EMO report #9

Here we are, end of the week and of the show. A few hours remains to run and see the last potential customers/info providers (on my side). I’ve done a few discussions this morning with Swiss and Asian companies and the summary is … not too bad but all the same disappointing.

An international show? Yes but…
Hardly everywhere people told me that they were unhappy with the visitors distribution, people didn’t really came from Germany, Switzerland and north of Europe.  Nevertheless as the level of expectation was quite low, I’ve seen smiling people on a lot of booths.

  • At Tornos, machines were sold everyday and Willi Nef, Head of Marketing told me this morning that all in all the show was not too bad (even if attendance was the same as mentionned here above). The initial fear that people wouldn’t come from the North was prooved to be too real (unfortunately).
  • Same feeling at Star, a show that was well done but without enough visitors.
  • At Schaublin, the new machine generated a lot of interest and on that point of view, the show is a success.

The Almac machines were quite attractive to visitors in Milano, for instance the new Almac CU 1007 with robotization (not exhibited like that).

I will come back on the news gathered here in the few folowing days..