LNS Group on course for growth

Ambitious plans: The Swiss LNS Group wants to expand into new markets and secure its status as a one-stop-shop for the machine tool industry. In line with this strategy: New plant for the production of bar feeders in Turkey – EMO in Milan will witness LNS-innovations in bar feeding and chip and coolant management systems

“A crisis is always also an opportunity”
While the world financial crisis slows down all the different segments of the machine tool industry, the Swiss company LNS plans to grow and expand considerably: “The goal is to double the size of our company within five years”, explains Thomas H. Boehmer, CEO of the LNS Group.

World exhibition in Milan
LNS will participate in the machine tool world exhibition EMO in Milan from October 5th through 10th, 2009. There, the machinery world will witness several LNS-innovations: In bar feeding,  the Swiss company will present the Sprint 542 bar feeder. This high quality modular, flexible and price competitive bar feeder can be adjusted to the customers’ needs. Gilbert Lile, CMO of the LNS Group: “The most important thing for manufacturers is the fact, that our bar feeders ensure that a nightshift runs without a production stop.” A special feature of the Sprint 542 is the innovative Human-Machine-Interface: The touch screen will make it easy to supervise the machine, to troubleshoot and to enter values very quickly. Last but not least, a machine-tool / bar feed high-level communication system will enable manufacturers to maintain, update and operate the machines from a main operation office. “This is a very important innovation and improves productivity significantly”, says Lile.
Another innovation shown at the EMO is the new Alpha 320 line. “We developed this bar feeder mainly for large industries that produce the same part the whole day and small factories that concentrate on one product”, explains Carlos Muniz, Global Product Manager Bar Feed.

CCM: on the innovation track
In chip disposal and coolant management (CCM), the LNS Group currently holds a market share of 40 percent in the United States and in the United Kingdom. The most important goal for the coming years is to grow in other European countries: “We will Europeanize our products for these markets and combine high-tech solutions with perfect customer service”, explains Jamie Towers, Global Product Manager CCM. To gain market share, LNS is developing innovative CCM products that will be shown at EMO such as a versatile chip conveyor and a new high-pressure coolant system. LNS at the EMO: Hall 7, booth G18/H15.

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