New bank framework agreement for Tornos

Yesterday Tornos signed a new framework agreement with UBS AG and the Zurich Cantonal Bank on credit lines worth CHF 50 million maturing on 30 September 2012. The agreement is subject to covenants. It replaces the current CHF 32.5 million credit facility agreement valid until 31 December 2010, certain covenants of which had not been complied with during the first half of the current year. Tornos’s net debt as at 30 June 2009 was CHF 16.2 million.

In view of this, the new agreement considerably widens the Group’s scope for manœuvre and represents a trump card at a time when recession has been ravaging the machine tool industry since the beginning of 2008 and will probably continue to make itself felt in 2010. The Group’s excellent relations with its partner banks have been instrumental in the conclusion of the new agreement.

Tornos will be present at EMO next week with a lot of news on Hall 2, Booth F08.
About this, see our blog here:

EPHJ-EPMT – New configuration in order to face up to the growth

For the first time since their juxtaposed presence in the international exhibition EPHJ-EPMT, the sector of the professional environment of watchmaking and jewellery and the one of microtechnologies will take place under the same roof. A response to the growth, to the great satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors.

Beaulieu Lausanne, 8 to 11 June 2010
Now accessible through a completely redesigned common entrance, which marking gains in visual impact, the exhibitors of the two sectors will continue maintaining and strengthening their obvious synergies. It is besides, since 2007, the only European event where this getting together is deliberately cultivated. For one side or the other, professionals of the watchmaking and jewellery and of microtechnologies industries are looking for new solutions, materials, processes and inputs opening unprecedented opportunities. Fond of these potential transfers of technology and mingling of know-how, more and more CEO or production managers, accompanied by their specialized assistants, are coming during these four friendly and fruitful days, in search of new suppliers and of a diversification of their clientele.

One double-show
The reorganization of the available spaces obviously benefits exhibitors and visitors. On the side of EPHJ which is fully booked since the past three years, the organizers can welcome new participants and respond to those who arrived later and could not benefit from this springboard. On the side of EPMT, this strengthened closeness gives rise to an always growing motivation. Judiciously scheduled midway between the watch fairs and the arrival of new products on the autumnal market, EPHJ-EPMT meets real needs of the profession and, geographically, its location makes memberships practical for all participants, with an increased presence – more than 20% – of exhibitors from surrounding countries and even further.

  • EPHJ sectors (Professional Watchmaking andJewellery Environment): Training, Creation, Design, CAD, Raw Materials, Machinery, Tools, Manufacturing, Microtechnology, Control Devices, Components, Packaging, Displays, Management, Marketing, Communication, Consulting, Services, etc……

  • EPMT sectors (Professional Microtechnology Environment):Technologies of the medical and dental sectors,measuring instruments, metrology, automation, robotics, Photonics-optics, nanotechnology, automotive equipment, industrial machinery and equipment for the microtechnology and micromechanics areas, electronics, microelectronics, Institutes of Research and Training, Laboratories, Aeronautics, Other networks of microtechnology skills (activities of sub-contracting), etc.


Sigh of the future common entrance of EPHJ-EPMT 2010. For the first time, both sectors will take place in the same exhibition hall.

Beaulieu Lausanne, 8 to 11 June 2010.

For information : Olivier Saenger, organisation committee.
Phone+41 22 798 4595 – Fax +41 22 798 1336.
[email protected] or [email protected]

Issue 366 published for EMO

A few days before EMO, a lot of companies are running. They are finishing their homework to be ready on time to start the show next Monday! For instance, Schaublin Machines. They just told me the pictures of the new machine won’t be available before the end of the week (see info here)… but the machine is being transported tomorrow to Milan. Things are on their ways…

A event of high importance
According to the number of press conferences that will be held during a few days, it is certain that our world (of machine-tool and metal industries) is still very innovative. I will keep you informed as soon as the datas will be available. On Eurotec’s side, we’ve just finished issue 366 that will be distributed largely on the show. Meanwhile you can download every articles here.

EMO eurotec copie_
As the show is big, it may be possible that our booth could be empty when you pass, let your business card in the box and we’re going to call you back.

I will be there the whole week, Nathalie from Monday to Wednesday and Véronique from Wednesday to Saturday. Do not miss to visit us to share a coffee.

See you there

Presentation’s movie that is cool and different

A  company that develops and builds machines that creates a virtual robot to show their strengths… A quite new approach that brings freshness in professional marketing. Coming from space, this robot allows you to discover the company’s philosophy. Do not miss it, it’s worth seeing it.
The H7robot is the symbol of Humard Automation SA and while it wanders through the different buildings of the company, it lets spectators discover how to actually win working with Humard Automation SA.  The quality of the animation is amazing and we could hardly think that the Humard robot actually played in Transformers!!

It is a really interesting approach.
Is it a new way to market BtoB products? It is too early to say so. Go here to see the movie to make your own opinion.

The products offered are:

  • Hydraulic presses
  • Handling robots
  • Palletizations
  • Special machines
  • Production lines
  • Software

Humard Automation SA
6, rue St-Randoald
CH-2800 Delémont
Phone +41 32 421 40 90
Fax +41 32 423 29 26
[email protected]

7 world premières and more…

DMG would like to extend an exclusive invitation to anyone for this year’s biggest industry event, the EMO 2009 in Milan. The company will unveil more than 7 world premières and hold live demonstrations of 41 select machines on more than 1,500 m² of exhibition space.


Hear presentations from the very best industry professionals: Several experts will hold industry-specific presentations daily
Apart from the numerous premieres and innovation demonstrations, experienced specialists will also discuss current trends in the industry. Take advantage of these events and visit the DMG Arena at our tradeshow booth in hall 4.

  • Medical
    Increase your productivity with the latest DMG technology.
    10.00 am, 02.00 pm.
  • Energy
    5-axis solutions for energy technology.
    10.40 am, 02.40 pm.
  • Aerospace
    The most innovative manufacturing methods for the aerospace industry.
    11.20 am, 03.20 pm.
  • DMG Powertools
    Industry-specific software solutions.
    12.00 noon, 04.00 pm.
  • Dental
    All dental indications in any material.
    12.40 pm, 04.40 pm.
  • Lifestyle
    Die & Mould technology for life-style products.
    01.20 pm, 05.20 pm.

The presentations takes 15 minutes and will be in Italian and English.
Register here for the presentations.

EMO Milan
Strada Statale del Sempione, 28
20017 Rho, Milan

Monday through Saturday 9:30am– 06:00pm
Hall: 4  / Booth: C02 – D01

To forge ahead…

This EMO year when the question of participation (or not) to the Italian exhibition was important as never before, many companies’ responsibles told me they didn’t want to give in to the temptation of not going to Milan. Indeed  the economy is idling and such a show is very expensive, but a trade fair remains a must to meet customers and many potential customers. Eurotec will also be present on the N16 A booth in Hall 14.

Many ways
A CEO told me : “Once our very existence is known, we can work to make our solutions valuable and convince the customer. At that moment it is already almost won as our products and services are…”. Here you can specify what you want, for instance more accurate, more efficient, perfectly tailored, etc. No matter the nature or the quality of your offer if you’re not even known!
To meet one’s today and future customers, many ways exist. First step in the process, becoming aware of a problem or a need. This can be realized alone or while discovering the second step, the knowledge of solutions. It is at this stage that EMO is important, like a magazine or the blog you’re reading. There are vectors to enable customers to discover that vendors actually exist to answer some needs. Sometimes these needs are discovered simultaneously as the solution.

Numerous companies carry out marketing statistics after a show. It is very important to know where visitors come from, their number and what interest them most. It is then easy to say how much money you’ve to pay per visitor. As an example, a machine-tool manufacturer with a 300 sqm booth can expect a € 260’000 budget. If he performs about 700 meeting on its booth, every visit costs him € 371. What about a magazine like Eurotec? Easy for figures. An ad costs about € 3’400 for a full page. As few as a little bit more than 9 interested readers (amongst the 10’000 circulation of the magazine) is enough to reach the same return on investment as mentioned in the example here above. Regarding the provenance statistics it is more difficult, it is quite rare that customers say “I’ve discovered your offer in Eurotec and I’m interested”, although several of our customers told us it happened to them.

et366Different yet complementary
Finally the communication tools are complementary and answer to the same needs of knowledge the targeted audience displays. To come back on the discussion with the above mentioned CEO, he faces the overproduction of communication means, zillions of websites, numerous shows, new magazines, blogs, social networks, etc. Ultimately what matter are circulation’s quality, the offer must reach the potentials. And mean’s quality, if reading the magazine brings no value, it’s inefficient.

One of my teacher told me one day that “quality is the actual expression of the fit between a product and its particular purpose” and he was right. If the magazine want to have an impact, it must reach the right audience and give value. Eurotec is well known for the high quality of its circulation and value of its content.

Issue 365 is now online on the articles pages. Issue 366 will be there within one week, it’s Motek these days and EMO very soon. Despite the economic situation a lot of companies are forging ahead and there are always passionate people behind. We at Eurotec try to keep you informed about all these novelties, you’re then better informed and can decide with more decision tools.

All the best

PS: If your come to Milan, feel free to visit us on our N16 A booth in hall 14.

Medtec Europe goes from strength to strength

Medtec Europe, which will be held in Stuttgart from March 23 to 25, 2010, continues to grow despite the current economic situation. The number of exhibitors already registered indicates that the trade show is set to be an even greater success than last year’s event. With 80% of the exhibition space already booked, the medical technology trade show is well on its way to meeting its goals for the 2010 event.
Successful trend
Over 11,000 engineers, production specialists, designers and key decision-makers attended Medtec Europe 2009 in early March. Their goal: to find the right suppliers for their needs  – and they could choose from around 630 exhibitors. A survey of attendees shows that they found what they were looking for. Gregor Bischkopf, Exhibition Manager at Canon Communications LLC, expects even greater things in March 2010: “The difficult global economic situation has left few industries unaffected. However, we expect stable growth of around 9% in 2009 and 2010 in the global medical technology manufacturing sector. Therefore, we believe that our goals for this event are realistic. We are expecting around 700 exhibitors. And we are pleased that around 80% of available space has already been booked, a good six months before the trade show.”

A world class event
Bischkopf is upbeat about the growing significance of the medical technology trade show: “The event attracted visitors from 32 countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. And this trend is set to continue into 2010.” Next year’s event will be staged in halls 4, 6 and 8 of Stuttgart’s exhibition center (Landesmesse Stuttgart). Featured products will include medical device components such as pumps, tubing, motors, and electronic and mechanical parts. Also on show will be CNC machining equipment, packaging technology, software for design and production, equipment for quality assurance, as well as bonding, welding and other associated technologies.
Four theme-based pavilions have now become an important part of the trade show – spotlighting all aspects of automation and assembly, precision mechanical parts, as well as medical packaging and medical plastics technologies. The Innovation Forum in hall 8 is another integral element of the show. It will feature presentations on the latest developments in automation, nanotechnology, and industrial materials, and other areas.

You said synergy?
In 2009, Medtec was held in conjunction with Südtec. This combination was a great hit with exhibitors and visitors alike, and Canon Communications LLC intends to leverage this winning formula again. The trade show for the manufacturing industry in southern Germany attracts international suppliers from a variety of fields. A wide spectrum of products and services will be presented, from metalworking to electronics and plastics, to semi-finished materials, to design and rapid prototyping technologies.
The combination of two events was so successful that a third will be added in 2010. 3C Europe 2010 will showcase a variety of products and services from a related field. 3C stands for “Contamination Control & Cleanroom” Products and targets senior executives and engineers from European businesses and organizations looking to deploy new cleanroom technologies and upgrade or expand existing cleanrooms. Contamination control and cleanroom products are an integral part of the medical technology industry and other related sectors.

Any question about the show? It’s here