A good idea from a guy that travels a lot

Amongst the feed-back received on Eurotec and the blog, a guy (thank you Willi) that travels a lot gave me the idea to share some experiences about hotels, restaurants or anything that may be of interest for others that travel. I find it a good idea.

Next to Stuttgart
Back from Control, I want to share the hotel experiment I had there with you. I went to Neuffen at about 20 minutes from the show ground and frankly it’s a place to go if you are on a show in Stuttgart. The place is called Hotel-Restaurant Traube and is located in a small town. If you like to spend a night in a quiet and comfortable place, that’s perfect.

Very good price-quality ratio
A wide room with large bed, the only noise coming from outside due to small birds singing, a cosy terrace with really good food (try the local specialty called “Rahmrostbraten”, if you like a tender piece of meat you won’t be disappointed)… that is really a nice place to be for a few days and the costs are really reasonable compared to other places.

Weak points?
The only two things that could be called weak points (depending on what you’re looking for) are 1) that the hotel is located in a small town (then far from Stuttgart night life) and 2) that if you’re not there by car, it’s not that easy to reach.

I’d be happy to share your experiences with this place (or others that are really good too).

Good day