Keeping mobile

Modern orthopedic products preserve mobility. With its new NXis™ Ortho system Walter offers manufacturers of components such as artificial joints cost-saving and speedy grinding solutions.


Technical challenge
From artificial knee joints to hip implants to spinal fusion plates – more and more people are dependent on implants as a result of accidents or physical decline. Their manufacture, however is rather expensive. Bio-compatible high-tech materials and extreme precision are essential for making perfectly fitting artificial body parts. The technical challenge of manufacturing these components is therefore correspondingly high. The market for orthopaedic implants is developing at a fast pace. The number of suppliers and products is rapidly increasing, making competition harder at the same time. In this sector too, the market demands lower manufacturing costs and we have a solution. One alternative for increasing efficiency is computer-simulated production planning, followed seamlessly by actual production. The new Walter NXis™ Ortho system facilitates such an optimized production process.

From concept to simulation

Most suppliers of orthopedic technology design their parts using conventional CAD/CAM programs. After that, the manufacturers determine how the components should be made. Testing the prototypes is next. This, however, is a very time-consuming process. Often, the course of action has to be reassessed and partly redeveloped. The NXis™ Ortho system, on the other hand, goes directly from designing the parts to complete 3-D simulation of a machining program […]

Best surface finishes

“The Helitronic Vision is significantly more productive than other tool grinding machines, making it ideally suited to the orthopedic sector”, says Simon Manns, Applications Manager Tool Grinding at the North American Schleifring subsidiary United Grinding Technologies. The 3-D portal offered unsurpassed damping properties for optimum surface finishing, for instance for artificial knee or hip joints […]

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