Fully automated CAM programming solution for manufacturing high-quality dental bridges

Open Mind Technologies AG recently presented hyperDENT®, a fully automated programming system for manufacturing high-quality dental bridges. Even novice CAM users can use this system to create quick and reliable NC programs in ten structured steps. Experienced CAM users can customise their machining strategies.

Optimized processes
The open CAM system allows users to design optimized processes in combination with 3D scanners, CAD applications and milling machines from a wide range of vendors. The hyperDENT® open CAM system is very much geared towards orthodontic processes in dental laboratories and offers a multitude of efficient machining strategies that can be very easily integrated into existing processes. It is possible to combine a scanner, CAD/CAM system and milling machine from different vendors. Stock from different providers can also be used.

CAM programming system for multi-purpose application areas
The application area of the dental solution is wide-ranging; it enables the digital and precise manufacturing of high-quality crowns, multi-part bridges, abutments, caps or implant bridges. The usage for stock is not bound to the limited parameters of one manufacturer. All materials that are used in dental engineering are supported, such as zirconium oxide, titanium, base metal alloys or precious metals. Partially machined stocks can also be reused for manufacturing.
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hyperDENT® offers machining strategies ranging from 3D milling to 5-axis machining for a variety of tasks. Even complex dental structures can be programmed quickly using drag and drop, shortcuts and mouse clicks. The user can move the model in all directions in the 3D view, so that the result is reliable and transparent programming. hyperDENT® is very much geared towards the specific workflows in dental laboratories. As a result, even inexperienced CAM users can intuitively create entire programs for high-quality milling tasks; the use of familiar terms ensures fast learning.
To ensure an operation that saves both time and money, the highly automated CAM system guides the user with the Workflow Manager in just ten steps to a complete NC program.

Expert functions for individually defined milling strategies
The user can intervene at any time in the programming process. All programming steps can be repeated or changed at a later time in order to obtain the best possible results. For this purpose, the software provides users with an UNDO/REDO function. Advanced users with extensive CAM and milling expertise benefit particularly from the advanced functions that hyperDENT® provides. In this way, the individual machining steps or milling strategies can be selected freely by the user – a huge advantage of the open CAM programming system compared to vendor-specific solutions.
After completion, the integrated machining simulation enables a very detailed examination of the generated programs before they are released for subsequent execution on the milling machine. Every individual step can be checked if required. The extensive collision check and avoidance feature of hyperDENT® also takes the fixtures into account to guarantee a high level of process reliability.

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