The medical sector in a whirl

Not just for dental implant technology: Zecha presents series 462 whirl thread cutters. German patent application submitted for these new  tools. High precision internal threads are required in implant technology. The new whirl thread design sees Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH setting new standards in machining internal threads.

Quality and precision needed
For the manufacturers of implant screws – the connector between artificial tooth root and implant – one thing is particularly important: to be able to produce an absolutely cylindrical and geometrically accurate internal thread in demanding material such as, for example, a titanium alloy. Optimal results can be achieved using whirl thread tools, which are specially formed T-groove mill-type tools, with just one cutting edge.

New solution
Using a cutting tool as a basis, Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH in Königsbach-Stein has conceived an optimised variant without the restrictions normally associated with the tools. Bernd Kirchner, member of the tool development team at Zecha says: “What makes it so special is the extended geometric moulding of the thread whirler. With its minimum radius the cutting shape allows the manufacture of burr-free threads of the highest quality, which can be used down the entire depth of the blind hole.” Also contributing to such results are the concentricity of 3 μm and a geometrical precision of 10 μm for the 462 tool series.
The thread whirler Series 462 forms burr-free thread forms down the entire depth of the blind hole – with short process time and significantly longer service time.  A German patent is pending.

Burr-free – short process times – long service life
The tools in the new whirl thread series also provide additional advantages. The main requirement for implant manufacture is that the manufactured thread must be absolutely burr-free. The special geometry achieves this in highest quality. The testing required to ensure process-safe production is minimized for the user over the entire service life of the tool.

About the technology
The thread whirler shortens process times, as the thread is formed process-safe in just one roughing and finishing operation. Its polished surfaces contribute to the extreme sharpness of the cutting edge and ensure excellent surface quality. The sharp cutting edges also guarantee a high material removal – and do this over a significantly longer period than previously the case: compared to the previously existing thread whirlers, the service life in titanium Grade 5 used in secure working conditions has been raised to over 10,000 threads per tool. A German patent application has been filed for the new thread whirler. Stefan Zecha, Managing Director of Zecha: “Our development department is always seeking out the best possible solutions for the respective machining operation. The highest precision and quality are among the priorities. This is how innovative high performance tools are created.”

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3C Europe: New trade show for cleanroom technologies

3C Europe 2010, the new trade show for cleanroom and contamination-control technologies, will take place for the first time from March 23 to 25, 2010, in Stuttgart, Germany. The event is produced by Canon Communications, one of the world’s leading trade show organizers.

Contamination Control & Cleanroom Products
3C stands for “Contamination Control & Cleanroom Products”, and reflects exhibitors’ core target group. The show will attract senior executives and engineers from European businesses and organizations looking to deploy new clean-room technologies and upgrade or expand existing cleanrooms. 3C Europe provides an excellent opportunity for manufacturers of cleanroom products (including turnkey solutions and disposables) to present their latest technologies to industry experts from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, the Benelux region and Scandinavia.

A complete package
And there’s an added plus for exhibitors: 3C Europe is being held at the same time and location as MEDTEC Europe 2010 and Südtec 2010 – two exhibitions for sectors closely associated with cleanroom technologies. Gregor Bischkopf, Exhibition Manager, comments: “MEDTEC Europe alone is expected to draw over 11,000 visitors from European medical-technology companies. In addition, Südtech will be attended by several thousand potential customers from advanced, technology-based manufacturing industries.”
Canon Communications already has experience in staging cleanroom trade shows in conjunction with medical exhibitions in the UK. 3C takes place every year in Birmingham alongside MEDTEC UK, the country’s leading medical-technology trade show.
3C Europe will be attended by players from a wide variety of sectors, including hospitals and companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental technology and nuclear technology industries, as well as organizations with test rooms and laboratories.

B01_3C Europe_logo

3C Europe, the new trade show for contamination-control and cleanroom products, will take place from 23 to 25 March, 2010 in Stuttgart.


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Implants 2010 : Grab the best location today !

The organisators are delighted to announce the dates for Implants 2010, which will take place on 27th and 28th May 2010 in Lyon. Booking is now open.

Call for Papers 2008.


Huge potential
With an audience of close to 600 professionals in attendance at the last edition, Implants has demonstrated its capacity to bring together all the major market players.
More than 400 people visited the exhibition. 160 participated at the conference. 70% of visitors came from France, 23% from Europe and 7% from the resr of the world.
The next Implants is open for registration right now and is already very promising with a more active participation from orthopedic societies coming from the main European markets such as Germany, England, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Quality growth
The exhibition continues to develop with a larger surface which can welcome 75 stands. The conference will cover hot topics the industry is facing nowadays. A preliminary program will be published this Fall.

Call for paper
Presenting a paper at Implants 2010 will let you share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues in the industry. You’d just have to send the organisators a short abstract (100 to 300 words) describing the main points and conclusion of your speech before next September 30th. You will receive the answer at your proposition before October the 15th. You can download the call for paper information here.

For more information on the 2010 edition please go here.

For all registrations before September 30, the organisators offer a free article in their next newsletter aimed at presenting the new products and innovations that will be on show at Implants2010.
You can reserve your space here and chose your booth there.

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Subcontractors remain loyal to the show

In a difficult economic situation, Midest, the world’s leading industrial subcontracting show, is holding up well and is preparing for its 39th staging with optimism. In June, the level of bookings was identical as one year before, with more than 25’000 m² of exhibition space having been firmly booked by both the organizers of national stands, French regional stands and by individual subcontractors taking space on their own account in their specific sectors of activity.

Tailored show
Today the show is benefiting from a continually developing partnership policy that focuses commercially on the needs of its customers. Midest has created new offerings that are suited to the needs of the market and its constantly evolving collaboration with the various professional associations and organizations keeps on creating solutions precisely tailored to each of its trades. This dynamism is reflected in the excellent findings of the most recent satisfaction surveys of both exhibitors and visiting customers, and in particular those relating to the 2008 show, which was rated as a very good one despite the onset of the recession.

Recognized marketplace
More and more customers for subcontracting are visiting the show each year and are also increasingly using the show’s web site to find their subcontractors. Between January and April 2009 the number of visits to the site rose by 91% compared with the same period last year. Midest exhibitors consequently enjoy the benefit of a listing on a sourcing platform that has today become a must.

Excellent reflection of what is available around the world
So far as France is concerned, all the major regions have already confirmed their presence, with the overall level of participation being similar that of 2008. The six major trade Villages will be returning once again and are being organized by the trade associations in question: Foundry, Treatment of materials, Metal shaping, Plastics-rubber, Forging, Moulds and models. Preparations are being made for a new village dedicated to European fastenings and a French publisher of management software, will be staging an event dedicated to IT solutions for industry.
Midest 2009 will also host a special focus on electronics. The shaping of metals will also see the return of such big names of the industry, whilst Forging and Foundry will present the Orbital Hybrid, a prototype vehicle intended to promote these trades to young people.
International participation continues to grow and as of the end of May an additional 200 m² had been booked compared with the year before, with all the countries playing a major role in global subcontracting being present. New countries and provinces such as Serbia and Quebec have already announced their presence.

Themes of the year

First of all, on a much talked about sector that is vital for the future: energy. The competitiveness centers will also be a prime focus for attention, both nationally and Europe-wide in terms of opportunities for co-operation between poles and clusters working to promote innovation in industrial subcontracting.
For the second year in a row there will be a country of the year, this time Belgium. It will have a national pavilion playing host to its three regions under a single banner, and a series of conferences, round tables, business meetings and numerous other highlights will be organized in conjunction with Agoria, the Belgian technology industries federation. Finally, a new Award dedicated to design offices will be launched and for the first time it will be in partnership with the magazine Industrie et Technologies.

Midest 2009 will be staged in conjunction with Maintenance Expo, the exhibition for total industrial and service sector maintenance solutions, and Tolexpo, the international exhibition of production technology for metal in sheets, coils, tubes and sections.

From November 17 to 20, 2009 in Paris, do not miss it.
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FSRM presents a new course: Reliability and Test

This course has been developed to give attendees the background to perform Microsystem reliability characterization from the component to system levels. Initially, the fundamentals of mechanical, environmental, and reliability testing as applied to Microsystems will be presented. The focus begins with the characterization of single components and structures; these are illustrated with practical examples from industry. These procedures are applied to MEMS and Microsystem level reliability test applications. Test techniques, specifications, and methodology are presented in detail with examples from industry.

Target group
This course is designed for the practicing scientist or engineer to provide a foundation in surface mechanical properties characterization and reliability testing of Microsystems and Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).


  • Fundamentals of surface mechanical properties testing methods and application to both bulk and coated materials
  • Basics of material mechanics, environmental and reliability testing
  • Adhesion, residual stress, nanoindentation, nanoscratch, nano and micro-tribology
  • Static and dynamic test methodology as applied to micron and nano-scale components and systems
  • Reliability testing of layered materials, precision components, micron and sub-micron scale structures, contacts, and systems
  • Methodology for defining and creating test specifications at the Micro-component and system levels
  • Applications will be presented that include optical shutters, micro-switches, electrical contacts, accelerometers, fluid channels (Bio-MEMS), sliding interfaces, adhesive contacts, etc.

Dr Nicholas X. Randall, CSM Instruments, Boston, USA.

Nicholas Randall: 1994 Bachelor of Science in Materials Technology from Brunel University (London, GB). 1997 PhD Thesis ‘Development & Application of a Multifunctional Nanotribological Tool’ from University of Neuchâtel (Neuchatel, CH). This project concluded in the commercial development of a testing instrument for characterising thin film mechanical properties and MEMS. 1996 – 2002 Customer Services Manager at CSM Instruments, Neuchâtel, responsible for Applications Laboratory, After-sales service, scientific literature and final testing of production instruments. 2002 Vice-President Business Development: Responsible for setting-up CSM Instruments subsidiary office in Boston USA. Active in continuing development of MEMS testing issues and applications.

FSRMInformation and registration

Date and place  21.09.2009 – 22.09.2009 in Zurich (CH)
Duration 2 days
Fees  CHF 1’100.00 / EUR 750.00
You can register here.

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Vero Unveils VISI 17

Vero Software, a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the tooling industry, are pleased to announce the latest release of its flagship product VISI 17. The latest developments see further emphasis on end-user productivity in all areas of the product

Dramatic improvements
The system graphics have been dramatically improved after major development collaboration with both AMD and Nvidia. The use of VBO’s (vertex buffer objects) on the ATI FirePro and Nvidia GeForce graphics boards have returned exceptional software gains. In benchmark testing, results have shown the frame-per-second (FPS) rate jump from 5.5 > 146.2 for a 70MB dataset and 9.9 > 238.1 for a 118MB dataset. CAD enhancements include model thickness analysis which allows the user to quickly identify the thickest and thinnest areas of the model and help validate the model integrity, highlighting any potential areas that may cause internal voids, surface sink marks, unpredictable shrink rates and ultimately, longer cycle times.

Compass Technology – Improved Feature Recognition for solid & surface geometry

Further developments include intelligent body/face mating, improved annotation, updated printing and numerous improvements to the management of drawing files. One of the more significant is the ability to import pages from other work files and re-build the link between the solid geometry. This allows multiple users to share the same 3D design with each designer creating their own drawing pages – adding views, sections, annotations, balloons etc on separate workstations. When the pages have been completed, they can be loaded back into the master file and all links to the original 3D data are reconnected.

CAM developments include enhancements to geometry feature recognition with the ability to recognise complex and simple holes on both solid & surface models. The feature recognition has also been extended to recognise features from a predefined direction and find features within a localised user-defined region.

Increase productivity
The separation of passes & linking will dramatically increase productivity and reduce calculation time. The user will now be able to inspect the toolpath quality before building the HSM linking movements. Continued development on the CAM engine have produced time saving results of over 80% reduction in calculation time for combined waterline, 30% reduction for rest machining and over 15% reduction for raster clearance. Incremental stock, automatic toolpath tilting and further improvements to multi axis machining guarantees another step forward for Vero’s innovative CAM solution.

Want to know more about Vero?

Headquartered in England, Vero Software designs, develops, and supplies CAD/CAM/CAE software that enhances the efficiency of design and manufacturing processes. It is a leading supplier within key sectors of the CAD/CAM/CAE industry such as plastic injection moulds and progressive dies, providing its customers with exceptional value through high productivity gains and significantly reducing time to market.
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TCT Live 2009: more exciting events

tctSupporting the TCT Live theme of Education for Industry, the 2009 show will include a dedicated Seminar Day for Inspection, Digistising and Metrology technologies enabling visitors to witness and learn about the very latest technologies and techniques being used in this sector. TCT Live is being held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 20-21st October, the Inspection Digitising & Metrology Seminar will take place on the second day of the show, 21st October.

Impressive technological developments
The seminar has been designed to take an in-depth look at the impressive technological developments in this sector. With case studies and interactive demonstrations, presentations will take visitors through the full spectrum of measurement, scanning and inspection equipment available and the various ways it can be used to improve R&D, process efficiency and product lifecycles.
Topics being discussed include: Rapid 3D Measurement of Inner & Outer Structure by Computed Tomography — Dr Martin Simon, Wenzel; Measuring up to the Challenges of F1 Motor Racing — Steve Nevey, Red Bull Racing; The Advantages of DSSP within Aerospace — Steven Fletcher, Geomagic Inc.; Saving Time & Cutting Cost Using Optical Measurement — Andrew Cuffley, GOM UK; and The Conundrum of Detail v Accuracy v Speed — Satish Mysore, 3D Digital Corp.

On the exhibition floor itself, visitors will find the leading experts in this field who will be on hand to give advice and demonstrate live their revolutionary techniques.

Metrology for micro manufacturing
For visitors with an interest in metrology for micro manufacturing, a focused technical workshop will also take place in the co-located MM Live show. Also on Day 2 of the show, the Metrology in Micro Manufacturing workshop is being held in partnership with CEMMNT, the Loughborough-based Centre of Excellence in Metrology for Micro and Nano Technologies. The two-hour afternoon workshop, located in the MM Live Conference Auditorium, will give case-study based presentations describing how the latest micro measurement techniques have benefited manufacturing companies large and small.

Added value programme
TCT Live and its co-located show MM Live are proud to promote Education for Industry. By providing specific industry sectors with an educational platform, vendors and users alike are given the opportunity share and discuss the very latest in cutting-edge techniques. Other seminars include: Technology for the Jewellery Industry; CAD/CAM/CAE Stream; Digital Manufacturing & Materials; Advanced Prototyping; and RP&M in Architecture.

All seminars are free of charge to attend, for details on all seminar programmes visit, where registration can also be completed quickly and easily. To find out more about MM Live, visit