SilverTiger, new generation of cutting tool by Walter

With the “SilverTiger”, Walter sets a new standard in the field of CVD-coated carbides. An unprecedented leap in performance, never before has a cutting tool material been so close to being the “ideal cutting material”. The “SilverTiger” delivers a performance increase between  50 and 100 %.

.They ask for more…
“Ever since their market launch, our Tiger•tec® indexable inserts have been a fantastic success. Machinists worldwide are continuing to achieve results above the average,” explains Peter Witteczek, Chief Executive Officer of Walter AG. “Not that we are stopping there. We are using this success as an opportunity to take yet another step forward. This step is SilverTiger, another world first from the Walter production line, made possible by a newly developed technology of our specialists. SilverTiger Technology enables performance increases in the region of 50-100 %.” This technology is essentially a new platform for the development of a completely new family of CVD-coated indexable inserts for milling, turning and drilling.
SilverTiger Technology is based on a special coating combination in conjunction with a brand new type of surface treatment. The result is a surface in which stresses are significantly reduced. In summary, the SilverTiger is a key milestone in the search for the “ideal cutting tool material”. Remember: the ideal cutting tool material is a theoretical construct, combining maximum hardness with maximum toughness.


Three inserts after 3200 mm cutting length of 1.2311 material. On top the new Silver Tiger, in the middle a classic Tigertec and finally in the bottom a conventional insert. The comparison is very impressive.

And the company provides more!
The following example illustrates this point: a component made from 42CrMo4 is wet milled using a high cutting speed vc = 260 m/min. Compared to Walter’s current WKP35 material, the SilverTiger WKP35S delivers a further 70 % improvement in tool life. The introduction to market of the high-end cutting tool material will be phased, beginning with the universal grade WKP35S (S = silver) with CVD-Al2O3-coating for the milling of cast iron and steel materials (ISO-K, ISO-P). The target markets are automotive and railway industry (e.g. forged parts), the energy sector (e.g. rotor hubs), mould and die making, aerospace industry and general mechanical engineering.

SilverTiger – benefits summary

  • Ground-breaking innovation in the form of a new CVD-Al2O3-coating.
  • External appearance: black rake face and silver-coloured flank face
  • Silver and unbeatable: average performance increase of 75 %
  • Application areas: dry and wet milling of cast iron and steel materials.
  • The ideal choice in the widest variety of industries: energy, aerospace, automotive, general mechanical engineering, railway.
  • Low machining costs, high process reliability, low tooling costs

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