The user-friendly µ by Mapal

With the new CNC-controlled setting fixture UNISET-V vision, the setting of precision tools is easy and efficient.

From tool to system
Mapal is a recognized specialist for fine boring using adjustable tools. The exact adjustment and measurement of these tools is a prerequisite for high part quality. The lack of suitable equipment led Mapal to become involved in the development and manufacture of mechanical and electronic setting fixtures. Mapal has always placed very high value on precision and longevity. The high precision of the Mapal setting fixtures is due to the combination of an exact basic mechanical set-up and a tactile measuring technique.

New pre-setting device
The UNISET-V vision supplements the Mapal setting fixtures with a new, and for the first time CNC-controlled, series of devices that combine familiar Mapal accuracy with extraordinary ease of use and ergonomics. The new and ergonomic design offers, for example, free accessibility with tool carriages. The height-adjustable monitor also allows comfortable working even when seated. In addition, the monitor with touchscreen function makes work particularly intuitive and fast. Furthermore, practical storage compartments keep the working area tidy.
Dynamic and flexible control modules and the possibility of fine positioning ensure optimum setting precision of the tools. The teach-in programming allows automatic measurement and setting of the tools. Thanks to the ultramodern camera with CNC and the new operating software, a setting precision of < 2 µm is achieved more easily than before with the modular UNISET-V vision.
Easy, fast and comfortable setting with the new, highly precise Mapal setting fixture UNISET-V vision.

Despite the new design and innovative technology, one thing has not changed in the new Mapal setting fixtures – the accuracy.

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