1 megahertz ultrasonic generator from Weber Ultrasonics

With its innovative 1 MHz Ultrasonic Micro Cleaning (UMC) module generator, Weber Ultrasonics has created the ideal conditions for efficient and reproducible cleanliness in microtechnical and nanotechnical production. The 250 and 500 Watt power classes allow the new megasonic device to adapt to individual cleaning requirements. Innovative high-tech components make it possible to achieve maximum performance while demanding a minimum of space: up to six UMC modules can be integrated in a 19″ housing. As a result, cleaning systems with a power output of up to 3000 Watt can be put in a single housing, while at the same time sophisticated features guarantee a high level of process safety and reliability.

Mega ultrasonic output in the smallest of spaces

Photovoltaics, semiconductor technology, precision and micro optics, medical technology, the LIGA process, microsystems and nanotechnology – these areas all demand maximum cleanliness due to their highly sensitive surfaces and finely structured components. Megasonic cleaning is among the most popular cleaning procedures, as the finest nanoscaled-sized particles and film-like dirt can be removed from surfaces non-destructively and without residue just like from troughs within microstructures. Weber Ultrasonics GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ultrasonic components for surface technology, has developed innovative megasonic generators with 250 and 500 Watt power output in 19″ technology and transducer systems for this area of application. The Karlsbad-based company’s new UMC generation excels through its outstanding efficiency and reliability as well as an extremely compact design.

The innovative 1 MHz Ultrasonic Micro Cleaning (UMC) module generator offers ideal conditions for efficient and reproducible cleanliness in microtechnical and nanotechnical production. Innovative high-tech components make it possible to achieve maximum performance while demanding a minimum of space.

High efficiency – reliable and gentle cleaning

The new UMC generators from Weber Ultrasonics boast maximum stability of all process-relevant parameters thanks to the latest control technology. This in turn leads to optimum coordination between generators and accompanying transducers, ensuring a transmission of energy with virtually no loss. The resulting high degree of efficiency of the UMC cleaning system allows absolutely reliable, reproducible and yet gentle removal of contamination. A further advantage is that the generator can be used in combination with every compatible transducer of the same power class without the need for time-consuming adjustment procedures. The power output can be set steplessly between 10% and 100% via power control, and the UMC generators can be operated manually on the equipment itself, via remote control or from a PC.

Features for greater safety and reliability come as standard

Like all ultrasonic generators from Weber Ultrasonics, the new 1 MHz devices also have a range of features at their disposal for increasing both process and operational safety, including protective functions against short-circuiting, no-load operation and excess temperature. Self-monitoring and transducer monitoring are also integrated, ensuring that the system can only be started if the transducer is functioning. The corresponding error signals are available for process monitoring purposes.

Customised high performance transducer systems

The Sonosub submersible transducer system and Sonoplate plate transducer system from Weber Ultrasonics with 500 and 250 Watt power output are the perfect companions to the 1 MHz and 500 kHz generators. The size of the high performance transducers can be adapted according to customer wishes or the object to be cleaned, such as wafers, thereby increasing the efficiency of the cleaning systems even further.

Weber Ultrasonics GmbH

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The watch user in a changing world

Under that title, the Swiss Marketing Club organized again a memorable event today. About 200 people were reunited in a theater built in 1837 (L’heure Bleue in La Chaux-de-Fonds) to discuss the way to market timepieces.

Amazingly low profile
When you discuss with friends (obviously depending on who your friends are) about watch industry and the way people behave in that world, you often have the impression that some people there think that they are just better than anyone else. And that was not the case at all today. The Swiss brands were there to learn and exchange information about how the market evolves. That was nice to see that all these companies actually have a marketing approach and the willingness to learn more, year after year.


Experts discussions from left to right: Emmanuel Vuille, CEO Greubel Forsey, Nathalie Veysset, CEO De Witt, Antonio Calce, CEO Corum and François Courvoisier Management School ARC.

Open to the world
In our ever changing world, what are the values that make people buy? In fact the situation is what gives sense and if the situation changes, then sense changes too. The brands must listen to their customers to tailor their offer (this is actually marketing, isn’t it?)… but is it always the case? Sometimes a nice idea that comes from inside also brings the market a brand new idea that is instantly bought (see the iPhone) (Isn’t it marketing too?). Partakers were able to explore both aspects during the day (and many others).

Music versus management
We also understood how the changes in music from simple to complex (and the contrary) and from the inside to the outside (and the contrary) can be used to explain companies behaviors… a very strange but actually clear message.

Branding still a very strong asset

On a study based on panels for watch and jewellery, we discovered that within the past few years, the watch industry resisted far better than industry of jewels. This information alone is not that important, but what makes the difference is the fact that in jewellery, only 10% is sold by brands… and in watch industry it’s 90%! To conclude that brands is still a strong asset is quite evident.


Next Year’s event will take place on December 2 still in La Chaux-de-Fonds. If you’re active in a way or another in Watch industry, subcontracting and/or marketing, book the date now.

I know that this post is not as technical as usual, but such a day impacts directly the way to design and produce watches…
Good evening


You can reach the website of the organizers here (in French) www.marketinghorloger.ch

Five years instead of six months…

“DryLin R” linear plain bearings from igus GmbH, Cologne, are lubricant-free, robust and corrosion resistant. The linear bearings with highly wear-resistant polymers are replacing metallic bushings in numerous cases. Maintenance intervals are shortened, service life increased.

A few examples
In a seat cover testing machine belonging to the American automotive components supplier, Lear Corporation in Allershausen, the “DryLin R” flange bearings have been in use without any failures for more than one and a half years. The load exerted on them is high in both Y and Z direction, and normally runs at a short stroke, (10 to max. 40 mm). In contrast, the linear guidance systems used before had to be replaced after only three months.

An even more drastic example can be found at a rubber factory in Gießen, Poppe Gummiwarenfabrik. Here, ball linings used in a cutting unit for rubber hoses failed after six months. The main reason was because of heavy talcum soiling. In the meantime, self-adjusting “DryLin R” linear plain bearings have been doing the job without any problems whatsoever for the past five years now.
Another prime example is The Austrian Montan University in Leoben, Steiermark. Here, the decision was taken to use linear plain bearings in a stone cutting machine used to saw enormous stone blocks after bearing guides had previously failed.

Picture: igus GmbH, Cologne. “DryLin R” linear plain bearings from igus GmbH, Cologne, are lubricant-free, robust and corrosion resistant. The dimensions correspond to those of linear ball linings.

“DryLin R”: Wear-resistant polymers especially for linear technology
“DryLin R” linear plain bearings from igus are based on highly wear-resistant polymers developed especially for linear technology. The standard gliding films are made of “iglidur J” material for excellent gliding friction coefficients, the high-temperature gliding films made of “iglidur X” ensure use with a long-term application temperature of up to 250°C. The dimensions of linear plain bearings are compatible with those of linear ball linings. DryLin bearings run on standard round shafts, and can be used with virtually any shaft material.

Built to last and corrosion-free due to special design
The special geometry makes “DryLin R” linear bearings robust even in heavy-duty environments, and ensures a very high level of safety even when running in coarse dirt. The design of the bearing surface with individual bridges and the interruptions in between is particularly advantageous here – as is the fact that no lubricant is required. Even if damp dirt does get onto the shaft, it is wiped off by the individual slide ways and pushed back into the contactless paths. The bridges of the bearing surfaces then slide over the path, which has been wiped free of all soiling.
The “DryLin R” range comprises gliding films and press-in bushings, linear plain bearings, housing bearings, flange housings as well as slides and linear housings. Suitable shafts and supported shafts as well as yokes and shaft brackets are also available ex stock.

igus GmbH
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Delcam’s PartMaker boosts efficiency at medical device manufacturer

Using Delcam’s PartMaker CAM software has given medical device manufacturer C-Axis the ability to manufacture complex, high-quality medical parts very efficiently.  The company uses a range of six multi-axis CNC mills and Swiss-type lathes, the most complex of which is a twelve-axis Star ECAS-20T.  Of course, when programming such sophisticated parts on such complex machines, being able to quote, program and set jobs up efficiently is paramount.

Easy to design…
“Our biggest challenges include designing a machining process that meets our quality standards, proving out the processes before interrupting the machine’s production, and reducing our set-up times,” says Mr. Haley.  “Our PartMaker CAM software allows us to design and troubleshoot our processes off-line, on an inexpensive computer instead of on a very expensive machine tool.  We can examine and optimise the process prior to even starting the set-up.  When we load the programs and set up the machine, we are virtually ready to start production.” […]

CNC Programmer Jeff Geronsin believes C-Axis would not be able to do complex milling without PartMaker

…and much more
“Without the software, we would not be able to do as much complex milling as we do,” says Jeff Geronsin, the plant’s CNC programmer.  “Even basic programming can be done with PartMaker in half the time that it used to take writing it manually.  For example, if we are milling out pockets and decide to change an end-mill size, PartMaker can do calculations in seconds which could take hours when programming manually.” “Medical parts require a level of perfection that is not seen on other types of device,” claimed Mr. Geronsin.  “The cosmetic look of the part is very important to customers.  As a result, we’ve had to do surface machining on our Swiss machines.  Without PartMaker, we’d have had to turn down those components.”


For further information on PartMaker, please contact:
In Europe: Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager, Direct phone: 44 (0)121 683 1081
[email protected]

In the US: Hanan Fishman, Direct phone +215 (643) 5077 x 204
[email protected]


Biemh 2010 – Preferential admission till December first

From the 31st May to 5th June, 2010 the 26th Spanish-Machine Tool Biennial will be held. This exhibition is organised by BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre) and AFM (Spanish Machine-Tool Manufacturers Association). The organizers also count on the collaboration of AMT (Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Accessories, Component Parts and Tools).

To the help of exhibitors
Organizers remind us that December 1st is the deadline for preferential admission and also that they have introduced a number of financial and promotion support measures in order to help companies to improve their participation.

  • 14% price reduction on the rate for applications received before the 1st December.
  • Additional discount from 5% to 25% on the rental space price, depending on the number of sq. m. contracted.
  • Payment in instalments
  • 10% discount on stand building up and furnishing if the stand construction is contracted with BEC

Cost simulator
You can find additional information in the organizer’s website, so as the application form and the conditions for the participation. You will be able to find a cost simulator for the rental space price which will allow you to know exactly the price of the required surface, taking into account the date, the surface and the open sides

[email protected]

Special Feature Show “e-production for everyone”

Innovative applications for consumer-use: In the field of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing EuroMold has already long time ago established itself as Europe’s biggest market place for product development! New at EuroMold 2009 will be the special feature show “e-production for everyone’ in the newly built hall 11.0. Here fields of application of generative processes for consumers will be in focus. This show offers all attendees a perspective on how these highly innovative technologies could lead to a future change of the variety of products in our daily lives.

New perspectives
Current applications of Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping can be found in the fields of jewellery, furniture, interior design or other accessories like glasses.
The special feature, organised in co-operation with the universities of Coburg and Offenbach, will show further areas into which this highly innovative technique might find its way. The production of individualised everyday products is on display. To make this happen the universities co-operate with several renowned international companies, which exhibit in hall 11.0, too.

Tailored production
Based on specific products different future fields of application for the everyday usage of generative processes will be shown. The demonstration of the University of Offenbach will encompass products such as gauntlets and bicycle seats. To produce a gauntlet first of all the hand has to be scanned. Gained data such as length and dimension of the finger will then be used in a laser sintering process in order to produce an individual gauntlet. The gauntlet as well as the Velcro fastener is made out of one single piece and in one job step, including all seams. A special structure in the gauntlet also protects fingers and wrist from overstretching.

When producing an individual saddle the user firstly has to be measured. By use of achieved CAD-data the individualised bicycle saddle then will be produced in a generative process. This project aims to give fresh impetus to future manufacturing processes of individualised products.

For more information about EuroMold: www.euromold.com

Eurotec will be there and we’re going to gather precious information!

50 percent more machine time without scrap

“When it comes to the price, the system pays off even for a single machine (if the setup times are significant). But besides price, it is the applicability that counts“. That is the matter-of-fact view of Berghoff, one of the leading companies for CNC processing and assembly production, concerning the price-performance ratio of presetting and measuring devices. Since installing a Zoller venturion machine equipped with the pilot 3.0 operating platform, discussions ended a long time ago due to the enormous amount of time saved.

“A solution tailored for all individual production processes“, is what Zoller promises customers investing in a professional venturion package. The challenge to be met at Berghoff GmbH was to reduce setup times within the production process. This becomes even more important when considering the setup time necessary for workpieces of up to 3,500mm in length, machined with up to 240 tools or the demands of producing low volumes. Moreover, 25 DMG machining centers are used! This also explains Berghoff management’s goal of doing the setting up/presetting during the main production time. Since working with the presetting and measuring machine venturion and software pilot 3.0, this mission has been completed.

This is how Berghoff general manager Oliver Bludau sees it: “We were able to cut down the time we need for measuring/presetting to a couple of hours. As of today, we are talking about a reduction of approx. 50%. In theory, you could probably even go for a reduction of up to 80%, but under workshop conditions this goal is unrealistic. A considerable part of the 50% is due to the parallel introduction of zero-point quick change clamping systems.“
Discover the complete story in Eurotec’s next issue.

Berghoff GmbH & Co. KG
Herr Oliver Bludau
57489 Drolshagen
Tel. +49(0)2763/2127911
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E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG
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Tel. +49(0)7144/8970-268

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