Wow, our planet is really full of magic companies

In order to prepare texts for next issues, I went to do some interviews in high precision companies.

First I went to RSM. This factory is located to La Chaux-de-Fonds and manufactures parts for watch industry and medical applications. They are working with about 40 machines, half of these are Almac machines and the other half are from Bumotec. M. Magistrini explained me how he works and he told me that the actual crisis lets him time to implement some projects he wanted to. “That way, when the economy restarts, we will be ready”.

Then I visited Dumont. This company is worldwide leader in manufacturing tweezers. They have a unique know-how and can produce tweezers with tips with a thickness 0,005 mm and width of 0,025 mm. Can you imagine a tweezers a large as a quarter of a hair? And when you pinch, the two tips are perfectly aligned? I tell you, I was dumbfounded! This company has nothing to do with the previous one, but guess what? They told me the same! “The actual crisis is an opportunity to seize some projects, that way when the business will restart we will be there”.

And finally I had the luck to discuss with Rickli Micromechanics. This company acts in avery different kind of business but as the two others, they are specialised and passion drives them. They are producing abutments and implants in gold, platinum, palladium, iridium, silver as well as titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, glass fibres and plastic material on Star high precision turning machines. Most of the machining they are doing is done using diamond tooling and there too, it’s a permanent research for quality an skills that makes the difference.

That was three companies, three different kind of products but finally the same clear vision about what they are doing and ready to make things happen. I’m eager to publish these stories (errr… first I must write them I know). We can say that’s the crisis, that’s true… but our world is full of companies that are already preparing the next step.

…and obviously the ones that will be ready will take the train first! Meanwhile you can go to their websites and know more about them.

Stay in touch, there is more to come…
Pierre-Yves Kohler