the Canton of the Jura or that of
the first French pavilion. And, of course, there are exhibitors that come from many foreign countries, and as far away as Japan and the United States.

EPHJ-EPMT International Show:  May 12 to 15, 2009.