Swiss machine tool builder looking for agents in Germany

Renowned machine tools builder in the watchmaking field for 15 years, Witech launched this year a new range of machines dedicated to produce dental prosthesis. The manufacturer doesn’t let watchmaking aside insofar as a novelty for this field of activity will be launched this year. The company aims high and is looking for agents in Germany.

Ambitious aims
If today Witech produces approximately 40 to 50 machines per year, Mr Meunier, Head of sales, doesn’t hide his ambitions for the future. “Within two year we should double our production without large structural changes”. Questioned about the company strengths that lets him reckon on such a growth. He answers: “We develop quality machines in partnership and listening to our customers, we are very innovative and creative and we offer a great reactivity, all this with fairly calculated prices. This is known on the market and it is our best business card”.


The  MIC3, MIC4 and MIC5 products for the dental market are distributed by Witech partners coming from the “dental world”. Their logo, the W  with a dynamic style is the same as for other Witech machines, i.e.  3, 4 or 5 axis milling machines, turning and milling centers and special machines.

Representative for Germany sought
“If today Witech is not represented in Germany, is not because the company products do not respond to the needs there, but simply because we haven’t been able to deal with the market so far. It is somewhat a shame because we are convinced that our machines can do wonders also in this market” says Mr Meunier.

Working in partnership with customers in Germany to develop dedicated machining solutions and grow together seems interesting to you? Do not hesitate to contact Witech at the address below.

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