Threading and thread milling need accurate tooling

There are many way to produce threads and machining it provides some advantages (depending on the situation). I wanted to know more about that thechnology and went to Xactform in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Amazingly this company has a unique technology to produce tools and covers the world market without being well known (Have you already heard about it?). Meeting with Claude Alain Ferrière, Head of Marketing.

Private label
In addition to the sales through dealers, the company also produces a lot for other companies and brands. This is historical and fit well with the vision of a small genius company that doesn’t really want to sell its products. As often with technical stuff, people in the area are not really sales oriented. But things change!

A new strategy
Xactform is recognized by users as being a good quality Swiss product at a very good price quality ratio, this due to its unique way to produce its tools. Now the company is ready to spread its wings and fly a little bit more by itself. The Xactform brand is being rebuild and presented everywhere. After Hannover Messe, they will also go to EMO in Milano and their people are always on the market to explain the benefits of the technology.

Why machining threads?
There is only in high precision turning that this technology is not really used because the speed of everything in that field is very high and the parts are very small. In this case the benefits are not a lot better. For any other case, there are only advantages to machine threads, for instance:

  • Speed and productivity increase
  • Length or section reduction
  • Miniaturization
  • Machining of thin walls
  • No risk of breakage and tool struck in the material

What makes the difference?

To produce the many different tools that are in the catalogue of Xactform (about 1400 different tools), they are producing the grinding wheels in-house. This is the secret of Xactform…. And there will be more explanation in Eurotec’s next issue.

Meanwhile if you’re facing some threading troubles, do not hesitate to contact them, they certainly have a solution.

Xactform SA
Avenue des Portes-Rouges 163
2000 Neuchâtel
Tél: +41 32 729 1000
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