Fully automated CAM programming solution for manufacturing high-quality dental bridges

Open Mind Technologies AG recently presented hyperDENT®, a fully automated programming system for manufacturing high-quality dental bridges. Even novice CAM users can use this system to create quick and reliable NC programs in ten structured steps. Experienced CAM users can customise their machining strategies.

Optimized processes
The open CAM system allows users to design optimized processes in combination with 3D scanners, CAD applications and milling machines from a wide range of vendors. The hyperDENT® open CAM system is very much geared towards orthodontic processes in dental laboratories and offers a multitude of efficient machining strategies that can be very easily integrated into existing processes. It is possible to combine a scanner, CAD/CAM system and milling machine from different vendors. Stock from different providers can also be used.

CAM programming system for multi-purpose application areas
The application area of the dental solution is wide-ranging; it enables the digital and precise manufacturing of high-quality crowns, multi-part bridges, abutments, caps or implant bridges. The usage for stock is not bound to the limited parameters of one manufacturer. All materials that are used in dental engineering are supported, such as zirconium oxide, titanium, base metal alloys or precious metals. Partially machined stocks can also be reused for manufacturing.
Dental Machining5

hyperDENT® offers machining strategies ranging from 3D milling to 5-axis machining for a variety of tasks. Even complex dental structures can be programmed quickly using drag and drop, shortcuts and mouse clicks. The user can move the model in all directions in the 3D view, so that the result is reliable and transparent programming. hyperDENT® is very much geared towards the specific workflows in dental laboratories. As a result, even inexperienced CAM users can intuitively create entire programs for high-quality milling tasks; the use of familiar terms ensures fast learning.
To ensure an operation that saves both time and money, the highly automated CAM system guides the user with the Workflow Manager in just ten steps to a complete NC program.

Expert functions for individually defined milling strategies
The user can intervene at any time in the programming process. All programming steps can be repeated or changed at a later time in order to obtain the best possible results. For this purpose, the software provides users with an UNDO/REDO function. Advanced users with extensive CAM and milling expertise benefit particularly from the advanced functions that hyperDENT® provides. In this way, the individual machining steps or milling strategies can be selected freely by the user – a huge advantage of the open CAM programming system compared to vendor-specific solutions.
After completion, the integrated machining simulation enables a very detailed examination of the generated programs before they are released for subsequent execution on the milling machine. Every individual step can be checked if required. The extensive collision check and avoidance feature of hyperDENT® also takes the fixtures into account to guarantee a high level of process reliability.

Adrian Smith
Open Mind Technologies
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Dental Plates5

EuroMold 2009 – From Design to Prototyping to Series Production

The 16th EuroMold, World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development will take place this year from Dec. 2 – 5, 2009. More than 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries and some 60,000 trade visitors are expected, whereas EuroMold 2009 will grow internationally.

News in 2009
•    New hall structure
•    Partner country Poland
•    116 percent increase in first-time exhibitors
•    Numerous stand extensions
•    Innovative special feature shows
•    International conference program

The whole process chain “From Design to Prototyping to Series Production” is represented at EuroMold. A unique fair concept closes the gap between industrial designers, product developers, producers, suppliers, and end-users.

Wide range of topics – many innovations

As the international meeting point of the industrial sector EuroMold initiates new technologies in diverse topic areas. Next to Moldmaking and Tooling, Rapid X has a prominent role. Hence, EuroMold accommodates new special shows such as ‘Rapid Prototyping’ and ‘Rapid Manufacturing for everyone’. Other important areas are of course Model & Patternmaking, CAD/CAM, Simulation/VR, Machine Tools as well as Tools, Engineering and Design.

Number of first-time exhibitors increases by 116%
The growth in numbers of first-time exhibitors is very encouraging. With 76 first-time exhibitors from 17 countries, EuroMold has experienced a 116 percent increase compared to previous year (31 exhibitors at mid-2008). In addition the internationality of first-time exhibitors rose from 14 to 17 countries, hence, by 21 percent. Besides Germany, the largest enhance in the same category are Italy and France followed by Portugal, Canada, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Partner country Poland
With the Partner country Poland, EuroMold 2009 dedicates itself to an economically soaring neighbour which experts certify an enormous growth potential in the Moldmaking and Tooling sector. For a successful long-term partnership, DEMAT GmbH, organiser of EuroMold, is cooperating with the Polish exhibition organiser, Targi Pomorskie (Poltools). Furthermore, Polish organisations such as Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster will introduce themselves in hall 9.0 and a Poland forum is being prepared.

Special topics and forums
EuroMold 2009 picks up latest developments in the industry, framed by new and innovative workshops and special topics. A novelty at EuroMold 2009 will be the special feature shows “Automation in Moldmaking and Tooling” in hall 8.0, “Rapid Prototyping for everyone” in hall 11.0, as well as the special topics Thermoforming and Blow Moulding Technology, both in hall 9.0, and Rapid Prototyping in hall 11.0.
In addition, established special topics such as “Design+Engineering”, “Materials” and “Simulation and Virtual Reality” will expand again. All these topics will be held in hall 11.0 and gain an attractive location as never before. For the materials forum EuroMold could win the German Society for Materials” (DGM) as a substantial partner.

International conferences + workshops

For the 11th time already the international Terry Wohlers Conference will be held at EuroMold 2009 (Dec. 4, 2009). This year’s slogan is “The Future of Additive Manufacturing”.
EuroMold supports the international Formula Student Design Competition for the second time. A design workshop will illustrate the special features of race cars development. This year it is accessible for all EuroMold exhibitors and visitors.

For more information about EuroMold please  go there

CNC-Arena presents the largest virtual trade fair in 3D

www.virtualfair.cnc-arena.com is the largest virtual trade fair in 3D. Right from the start, about 900 international exhibitors of the manufacturing industry have the chance to present their company, products and services with their own distinctive stand.

New tool to complement “real fair”
“CNC-Arena’s virtual trade fair supplements the presentation of a company on a real trade fair”, as Frank Nolden the Managing Director of CNC-Arena, explains. “It’s an intelligent concept to simplify an online research for potential trade visitors and therefore motivates them to visit the stall during the trade fair”, Nolden continues. This is where the personal communication and exchange of experience come to the fore, two essential things for B2B contacts of high quality capital equipment.
The virtual trade fair of CNC-Arena offers numerous new opportunities to trade visitors. Via the trade show entrance, the visitors will be directed immediately to the lobby where they can make use of search forms that direct them straight to the company’s stand of their choice, saving them time-consuming online researches.
cncarenaThe Eurotec booth on the virtual exhibition is nice and provides basic information on the magazine as well as a link to our website and blog. It is clearly an entrance door for us. Its success will also depend on the audience of the virtual show.

Real services
Visitors to the virtual trade show can inform themselves about individual exhibitors by viewing videos and downloads, brochures, product displays and promotion events of the Exhibitors. Beyond this, the exhibitor has the opportunity to include Topics from the CNC-Arena and to invite his visitors to live events such as webinars and product showcases. Each stand gets a unique look since company logos can be included and the color of the carpets and the walls can be customized, furthermore an animated receptionist rounds of the visitors experience.

CNC-Arena GmbH
Poststr. 34 A
40764 Langenfeld
Phone. +49 (0)2173 / 203711-7
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Link to the virtual fair

Will this kind of fair replace a real show one day? One one hand that would be far less costly and there are some possibilities that are even not available in real shows (for instance the possibility to chat with the best specialist of the company through the net). On the other hand, you can’t “touch and feel”… It is a new tool that will find a place in the communication mix of companies. In fact its use depends on imagination of people. There is a nice basis.
Do not hesitate to visit the virtual show and post your comments on the blog.


Successful start to AMB registration

Great demand for stand space at AMB 2010 – Large number of renowned companies to take part in the exhibition again – Requests for larger stands  Good omens for AMB 2010. Around 14 months before the start of the exhibition, more than 600 exhibitors have already registered and 65 per cent of the exhibition space have been firmly booked.
A promising issue
“We are currently not seeing any noticeable caution among our exhibitors regarding registration”, said Sengül Altuntas, Project Manager for Machine Tools, “on the contrary, some exhibitors actually want to increase the size of their stand”. There is a similar situation in the precision tool and peripheral equipment sections. “The precision tool section is already fairly well filled”, enthused Gunnar Mey, the Project Manager responsible for this exhibition segment. The prospects for AMB; which will be held from 28 September to 2 October 2010, therefore appear to be outstanding. Machine tools and precision tools are the focal points in the portfolio of the most important industry exhibition in Germany after EMO. However, AMB also features products and machines from the areas of quality assurance, robots, workpiece and tool handling technology, computer systems and peripherals, parts, components and accessories.

Confidence for 2010
Messe Stuttgart expects that AMB will repeat its success from 2008 and will also be fully booked up next year. 1,300 exhibitors would then again take part and every exhibition hall (total gross area: 105,000 square metres) would be occupied. Due to the uncertain economic situation at present, however, it is very difficult to make any long-term forecasts. Nevertheless, the continuing high level of interest in AMB gives grounds for hope.
There is a positive mood among the companies which have already registered – both among manufacturers of machine tools and precision tools, the two main sections of AMB. Manufacturers of precision tools and machine tools are hoping that the economic situation will improve in the second half of 2010.
The promotional supporters of AMB 2010, i.e. the Precision Tools and Software Groups in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association (VDW), are aware of the importance of the exhibition and are hoping that AMB 2010 will take place in better economic conditions and will again be a success.

Do you have questions on the event?
Sengül Altuntas
Project management machines
Phone: +49 (0)711 18560-2639
Fax: +49 (0)711 18560-2657
[email protected]

Gunnar Mey
Project management precision tools components and accessories

Phone: +49 (0)711 18560-2627
Fax: +49 (0)711 18560-2657
[email protected]

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TaeguTec works on MQL

Reducing costs and improving productivity remain at the heart of all businesses; however the shift toward environmental awareness and employee welfare is of increasing importance. Whilst we are all aware of the causes and effects our actions have upon the environment we must also be alert to our immediate working environment. To this end, TaeguTec continues to develop its range of products that work with Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) a process that mixes oil with air to optimize the cooling process.

MQL42Dry machining?
Not always the best. The immediate working environment in the manufacturing industry can be noisy, dusty & dirty and can also generate health problems related to coolant usage. In this case, a major issue in the workplace is inhalation of mist type coolants and extremely high pressure coolant applications commonly used in high specification machine tools. The cutting and machine tool industry has worked to resolve the issue and one solution can be dry machining. TaeguTec has been a pioneer with this kind of work. However, in some cases this creates reduced tool life, poor surface finishes, deformation of the workpiece and difficulty in handling high temperature swarf.

Semi-dry machining cutting tools
As an alternative, TaeguTec has worked to develop MQL or semi-dry machining cutting tools. The MQL tooling delivers environmental improvements for the customer and the employee operating the machine. One area that TaeguTec has developed MQL tooling for with considerable success is drilling. When high speed machining generates from 700 to 800 degrees C at the cutting edge, tool life can fall considerably and it is here that MQL can be applied affectively as it can reduce heat generated and improve surface finishes. Despite coolant being the best solution for general steel machining applications, when high speed machining processes generate upwards of 1,000 degrees C the coolant evaporates at the contact area before having any substantial benefit. In fact the cooling effect is reduced and tool life decreases. A similar situation occurs with low speed machining of heat resistant alloys such as inconel and it is here that MQL comes to the fore.

TaeguTec Ltd
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600 Gains Strength from Restructuring

The 600 Group plc has released details of its recent significant restructuring and new product supply arrangements. It is the UK’s largest machine tool company operating from a number of locations worldwide and sells its products into more than 180 countries.
Transformational change needed
David Norman, CEO of The 600 Group plc, said: “At the time of my appointment in August, it was clear that both the cost infrastructure of the Group and the machine tools’ supply chain were in need of urgent attention.  Considerable action has subsequently been taken and continues to be required to effect transformational change within the Group’s operations, whilst concurrently taking additional defensive actions in light of depressed market conditions. We have also moved to a simpler business model which supports our commitment to manufacturing and supplying high quality customer focused products.”

Supply chain
A significant feature of the Group’s strategy was the outsourcing of a large part of production and supply from China. Regrettably, the levels of quality originally envisaged were not achieved and, despite a major effort by the engineering and quality teams, the result was an unacceptable level of warranty claims. Under these circumstances the supply chain was re-engineered and new outsourcing arrangements were put in place, resulting in a return to historic levels of product quality.
Additionally, significant investment is being made in the manufacture of workholding equipment and machine components, with a state of the art machine shop in Heckmondwike, which is now one of the largest of its kind in the UK. This focus on the development of the Group’s UK manufacturing base is likely to continue.

Simpler Business Model
The Group is moving to a simpler business model eliminating duplication and ensuring more consistency for customers.  Product sourcing is now under the control of a single product management team, working on behalf of the entire Group.  Sales and marketing effort will now be directed towards 600 Group brands, including Colchester-Harrison, Electrox, Pratt Burnerd and Gamet Bearings.  The Group will continue to sell a limited number of other products complementary to these core ranges.

Principally, target markets will continue to be Europe and North America, where back office and logistics functions will be further centralised under two strong continental organisations  The Group’s other activities are centred on Australia, Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, utilising the Group’s wholly owned subsidiary companies servicing these territories.

David concluded: “Major restructuring and significant cost reductions have been necessary to ensure that 600 Group is in the right shape to weather the current market and has a strong platform from which to grow the business.
We will increasingly be going to market as a group rather than a collection of companies.  Central product management will control the Group’s marketing strategy to achieve maximum leverage of Group brands.  The associated sales volume benefits will drive our outsourcing arrangements in addition to strengthening our manufacturing base in our three UK locations, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, Colchester, Essex and Letchworth, Hertfordshire. There is still a great deal of work to do but I believe that the Group will soon be in a position to take advantage of any recovery as well as opportunities which may arise from the global downturn.”

The 600 Group PLC
Union Street
West Yorkshire
WF16 0HL
Tel: + 44 (0) 1924 415000
Fax: +44 (0) 1924 415015
[email protected]

New Orthopaedic Manufacturing Events in U.S. and Europe

Canon Communications today announced plans to introduce two new events in 2010 that are dedicated to the rapidly expanding orthopaedic manufacturing sector, which is currently valued at € 30 billion worldwide. OrthoTec Conference & Exhibition will debut May 12-13 in the U.S. at the Orthopædic Capital Center in Warsaw, Indiana; and in Europe September 29-30 at the Mövenpick Hotel Zürich-Regensdorf in Switzerland.

Picture1In the heart of the action
Following the company’s well established model, Canon is positioning its new events in the geographic centers of the markets they serve. The acknowledged “orthopaedic manufacturing capital” of the U.S. is Warsaw, Indiana, home to some of the world’s largest orthopaedic OEMs–among them Zimmer Holdings, Biomet, and DePuy. Together these three companies produce some 70% of all orthopaedic products in the U.S. Similarly, Switzerland is the ideal location to attract design and manufacturing professionals from the European facilities of the world’s top manufacturers, including Zimmer, Aesculap, Synthes, Medtronic Spine, Stryker, DePuy, and Smith & Nephew.

An ever increasing market
The growth of the orthopaedic market is illustrated by the fact that the number of hip and knee replacements has doubled in recent years and is expected to double again by 2016, according to a recent report by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The spinal implant and fracture repair devices sectors are expected to continue to expand steadily at more than 15% annually.
“The strong growth of the orthopaedic sector, and for that matter the entire medical device market, comes as no surprise considering the demand statistics,” notes Canon CEO Charles McCurdy. “For example, 41% of all Americans are now over the age of 45, and in the EU people over 65 years old number more than 90 million. Companies supplying products and services for the orthopaedic sector and the overall medical device manufacturing market certainly have bright prospects.”


OrthoTec USA
Complete event information including expo hall highlights, the list of exhibiting companies, conference session details and speaker biographies, and hotel/travel information will be available in January 2010.
For general info go here.
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OrthoTec Europe
Website coming soon here.
Meanwhile you can download the brochure here.