New grinding machines by Schneeberger

At the EMO we discovered some grinding solutions to meet both demands for small and precise parts and for very affordable simple grinding solutions.

Norma microTool, the surgery machine
The ideal solution for production of small parts is Norma microTool : Micro small cutting tools for electronics, watchmaking or other micro-mechanical applications. Very important also the growing market of tools and other products for the medical industry. Milling cutters, ballnose cutters, drills with coolant holes (down to diameter 0.2 mm) can be ground at high precision. The unique clamping system make’s it possible. Tools are supported in two steady rests, one for concentricity using v-groove and downholder, one supports the grinding process. In the field of medical technology the applications cover injection needles, cannulaes, surgical suture needles or dental drills.

Let’s see in detail
Setting up the delicate process of micro-machining requires specialised means. Visualisation of the fixturing for adjustments is made easy, a highly magnifying camera shows all details conveniently on the controllers monitor. Speed and flexibility of the Fanuc 6-axes-robot matches the machines capacity on the handling side. Normas spindle-motor delivers 10 kW at 60% running time. The double ended unit rotates at 1’000 – 9’000 rpm and can be equipped with 3 wheels on each side, the maximum wheel diameter is 250 mm.

Norma microtool and Aries5 by Schneeberger
Aries5, the affordable grinder
The extracompact 5-axes grinder for production and resharpening at an affordable price. Aries5 is the first low cost 5-axes tool grinder on the market with uncompromised technology of much larger machines. Latest and most powerful Fanuc-controller 310i, grinding motor of 10 kW at 60%, double-ended spindle with 6 grinding wheels enabeling diameters up to 250 mm. Axes stroke in X, Y and Z is 400, 260, 300 mm. Highest stability and precision in its mechanical design make Aries5 the best low cost tool&cutter grinder in the market.

Software to go further
To keep costs under control, no robot and no automation are provided with the machine. Nevertheless equipped with QUINTO 5, state of the art grinding software, the machine is well prepared for any grinding task. Radius- and ballnose endmills, cylindrical or tapered, T-slot cutters, staggered tooth, drills and stepdrills, you name it. Easy implementation of specialities and a wide range of woodworking tools make this performer complete.

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