Precise Hole Cutting Technology and More at 2009 Schweissen & Schneiden

Hypertherm is combining its newest HyPerformance technology with two new motion control systems and the latest MTC software to take plasma cutting to a whole new level.

New quality level in plasma cutting…
Hypertherm will unveil patent-pending hole cutting technology that vastly improves the capability of
HyDefinition plasma at this year’s Schweissen & Schneiden show. The technology uses a specific
combination of cutting parameters optimized for mild steel applications. The end result, demonstrated in both internal and customer testing, shows an up to 50 percent improvement in the shape of the hole. At the same time, taper and dings are virtually eliminated on holes with an equal diameter to thickness ratio. “The significant improvement of holes cut with HyPerformance Plasma has narrowed the gap with laser,” said Dave LaPrade, leader of Hypertherm’s mechanized systems team. “We think people will be impressed with the technology advancements made by Hypertherm. Customer feedback so far indicates that many people who currently cut with laser will be able to achieve their target quality performance and save a lot of money by switching to plasma.”

…on show
The marked improvement in plasma’s capabilities, including hole performance, will be demonstrated using the latest HPR400XD technology with MTCs ProNest 2010 software and the new EDGE Pro CNC. In addition to improved holes, Hypertherm engineers report an up to 100 percent increase in productivity and an up to 40 percent increase in consumable life using a new torch height control available by year end. This means businesses can increase the number of parts produced per hour while reducing operating costs. These advancements will extend to Hypertherm’s HyPerformance HPR130 and HPR260 products, both of which will receive Hypertherm’s XD (eXtreme Defintion) technology this fall.

Oxyfuel and plasma cutting?
People attending this year’s show will also get an opportunity to cut with Hypertherm’s newest single gas air plasma system: the Powermax45, as well as cutting with the other systems of Hypertherm’s industry leading Powermax family of products. In addition, they can watch a live side-by-side comparison of oxyfuel and plasma cutting, and learn about Hypertherm’s new developments for using HyDefinition Plasma in robotic and bevel cutting applications.

The 2009 Schweissen and Schneiden takes place in Essen, Germany from 14-19 September. Hypertherm’s stand is in Hall 11, Stand 307.

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