Alphacam 8 – A new powerful tool

Today was a special day for about 30 Swiss customers of MW Programmation, the exclusive reseller of Alphacam in Switzerland and Austria. Why? Simply because as more than 200 persons before, we (yes I had the luck to be there) had a full day of discovering of the new version.

MW Programmation
Active since the stone-age of CNC (1986) this company is not only selling Alphacam but offers complete solutions like DNC, training, programming for customers, development of special modules and much more. This year they decided to promote the new version organizing “discovering days” and it’s a great success as, all in all, about 250 specialists came there to learn about version 8 and DNC software from MW.

Alphacam – Version 8
This new completely integrated CAD/CAM software solution includes advanced new features. It is designed to offer businesses enhanced productivity, exceptional reliability and additional flexibility. Version 8 has been significantly restructured and the software now has four levels of feature sets, these are Essential, Standard, Advanced and Ultimate. Programming complex shapes has never been so easy.

Personalized post-processors and more
One of the asset of the company is to house developers that can create tailored post-processors and/or field oriented solutions like special watch industry modules for example.
The company not only sells Alphacam but develops and assure services, that’s a huge difference.

In a next issue of Eurotec you will be able to discover more about MW Programmation and Alphacam 8.

Meanwhile if you’re in Switzerland or Austria you can contact MW at the address below or try their new website (still under construction, French only so far).
Want to know more about Alphacam? Try Alphacam Home.

Rue Charles Schäublin 2
Case postale 242
CH-2735 Malleray
T. +41 32 491 65 30
F. +41 32 491 65 35
[email protected]

A world of opportunities

During the « Schleifring Grinding Symposium » that took place in May in Thun, M Ralf Kammermeir, CEO of the Group, emphasized the fact that there are opportunities to grasp while living a slowdown in the economy. This positive attitude and his availability allowed us to organize a quick interview to share some thoughts with Eurotec’s readers.

The Schleifring Group is a group that reached gross sales of € 487 million in 2008. Although incoming orders still clearly exceeded the previous year’s level at mid-year, they dropped off sharply in the fourth quarter. The recession installed itself. How do you see the future?

M. KammermeierDr Kammermeier
Most customers of the machine tool industry were caught up in the economic crisis by the end of last year. The impact was the same for the large markets in the Americas, Asia and Europe. In view of the dramatic downturn, it is almost impossible to provide a reliable forecast at the present time; however, a sharp decline in incoming orders and production is generally expected for 2009 and for 2010. After that, stabilization will begin in 2011 although growth is not expected until 2012.

In the current year, Körber Schleifring is still benefiting from the good order backlog from 2008. However, the decline in incoming orders, which was already apparent in the 4th quarter of 2008, continues to persist at the beginning of 2009. It affects almost all Schleifring companies, although to a varying degree. The positive effects from the acquisition of Combitec and the expansion of production in China are unable to compensate for the sharp decline in demand due to the economic downturn. Sales will also decline significantly.

High investments will continue to be made in research and development. The Schleifring Group will emerge from the current economic crisis with greater strength.

We know that production costs are quite high in Europe and that technology makes a difference. How do you see the actual crisis from that point of view?

Dr Kammermeier
Times of economic difficulty also present opportunities. Companies that set the right objectives now will be in a good position after the recession. Experts are sure that with expertise and cutting edge technology we can face the future with optimism. The Schleifring Group is therefore aiming for technological leadership in all areas of fine machining.

You will be able to discover the complete interview in next issue of Eurotec

Körber Schleifring GmbH
Nagelsweg 33-35
D-20097 Hamburg
Phone: +49-40-21107-03
Fax: +49-40-21107-13
E-Mail: [email protected]

Training on the Most Advanced Plasma Technologies

People in the business of cutting metal with plasma arc systems can now receive the latest training on cutting and related control technologies at Hypertherm’s new Cutting Technology Centre.

High-tech centre
The Centre at Hypertherm’s European headquarters in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, includes a new high precision x-y cutting table, which features the recently introduced HyPerformance Plasma, the first in a new generation of HyPerformance Plasma.
The HyPerformance Plasma HPR400XD is the only 400 amp system on the market today that can reliably and robustly pierce 50 mm thick metal and edge cutting up to 80 mm. Also available for live mechanized cutting demonstrations are the HySpeed HSD130 conventional LongLife oxygen system and the Powermax1650 single-gas entry level mechanized system. Hypertherm’s full line of Powermax manual air plasma systems, ranging from small lightweight systems weighing only 9 kg and capable of cutting up to 12 mm thicknesses, up to larger units capable of cutting up to 38 mm thick metals are also available for live demonstrations.

“This new facility gives us an improved capability to demonstrate and train both our channel partners and end users on the latest technologies that Hypertherm is bringing to the cutting industry” says Peter Vickers, European Director for Hypertherm. He adds: “Having this facility co-located with our European headquarters also enables visiting channel partners and end user customers to have direct contact with our technical and service experts.”
The new cutting centre replaces an earlier facility which was located at a branch subsidiary in Hanau, Germany.

The company’s reputation for plasma innovation dates back 40 years, to 1968, with Hypertherm’s invention of water injection plasma cutting. The company has more than 1,000 associates along with operations and partner representation worldwide.

Hypertherm Europe BV
Vaartveld 9
4704 SE
The Netherlands
+31(0)165 596907 Tel
+31(0)165 596921 Fax
[email protected]

Clean, pure and residue-free? – controlled cleaning

parts2clean 2009, the 7th Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning within the Production Process and Maintenance will take place from 20 to 22 October 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany

Main asset: cleanliness
The quality and reliability of components depend to a great extent upon their cleanliness. This makes the inspection of cleaned surfaces and the monitoring of cleaning and rinsing baths indispensable constituents of quality and cost optimised cleaning processes in a great variety of industries. Effective solutions to these tasks will be presented by the exhibitors at parts2clean at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 20th through the 22nd of October, 2009. The issue of preserving the obtained degree of cleanliness will be elucidated at the COROSAVE international trade fair for corrosion protection, preservation and packaging, which will take place concurrently.

Cleaning: part of the value chain

The goal of cleaning within production and the MRO processes is achieving the degree of cleanliness which is required for subsequent surface finishing, or flawless functioning of the parts. And this has to be substantiated more and more frequently. Inspection and documentation of the degree of cleanliness obtained for parts and surfaces within the cleaning process are thus gaining in significance in a broad range of industries. This necessitates analysis methods and devices which allow for simple and efficient testing for particulates and film-like residual contamination as close as possible to production. Nearly all of the renowned manufacturers from this sector will be represented at this year’s parts2clean.

Evaluating Particulate Cleanliness by Comparison
Results vary depending upon which method is used to conduct cleanliness inspections. In the automotive industry, this has led to introduction of VDA 19 and ISO 16232, volumes 1 through 10, “Road vehicles – Cleanliness of components of fluid circuits”. The objective of these directives is to be able to evaluate and compare the technical cleanliness of a part by means of clear-cut, unambiguously described processes for particle extraction and analysis. parts2clean exhibitors such as Leica, Olympus, Pall and Carl Zeiss will present special systems in various sizes and designs for cleanliness inspection in accordance with VDA 19.

Want more information?

Go there

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LNS Group on course for growth

Ambitious plans: The Swiss LNS Group wants to expand into new markets and secure its status as a one-stop-shop for the machine tool industry. In line with this strategy: New plant for the production of bar feeders in Turkey – EMO in Milan will witness LNS-innovations in bar feeding and chip and coolant management systems

“A crisis is always also an opportunity”
While the world financial crisis slows down all the different segments of the machine tool industry, the Swiss company LNS plans to grow and expand considerably: “The goal is to double the size of our company within five years”, explains Thomas H. Boehmer, CEO of the LNS Group.

World exhibition in Milan
LNS will participate in the machine tool world exhibition EMO in Milan from October 5th through 10th, 2009. There, the machinery world will witness several LNS-innovations: In bar feeding,  the Swiss company will present the Sprint 542 bar feeder. This high quality modular, flexible and price competitive bar feeder can be adjusted to the customers’ needs. Gilbert Lile, CMO of the LNS Group: “The most important thing for manufacturers is the fact, that our bar feeders ensure that a nightshift runs without a production stop.” A special feature of the Sprint 542 is the innovative Human-Machine-Interface: The touch screen will make it easy to supervise the machine, to troubleshoot and to enter values very quickly. Last but not least, a machine-tool / bar feed high-level communication system will enable manufacturers to maintain, update and operate the machines from a main operation office. “This is a very important innovation and improves productivity significantly”, says Lile.
Another innovation shown at the EMO is the new Alpha 320 line. “We developed this bar feeder mainly for large industries that produce the same part the whole day and small factories that concentrate on one product”, explains Carlos Muniz, Global Product Manager Bar Feed.

CCM: on the innovation track
In chip disposal and coolant management (CCM), the LNS Group currently holds a market share of 40 percent in the United States and in the United Kingdom. The most important goal for the coming years is to grow in other European countries: “We will Europeanize our products for these markets and combine high-tech solutions with perfect customer service”, explains Jamie Towers, Global Product Manager CCM. To gain market share, LNS is developing innovative CCM products that will be shown at EMO such as a versatile chip conveyor and a new high-pressure coolant system. LNS at the EMO: Hall 7, booth G18/H15.

Rte de Frinvillier
CH-2534 Orvin
Phone     +41 (0)32 358 02 00
[email protected]

More on plastic…

When we speak about plastic with people coming from the mechanical industry, very often it is considered as poor quality and low importance material. Nevertheless, in every field of activity more and more complex parts are replaced or complemented by plastic. Frontiers between metal and plastic are not that clear and the rise of new material and techniques open a wide new spectrum to designers from every field of activity.

A changing world
If the world of metal seems quite static in term of technology or material to machine, on the side of plastic, it’s a high speed changing pace. Every day new materials come to life. This wide variety allows plastic to come close to metal, replace or complement it perfectly. I visited a company called André Gueissaz Ltd – Plastic technology and that was stunning!

Why using plastic
Mainly there are three reasons, first to simply replace metal, typically a support that was previously done in aluminum. In this case, choice is purely economical, functionality is the same but the cost per part is far lower. Second, the case where the main function of the part is assured the same way, but plastic offers other benefits in term of design or ergonomics. For instance that device to cut tête de moine cheese where even the blade is in plastic. Third category of products, those for whom the characteristics of plastic bring more to the part. This can be a better touch, a better weight or even a better shape.

Single or bi-material
Plastic can be loaded with a large number of particles like glass, metal or fiber according to the characteristics of the final product. Once this material injected, it is possible to add a layer of another material with other proprieties in term of “touch and feel”.

Assembling for a global solution
Today, André Gueissaz SA can be proud of its 50-year know-how in plastic technology. The company offers a global solution, from the first study, prototyping, molding, injection, conditioning  or even more, realization of assembly. For instance this medical device that perfectly combines plastic and metallic frame. This product is realized for the final customer and also includes marking by laser or printing and even the final packaging with customers branded boxes.

For sure the borderline is moving. Some parts in any field of activity are slowly replaced by plastic and far from being a danger, it is a huge opportunity for any field of activity to brings more value in some products. That will never replace completely metal and that’s not the aim, but in some situation it’s worth looking for such a solution. If you face some design issue… don’t hesitate to see the plastic solution.

Gueissaz Plastic Components
André Gueissaz SA
Grand-Rue 149
CH-1454 L´Auberson

Phone +41 (0)24 454 26 06
Fax +41 (0)24 454 43 83
[email protected]

When plastic meets metal, a third universe appears

Yesterday I had the opportunity to went to André Gueissaz SA, a company that is offering a wide range of services from engineering to molding, plastic injection and mounting of devices. I saw clearly there that there is no closed border between metal and plastic. In fact that’s rather the contrary, the two worlds are collapsing into each other.

Plastic is no longer just a cheap product

I’ve seen there some parts that are used in medical technology, food, measure and not in throwaway stuff. That’s products that are highly precise, sterilization-compatible, rigid, soft-touch, light… and many other characteristics depending on the plastic used. “The limit of what we can do depends on our imagination, the possibilities are huge” says Serge Wylder, Sales Director.

A new way to think
For people that develops products, plastic allows new shapes, new functions and new way to see things, but this need also new thinking. Even if André Gueissaz SA doesn’t want to be seen as “teaching” something to the market, it’s true that one of his tasks is to explain what is possible nowadays… and there are a lot of possibilities.

Merged R&D to use synergies
André Guissaz SA comes from plastic injection and is now part of the Ruetschi Group that is specialized in metalworking. Last year, they decided to merge the R&D departments. The unique combination of skills from both worlds creates a third universe full of potential.

I’m sure that you will discover a brand new world with André Gueissaz SA  in the next issue of Eurotec.

Meanwhile if you need special plastic or plastic-metal product, do not hesitate to visit them here (their website is in French and German).

Gueissaz Plastic Components
André Gueissaz SA
Grand-Rue 149
CH-1454 L´Auberson

Phone +41 (0)24 454 26 06
Fax +41 (0)24 454 43 83
[email protected]