Hermle AG: In-house show and news

Over 2’000 visitors from Germany and throughout Europe, including groups from Japan, Korea, Russia, Israel, China and Thailand, attended the traditional in-house exhibition of Hermle AG in Gosheim earlier this spring.

First presentation
The flexible RS 4 production system RS 4 combines an industrial robot, a pallet magazine and one or even two 5-axis machining centres in a single production system. The 1000-kg transport weight of the robot is very high and offers the pre-conditions for fully automatic loading and unloading of high performance machining centres with large heavy parts such as are often found in tool and mould making, machine manufacturing and other industries. The robot can be fitted with an active or passive gripper system.

The storage place for pallet is designed for pallet dimensions up to L x W x H 1000 x 800 x 800 mm. A sensor-monitored set-up station allows for loading and unloading of the system in parallel to production time and no additional protective enclosure is required. The set-up station can optionally be enabled for rotation and can also be loaded and unloaded with a crane. The ergonomically designed enclosure with spacious access doors fits seamlessly onto the machining centre(s). The master computer is responsible for control, organization and monitoring of the entire production system.

The RS 4 completes Hermle’s programme of robot systems extending from the RS1 through RS 2 and RS Kombi, RS 3 to the new RS 4. All machine models of series C 20, C 30, C 40 and now also C 50 can be completely automated with robot systems.

Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG
Industriestraße 8-12
D-78559 Gosheim
Phone: +49 (0) 7426/95-0
Fax: +49 (0) 7426/95-1309
[email protected]

Swiss machine tool builder looking for agents in Germany

Renowned machine tools builder in the watchmaking field for 15 years, Witech launched this year a new range of machines dedicated to produce dental prosthesis. The manufacturer doesn’t let watchmaking aside insofar as a novelty for this field of activity will be launched this year. The company aims high and is looking for agents in Germany.

Ambitious aims
If today Witech produces approximately 40 to 50 machines per year, Mr Meunier, Head of sales, doesn’t hide his ambitions for the future. “Within two year we should double our production without large structural changes”. Questioned about the company strengths that lets him reckon on such a growth. He answers: “We develop quality machines in partnership and listening to our customers, we are very innovative and creative and we offer a great reactivity, all this with fairly calculated prices. This is known on the market and it is our best business card”.


The  MIC3, MIC4 and MIC5 products for the dental market are distributed by Witech partners coming from the “dental world”. Their logo, the W  with a dynamic style is the same as for other Witech machines, i.e.  3, 4 or 5 axis milling machines, turning and milling centers and special machines.

Representative for Germany sought
“If today Witech is not represented in Germany, is not because the company products do not respond to the needs there, but simply because we haven’t been able to deal with the market so far. It is somewhat a shame because we are convinced that our machines can do wonders also in this market” says Mr Meunier.

Working in partnership with customers in Germany to develop dedicated machining solutions and grow together seems interesting to you? Do not hesitate to contact Witech at the address below.

Witech SA
Rue de Pâle 28
Postbox 59
CH-2854 Bassecourt
Tel: + 41 32 427 00 40
Fax: + 41 32 427 00 41
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

26th BIEMH – Moves from its usual dates in March to June

Commercial promotion work for the 26th BIEMH, International Machine-tool Biennial (Bilbao), has begun. Scheduled to take place on May 31- June 5 next year, the event and will be marked by its crucial timing in terms of the repercussions of the economic crunch for the commercial and technological development of capital goods manufacturers.

Spain works for success
As joint organisers of BIEMH 2010, the Spanish Association of Machine-tool Manufacturers and the Bilbao Exhibition Centre have therefore decided to hold stand rental rates at the same level as for the previous Biennial, and to offer a number of extra features based on the amount of space rented, along with preferential reservation offers, easy payment terms and special package deals for stand decoration. The event has also been moved from its usual dates in March to June.
The 25th Biennial in 2008 brought together manufacturers and purchasers from 36 countries in an international showcase event that occupied all six exhibition halls at the venue. In all there were 1761 exhibitors, and 50,712 trade visitors.


Want to know more about Spain high precision industry?
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An example of a high precision turning company can be found here: Microdeco.

Visit the Bilbao exhibition center here.

Plasma or Oxyfuel?

New Website Helps People Decide Which Metal Cutting Method is Right for Them!
Hypertherm, the specialist in plasma arc metal cutting technology, today announced a new website designed to help people understand the differences between plasma and oxyfuel cutting technology so they can decide which cutting method is right for them.

Added value website
The website found at www.plasmavsoxyfuel.com is available in several languages and contains a series of educational articles that cover the seven key things people need to consider when choosing a cutting method: cut quality, productivity, cost per part, overall profitability, ease of use, flexibility, and safety.

There are also several videos on the site, one of which contains a side by side comparison of the two technologies. People wanting more information can also click the many links to external resources that provide even more information on plasma and oxyfuel.

plasma_small“There is sometimes confusion as to which cutting method to use. The answer is it depends on a variety of factors,” said Paula Flanders, one of the site’s content managers.

“Plasmavsoxyfuel.com aims to help people better understand the factors they should consider and works to dispel common myths that exist among the two technologies so that people can make an informed decision.”

For more information do not hesitate to visit www.hypertherm.com.

A perfect alchemy…

To understand how to transform precious metal into high precision parts dedicated to implant dentistry  and other fields of activities, we met M Pascal Rickli, CEO of Rickly Micromécanique SA, a company located in Vauffelin, a few kilometers from Bienne (Switzerland). Everything in this ultra modern company is designed to reach outstanding results.

Why precious metals?
In implant dentistry several techniques divide the market, single-implant that sees every tooth with its own implant or shared implants. In this case they are used as support for bridges to replace several teeth. Single-implant technology is considered as more natural, every tooth is independent. (For instance it is ideal for the comfort of dental floss). With this concept, one can gets up to 30 implants.
If the majority of components installed on dental implants are in titanium nowadays, Rickly Micromécanique SA is specialized in machining abutments and screws in precious metals (gold, platinum and palladium allows).

High machining constraints
To success in machining precious metals and medical plastics with high quality surface finish, low roughness level, high precision and outstanding visual aspect, Rickly has developed a unique know-how in machining with natural diamonds tools.
Rickli part

To discover these “secrets”, do not miss next issue of Eurotec that is planned to be released at the end of August.

Meanwhile, should you need some information, do not hesitate to contact Rickli.

Rickli Micromécanique SA
Rte de Romont 187
CH-2537 Vauffelin
Tél. ++41 32 358 00 80
Fax ++41 32 358 00 89
[email protected]

GrindTec 2010 – March 17 to 20 – Augsburg Trade Fair Centre

GrindTec 2010: Further internationalisation of the European meeting for this sector foreseen. The new exhibition hall creates optimal conditions for targeted further development.

International show
For the GrindTec it has now become almost „Business as usual“. It was already the sixth consecutive time that the leading forum for grinding technology increased both the figures for exhibitors and those for visitors. 11,070 visitors (+ 19 %) and 355 exhibitors (+ 22 %) are the current benchmarks. At the GrindTec 2010 it is intended to continue to increase these figures, however, without softening the sharp profile of this specialised trade fair all about grinding technology. Exhibits for cylinder, surface, profile and centreless grinding can also be presented, as long as there is a connection to tool grinding or to the manufacture of tools and cutting tools. The motor driving this development is the continuous internationalisation of the trade fair, at which 25 countries participated at the last event – and at the premiere in 1998 it was just 6 countries.

Optimal presentation opportunity on 8,000 m²
It is planned that the new Exhibition Hall 5 will be ready for use by autumn 2009, which creates an important factor for the continuous development of the GrindTec. The new exhibition hall has no columns at all; it is possible to drive heavy duty vehicles across the 105 x 75 m ground surface; it has an effective height of 10 m and the most modern equipment. The new exhibition hall 5 offers exhibitors the optimal surroundings for their presentations in an area of just under 8,000 m².
A large 2,000 m² foyer, with space for more exhibitors and with all the necessary infrastructural equipment, will complete the largest exhibition hall in the Augsburg trade fair centre, a perfect connection between halls 3 and 7.

Preparations for the GrindTec 2010 have begun
At the beginning of 2010 the documentation for the participation at the next GrindTec will be mailed, accompanied by advertisements in important trade publications from the sector. It is planned to start with planning booth positions in the exhibition halls in September. Although there is no official deadline, obviously anyone with concrete ideas regarding the position of their stand should not wait too long with their application form. In fact, a large amount of exhibitors from the previous GrindTec have already signalled their great interest in maintaining their favourite positions. The documentation for participation is available for downloading in the internet at www.grindtec.de.

AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH
86159 Augsburg
Tel +49 (0) 821 – 5 89 82 – 390
Fax +49 (0) 821 – 5 89 82 – 399
[email protected]

Controls in the workshops

In the field of control, we saw a certain tendency to centralization in the 1990s and the development of quality assurance. If this evolution has certainly led to more quality, it has also shown the limits of the completely centralized controlling dept. i.e. bottleneck effects, loss of time and responsibility. Today, it is common to see a centralized control associated with controls in the workshops. Marcel Aubert AG is specialised in providing such solutions. Meeting in Bienne (Switzerland) with M Aubert, CEO and M Terzini, head of sales.

Everyone is responsible
In production, it is more and more frequent to empowering each contributor. Every employee is responsible for quality and deadlines. This responsibility affects obviously the final quality of the product but also the way to ensure controls. In the workshop, no need to use complex and automated control systems. Small optical control devices allow users to check their productions in terms of tolerances, geometric precision and quality of surface… without having to wait for availability of the centralized control department.

Adapted devices
To create these “field control tools”, Marcel Aubert SA works on the basis of modular systems that are finely combined to create tailor-made solutions for customers. On the same support it is possible to adapt a microscope, a projector or a camera that sends its signal either on a screen or on a PC. There is no standard strictly speaking, each customer “outsources its problem” to the company, which, after analysis, offers the solution or alternative solutions.

What does the customer want?
It is in answering this basic question that Marcel Aubert SA meets the success. It is a fundamental inquiry and how to respond to it makes the difference. Mr. Terzini says: “the two basic parameters are the high quality of the image and the simplicity of implementation. Moreover, everything must go fast. It is sometimes a real challenge for us to find the way to satisfy our clients». It is following that way to work that the company has developed the system with two cameras for both lateral and vertical vision. This allowing its clients to measure very long parts on a standard table. This same system was then implemented in the control of Xenon bulbs to measure the curve shaped by earth attraction. Measurement had to be made from a lateral plan.
Today, it is possible to optically control many types of parts and Marcel Aubert SA has a great expertise in this area. Don’t hesitate to contact them at the address below.

Marcel Aubert SA
Rue Gurnigel 48 (Nidau)
CH-2501 Bienne
Phone +41 (0)32 365 51 31
Fax +41 (0)32 365 76 20
[email protected]

In the EMO Issue of Eurotec you’ll be able to discover more about how to control easily and with efficiency.

By the way, Eurotec will be there on Hall 14, booth N16a