Power through passion with Studer’s PULS

At the recent annual meeting of Studer in Thun, the soon 100 year old company presented his organization and PULS concept to its worldwide sales network. Sales partner from all around the world were able to discover how passion used as a toolbox will help the company on the market.

New machine…
The new S33 machine emphasizes that vision as this canalized passion allowed the company to further develops its products and wins new customers. Power through continuity is a good solution if based on strong basis. The new S33 is delivered with new frequency-controlled drives as standard. Thus customers can adjust the cutting speed continuously and optimally to the operation to be machined. To bring this machine on the market, Studer uses its PULS concept.

..and new PULS concept
Under that quite simple word, also a simple concept: Precision and Passion from Studer (PULS comes from the German words, don’t look for it in English). This true toolbox is a concept that drives the whole company based on three pillars: people, principles and tools. What is different here is that it is actually not only a concept but starts to be applied in the everyday life of every of the 700 employees of the company. In fact this is the challenge for 2010 for Studer, implementing the PULS wholly everywhere.

It has already well started
The ultimate aim of the concept is to change completely the way to work (when needed ) and to streamline and improve processes as well as motivate people. The company invested about 20 million Swiss Francs these last few years and this gives it a very powerful to build products.
The assembly of the new S33 machine passed through the “PULS-filter” and guess what? Changing some process and way to do things allowed the company to save about 40 hours on one single S33 assembly. When delivery time is crucial, this is a lot!

We will come back on the new S33 in a next issue of Eurotec… and we’ll also speak again about the PULS concept soon (it is too important to be left aside).
Meanwhile you can go to the studer website here.


Esprit World Conference 2010

The Esprit World Conference 2010 taking place May 18-21, 2010 in Long Beach, California – is just around the corner. This annual conference is the opportunity to receive training directly from the software engineers who create Esprit, as well as to network with fellow Esprit users and to receive a pre-release copy of Esprit 2011.

Many benefits
Among the benefits of attendance is the assurance of the organizers that attendees will return from the world conference with the tools in hand to perform their job better, faster, easier.
In addition to the skills obtained from four days of training, the conference setting provides the chance to explore one of Southern California’s premier coastal destinations – Long Beach!
With it’s sunny skies and a moderate climate, Long Beach boasts conditions ideal for taking advantage of a variety of outdoor activities.  Take a breathtaking harbor cruise, bike or walk miles of sandy beach, and visit nearby world-class attractions.  The Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific and Disneyland are all within a one-hour drive of the Hyatt, the site of this year’s conference.

Register to guarantee you place
Organizers expects the available spots to fill up quickly, so register today to take advantage of the reduced early bird rate!

For more information about the ESPRIT World Conference 2010, it’s here.

You can contact
Shelby Paul
Events Manager
DP Technology
805-388-6000, ext 161

TCT Live: Call for Papers

This year’s TCT Live conference will continue to explore the realities and the potential of additive manufacture, with a specific focus on industry sectors that lead the way in moving the technology forward.

.The conference will once again be held at the prestigious and centrally located Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 19¬th–20th October 2010, and anyone submitting a presentation must be available to present on either of these two days.
All submissions must be non-promotional in content and presented by companies that are utilizing and/or researching the technologies for an industrial application. All submissions will be reviewed by the conference steering committee to ensure that they meet the necessary and exacting requirements of TCT.
No vendor papers will be accepted from companies that sell machines, materials or associated services. Interested parties are initially requested to submit a detailed abstract (3-400 words) of their proposed paper on or before 15th March 2010. This should include the working title, all authors/contributors and their affiliations.

The comprehensive theme of the TCT Live 2010 event is ‘business critical and advanced technologies for product development and manufacturing’ and to this end the Conference Manager would welcome any paper submissions from parties who can present a definitive application of Additive Manufacture in the following areas:

  • Business — The Advantages of Adopting Additive Manufacture
  • Automotive Applications of AM
  • Aerospace, Applications of AM
  • Medical or Dental Applications of AM
  • Jewellery Applications of AM

Sustainable Manufacturing Models of AMPresentations should address at least one of the following aspects: the design issues, the business benefits in terms of time-to-market and financial objectives, material issues and/or part performance.

Please submit abstracts to Jenna Reid via email: [email protected]

International training camp at MOTOREX

The recent MOTOREX INTERNATIONAL TRAINING camp was attended by about 100 active business partners from 24 countries. The 2-day training programme was dedicated to the field of industrial lubrication and provided up-to-date information about all products, processes and guidelines. The active participation of the attendees and the many interesting questions asked in the workshops confirm that such information and training activities are an important component in MOTOREX’s success in the market.


The MOTOREX business partners came from far and wide to attend a comprehensive training programme led by industry professionals. The discovery of certain parallels across the most varied of international markets came as no surprise. The attendees made the most of the opportunity to exchange information with each other. It did not take long before tips and solutions were being discussed and shared.

Specialists at your service
The participants circulated in groups between workshops and talks. The field of research & development was of particular interest: A tour of the state-of-the-art laboratory allowed the partners to gain an understanding of the infrastructure and a detailed explanation of the “MOTOREX Service & Support” (MSS) maintenance solution. At a laboratory workshop, the “trainees” experienced the sometimes glaring differences between the various products available on the market. Impressions and experiences were gained which in turn will prove valuable on all levels with consultation and decision processes. And as for what lies behind “Made in Switzerland”, the participants from around the world were able to find this out for themselves in production.

The interlocking of all processes
The MIT did not limit itself to the training sessions at the MOTOREX headquarters in Langenthal, but also moved to a production plant for particularly practical applications. At the world-renowned Güdel AG (linear guidance systems, transmissions and robots) a team from MOTOREX demonstrated solutions for the efficient cleaning and economic maintenance of machine tools. They presented different devices and instruments which have proven themselves in practice. The sterilisation of a machine tool driven by cooling lubricant illustrated to the visitors the extent of the interdisciplinary challenges faced by today’s machine, tool, and lubricant manufacturers and also cleaning specialists. This is the only way to achieve a consistently high production performance.

Industrial lubrication technology
CH-4901 Langenthal 
Tel. +41 (0)62 919 74 74

New Orthopaedic Manufacturing Exhibition Gains Momentum

Your 2010 Opportunity to Meet the European Implant and Instrument Manufacturing Community. OrthoTec® is the exhibition and conference that addresses the technical sourcing needs of anyone involved in manufacturing and designing orthopaedic implants and instruments.


In the middle of the manufacturing ground
Held in Zürich, the event is ideally located to attract key engineers and management from both multi-national implant manufacturers as well as hundreds of smaller niche manufacturers and their supply chain.  Within 3 hours drive of Zürich are manufacturing and R&D centres for companies such as Zimmer, Stryker, DePuy, Aesculap, Synthes, Medtronic, and Smith and Nephew.
All are being targeted to send influential designers and engineering personnel to the conference.
OrthoTec® will be your opportunity to be one of only 70 suppliers to meet and discuss their technical requirements. Whether biomaterials, manufacturing technology, automation or packaging, the entire spectrum of manufacturing will be on display at OrthoTec®.

New Exhibitors in December Included:

Open Mind Technologies, Sandvik Medtech, Elma, Tornos, Orchid Orthopaedics, Medical Technology Diffusion, Metoxit, Perfecbore, Wyrsch AG, Puracon, Bumotec, Il-Medtec AG, Signer Titanium, DOT GmbH, DKSH, Hempel Special Metals AG, Mahe Medical, Cousin Biotech, Ruetschi Technologies, RMS Foundation, Quadrant EPP, EMDT Magazine, Sealed Air Medical, BiWi, Fischer Connectors, Instron.

    For more information
    Click here for the exhibitor information brochure
    [email protected]

    mAm presentation : Lithography Electroplating molding

    Second day of the Micronarc Alpine Meeting just finished and there was again some very high-level presentation on how to actually manufacture parts. One of the technology presented was lithography electroplating molding. This technology is now perfectly mastered. Let’s see an example with Mimotec.

    Small and precise
    The technology is quite simple, we use a UV source of light and attack a photo-sensitive material through a master that lets the light pass only where we want. Then we have a mold that can be filled by electroplating. The technology is well suited to produce micro parts like we can find in watch industry and medical for instance.


    • There is no attachment like in molding, then it doesn’t require polishing to remove the small peaks
    • Precision +/- 1 micron
    • Not limited to one level parts, today the company produces three level parts
    • Possibility to insert jewels directly in the plating operation
    • Wide number of possibilities

    Several functions in one
    If the technology is taken early in the conception process, we can benefit from whole new capacities and combine functions on one part. For instance, in watch industry we discovered a part that replaced 3 parts (3 functions) plus another one as aesthetics. The freedom of design is total.
    And even more interesting, the tooling doesn’t wear! That means every produced part is exactly the same as the previous one.

    I will come back on that technology later.
    Meanwhile you can discover it here: http://www.mimotec.ch/

    Industrialization of MEM’s

    The Micronarc Alpine Meeting carries on, this morning after seeing the way to produce chips, we discovered that actually the microsystems directly benefits from the watch industry know-how. Let’s see how.

    Obviously parts can be done by different technologies and if dry etching is good enough to produce electronic parts, it can also be used to do something else, for instance parts for the watch industry. With the technology, we can then produce new parts that would have been impossible to machine with classical technology.


    • High mechanical stability
    • Extremely high precision
    • Flexibility
    • Batch production

    But then these parts are integrated into microtechnology assemblies. The Micronarc area is specialized in such jobs. There are a lot of potential of synergies in Switzerland.
    Some watch manufacturers are already benefiting from this technology.

    Would you like to know more? Do not hesitate to contact CSEM.
    Alex [email protected]

    Next we discovered how to manufacture micro precision parts by UV-Liga presented by Mimotec with Dr. Grégoire Genolet…
    I’ll come back on this technology in another post, it’s a very promising technology.