July 2009: A reason to celebrate!

40 years after their founding, the Witte company celebrated their 40th anniversary in July 2009. Horst Witte, his family, guests and staff had a wonderful day with fantastic weather where everything was simply perfect.

More than 2000 years of experience
After personally greeting more than 100 guests, who contributed to converting our entrance hall into a flower display, a few short speeches were held. Horst Witte briefly outlined the company’s development. His reply to the question asked so often “How do you manage such success over 40 years?” was energy, endurance, creativity and consistency. This is documented especially by long association with important partners such as their patent attorney, tax consultant and architect, but also continuous cooperation with suppliers. Many of these partners have accompanied Witte with great trust for more than 30 years. In his speech Horst Witte proudly referred to some major figures in the company’s history, for instance the years of experience of all co-workers added together comes to more than 2000. He also highlighted the very low rate of staff fluctuation, which he feels is an indication of a good working atmosphere.

Gudrun Hartmann, currently working longest at Witte (35 years), congratulated Mr. Witte on behalf of the entire staff, who hope that he may continue working on new developments and innovations while sitting on his garden bench. As personnel manager, Mrs. Hartmann pointed out an outstanding achievement with regard to training: 77 of today’s staff did their apprenticeship at Witte. Another 25 left Witte after their training, so altogether Witte has helped more than 100 youngsters to start their working life. Finally she said the staff would like Mr. Horst Witte and his momentum to remain with them as a role model for many years to come.

Generation change
Horst Witte mentioned the current generation change taking place, in particular in some key positions as well as the company change to a limited partnership already taken place and a further change coming up in 2010.

A beautiful celebration
The festive, global atmosphere, created by many multicolored national flags and an outstanding, international buffet left nothing to be desired. In the afternoon the premises was full with relatives and guests of the staff, who made active use of the opportunity to see different workplaces and in particular the manufacturing area. Carriage rides, performances by a magician/clown and the DJ were enjoyed by all. The bouncy castle was in great demand with the numerous staff children. It was simply a success all around and might be difficult to excel in 10 years at the 50th
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