New line of micro EDM machining centers by Sarix

Sarix SA, Switzerland presented, for the first time at the EMO 2009 the MACHLine. This new line of machines for micro erosion is based on the new micro-EDM CORE of SARIX. Micro-EDM CORE is a new concept of multiaxis EDM machining. The versatility of the module allows flexible EDM configurations and the combination of EDM with other machining processes, on the same machine.

Ideal working conditions
The MACHLine center shown at the SARIX booth was presented in a configuration for the machining of cooling holes in aerospace and stationary gas turbine. The machine has a large working space to apply micromachining to large parts. It contains an EDM head for the machining of cooling holes and one supplementary laser ablation unit for the ablation of the ceramic thermal barrier of the turbine blades.

Attractive design and more
The unconventional and innovative design of the MACHline machining centers attracted many visitors to the SARIX booth, where more products were presented for the first time at EMO. For example a new Micro Deep Hole Device for mould makers can drill high precision holes in the 0.1mm range,  up to 15 mm in tungsten carbide.

Technical characteristics of the MACHline

  • EDM Axis X: 100 mm, Y: 100 mm and Z: 100 mm. Glass scale resolution: 0.1 micron
  • Accuracy: +/- 2 microns
  • Positioning axis: U: 650 mm, V: 500 mm, W 450 mm. Glass scale resolution: 0.1 micron
  • Tilting positioning axis: A: +/- 90 degrees, B: 360 degrees
  • Power supply: 400 VAC, 3 Phase, 6 KVA

Additional advantages

  • Integrated basic pneumatic cabinet
  • Machine temperature conditioning
  • Safety operation area
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Standard options available

Want to know more about the Sarix technology?
Read the Eurotec about 3D micro EDM Milling here.

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