Much more than a machining centre…

On the occasion of the recent EMO in Milano, we had the opportunity to discover the Emissa 3800 Winflex. This modular and flexible machining center doesn’t need any robot to manage the parts and combines the possibilities of a conventional machining center with the performances of the well known Pibomulti’s machining turret heads. The result? A machine like no other in term of productivity and flexibility (compared to more traditional solutions). Meeting with Mr. Boschi, Chief Executive Officer of Emissa and Pibomulti and passionate inventor.

Well-known elements
Built in a modular way and designed to incorporate machining modules as Pibomulti’s turret heads, the new machine presented by Emissa clearly benefits from the experience of Emissa in the design of machines and of Pibomulti regarding tooling and accessories. This allows the company to launch a revolutionary machine in which components are already validated and accepted by the market. This brings tremendous quality and reliability.

A “reverse” logic to go further
What surprises at first glance, is the way to take the part to be machined. It is taken from the outside by the top and brought into the machining area. All machining are made on the 5 faces, perfectly available for machining. Who has never been confronted with the problem of chips evacuation? With the solution presented here, this problem no longer exists. The part being suspended and the machining carried out “in free space”, chips cannot stick.
Several solutions exist regarding parts preparation or supports, the multifunction center can be fed through a storage place for parts and pallets or by a simple conveyor. The machine being built on the basis of modular elements, it is very easy to adapt it to the needs of customers.
Machining Area of the new Emissa machine
On the left we can see the part to be machined. This one is clamped by the top. Just on the right of the part, we see the horizontal spindle of the machining center. Then on the middle of the picture we can see the nose of the vertical spindle and finally on the right, the turret head. The new Emissa’s Winflex 3800 offers outstanding machining possibilities.

To save time
Let’s see how the machine works. The door opens and the part is driven into the machining area thanks to a largely sized porch. It can be machined from the front by a turret head that can accommodate multispindle heads with 20 or more spindles on 6 or 8 working stations. Once the operation completed and one must change the tool (for example), we can use the machining center with two storage places for tools (24 on the side and 12 on the bottom) to perform other operations. That way, there is no loss of time to change the tools, the part is always in machining. The head being tilting, it is also possible to perform machining from all angles. In terms of productivity, some analyses based on parts for the automotive industry demonstrate that the new Emissa machine can replace four traditional 4-axis machining centers.

Economy and environment
Compared to four machining centers the Winflex 3800 machine needs a reduced floor space as well as a much lower power consumption. The chips management related to the geometry of the machining area allows reduced use of machining fluid too. These elements lets Emissa propose a machine that is very productive, flexible and simultaneously little demanding in term of energy and consumable. Nowadays, with environmental concerns, it is a an important asset.

  • Part size max:  diam 800 x height 550

We will go into more detail in the next issue of Eurotec to be released the first week of November.

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