Zeta safety clamping system

Zollmann GmbH developed a solution with the New Zeta collet nut system to offer an absolute safe collet clamping system for collets DIN6499 und DIN6388.

Zeta safety clamping system .
Unique innovation
The New Zeta system provides a lot of unique and extraordinary possibilities that have never been offered before on the market. This new system is completely exchangeable with all spindles in single situations, aggregates, multi-spindle heads, and Swiss turn lathes which use ER-DIN6499 or OZ-DIN6388 collet systems.

Main benefit
The enormous torque power of this system has been optimized by a new unique security profile that eliminates slipping out while clamping the tools. The proper use of torque wrenches together with the correct specified torque moments is the way to ensure quality and security in machining. The Zeta system offers both.

You can learn more about the system on the new website of the company here: www. Zollmanngmbh.com
Or read the article published in Eurotec 367 available here.

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