Innovation: the Zeta collet clamping system!

The New Zeta collet clamping system offers the market a much better advantage to solve most collet clamping problems. Collets are used in a lot of different variations such as; static and rotating tools, multi-spindle heads, Swiss-turn lathes, angle-heads in different sectors like automotive ,aircraft, various metal, medical, wood and plastic manufacturers.

In each of these fields no one offers, until today, an absolutely safe collet clamping system with the addition of the possibility to lock the collets with extremely high torque moments, also in very complicated applications with limited space around and between the spindles in multi-spindle machines. The New Zeta Collet Clamping Systems offers a lot of advantages. Everyone in the machine industry is aware of different collet systems like ER – DIN6499, OZ – DIN6388,and various others.

New Zeta clamping system by Zollmann

All these systems have problems with the proper application of torque by using spanner wrenches in most cases. Exactly for this purpose Zollmann GmbH developed a solution with the New Zeta collet nut system. The New Zeta system provides a lot of unique and unexpected possibilities that never have been offered before by other popular collet clamping systems. The New Zeta system is completely exchangeable with all spindles in single situations, aggregates, multi-spindle heads, and Swiss turn lathes which use ER-DIN6499 or OZ-DIN6388 collet systems.

Slipping out is no longer possible
The unique operating tools that this new system offers, gives the machinist a choice of what tools best suits their preference. Zollmann offers standardized tool connectors in 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4 inch sizes and various hexagons. The enormous torque power of this system has been optimized by a new unique security profile that eliminates slipping out while clamping the tools. Zollmann suggests to its customers to improve working quality and ease of operation by upgrading and updating their old worn collet nuts. The proper use of torque wrenches together with the correct specified torque moments is a must in the future and should be applied to all successful working machinery facilities in the world. The multiple possibilities of the new clamping system, gives the customer a lot of variations for all kinds of spindle situations. Additionally the Zeta system can also be used with popular sealing disc systems currently used for internally cooled cutting tools. The Zeta system is patent pending.

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