The answer is… everything is possible!

At the EMO show in Milano, I’ve met the owners of Vertx, a next to Stockholm (Sweden) based company, as well as Ehn&Land and Tornos representatives. The company signed at the show for a new DECO 7a machine to face its increasing demands in high precision small parts and parts specialized for fiber optics.

Young and dynamic

In 1997, MM Akerman and Eriksson decided to create their own company and performed a spin off from a business already active in the same field. That was clear at the start that the mission of the new company would be to help their customers design and then produce their connectors and other high precision small parts. « The idea was to offer them our capacities in engineering before producing the parts. Therefore we needed efficient production means » says M. Akerman. In a little bit more than 10 years, Vertx has become a well known producer of these type of products.



Market evolution
The company designs unique parts for its customers and this is the key, Mr Eriksson says : « When a customer comes with any idea, our first answer is “no problem” and then we look for solutions that fit their needs. Obviously the parts have to be in the range of diameters we can machine, apart that, everything is possible and so far we’ve always been able to meet our customers’ requirements ». This way to see business position Vertx in the high-end solutions. Mr Akerman precise : « We are not active in the mass production of standard fiber optics connectors, we only produce custom designed ».


Switzerland or Sweden?
If some people from abroad are already mixing Sweden and Switzerland, Vertx won’t help them to clarify. This company works mainly with Swiss providers. Mr Akerman says : « our machines are from Tornos, Schaublin and Amsonic and the bar loaders from LNS or Tornos. Most of the tools are also bought in Switzerland and the material to be machined comes from L Klein (Bienne, Switzerland). It ensures that we have the level of quality we rely on ». This is part of the basis of the good reputations of Vertx, but the know-how of the company is the main reason why customers are coming and returning. M. Eriksson says: « we handle the whole process, we discuss with our customers, do the drawings, the programming and the machining. We do large series, but also some prototypes. The fact that it’s often sister parts allows us to be very reactive ».

Why working with Vertx
We had a great time doing the interview, then I can say that one of the reason is the owners are very open and sympathetic, but there is more (obviously). What their customers say is that Vertx has:

  • superior know how in developing and machining in high quality
  • wide knowledge in fiber optics and high precision small parts
  • offers a complete solution from advice/drawing to cleaning
  • with a flat organization meaning
  • short response time both in term of study and production


To be continued… You will be able to discover the complete story in a further issue. Meanwhile, you can contact Vertx here:

Vertx Finmekanik AB
Seminariegatan 30 D
SE-752 28 Uppsala
Tel: +46 (0)18-51 52 40
Fax: +46 (0)18-51 52 50
[email protected]