To produce twice as much…

Recently Chiron presented its new twin spindle machining center for precise 5-axis complete machining in one clamping. This is a true 5-axis center with 2-axis swivel rotary table for simultaneous milling and turning.



More spindles brings more cutting edges and obviously more profit. By using Chiron multi-spindle machining centers with 2-axis NC tilt rotary table and high performance tools, users can achieve multiple performance increases. With the Chiron DZ-12KS Magnum Twin-Spindle, Five-Axis Machining Center, two parts can be completely machined in one set-up with superior quality at the lowest cost.

Huge savings
Working with two spindles has direct impact on the output of the machine. Mr Gondek, Head of Marketing says: “We’ve tested the machine in comparison with classical machining, and savings are really present everywhere. Total machining time is reduced, energy is reduced too as well and human resources. The price per part is then obviously reduced too”.

Complete comparison
In order to have real figures in hands, Chiron compared the following project: Production of 500’000 housing parts with 5-axis machining. On one side of the stage, Two twin spindles DZ 12 K Magnum with energy efficiency package. On the other side: Three classical single spindle 5-axis machining center.
The results speaks for itself:

  • Energy savings:     43%
  • Cycle time savings:     42%
  • Floor space savings:     38%
  • Investment savings:     12%
  • Personal savings:     38%
  • Price of the parts savings:     25%

Turnkey solution
To complement its machining centres, Chiron proposes the Chiron Turnkey concept. This global solution starts already with the analyse of the part to be created. Specialists from the company helps customers to clarify their needs and create the perfect part (if needed). Then Chiron can draw a concept top produce the parts as efficiency as possible. At that moment, you know exactly how the part should be done, what would be the cycle time and obviously what would be needed in term of investment. Once this important step passed, Chiron specialist create all what is needed, i.e. devices to hold the parts while machined, choice of the tools, machines, automation as well as programming and 3D simulation. Once materialised, the customer can benefit from its new solution.

Turnkey or “stand alone machine”
Nowadays, Chiron sells about 50% of its machines as stand alone. Interrogated about this ratio, Mr Gondek says: “We offer adapted solutions to our customers needs, if someone doesn’t require a turnkey solution, our dedicated answer is a standalone machine. In this sense, even such a machine is actually a tailored solution. With the turnkey concept we bring more know how to the customers “.

Chiron will be exhibiting at EPHJ/EPMT in Lausanne (Switzerland) on booth H9, C3, do not miss this opportunity to discover how to save money while producing.

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Insert Line – new peripheral grinding machine for indexable inserts

Peripheral grinding machines for the manufacture of indexable inserts are not a new invention. The Insert Line offers considerable advantages compared with conventional machines. These range from variable grinding wheel diameters that also allow grinding concave shapes, to superior machine kinematics with hydrostatic guideways, to the quality of the cutting edges and reduced production time.


Production time reduced by up to 50%
Grinding wheel diameters of up to 500 mm support the new grinding technology of the Insert Line and reduce production time by up to 50 per cent compared with existing processes. At the same time, the new grinding process by Ewag manages to achieve highest form precision and cutting edge qualities. The new peripheral grinding process produces a theoretical linear contact between the indexable insert and the grinding ma-chine whilst machining the cutting edges of indexable inserts. These free positions be-tween workpiece and grinding wheel ensure less friction. Thermal stress in the contact area is correspondingly lower. Surface damage is eliminated and the removal rates can be increased. The new grinding technology also allows machining of increasingly complex indexable insert geometries. In addition, Ewag has also optimized the grinding kinematics: The center of the C-axis is located in the middle of the swivel center of the B-axis; the CNC axes therefore require considerably less interpolation.

Unique dynamics
Magnetically pre-tensioned hydrostatic guideways, a Granitan machine base and direct drives in all axes guarantee highest accuracies, process safety and ensure unique dynamics. Torque drives in the rotary axes and linear direct drives in the X and Y axes eliminate wear and thus improve precision.
The traditional method of producing indexable inserts used by large tool manufacturers involves lot sizes of 100 to 10,000 units. Consequently Ewag only supplies the new ma-chine with an automatic handling system. The integrated robotic cell is an ideal addition to the highly productive grinding machine. The 6-axis robot makes loading times of less than four seconds possible and can easily be adapted to different customer applications.

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Hiwin: from component supplier to system experts

At this year’s Hannover Fair, linear technology specialist Hiwin presented its skills in delivering complete solutions. Since 1993, date of its foundation, the German company, subsidiary of Taiwanese Hiwin Technologies Corporation has been recognized as universal provider in the field of linear motion. Its product range covers complete positioning systems with linear motor axes, ball screw linear axes as well as measuring systems.

Hiwin provides linear motion system solutions for many applications. At the Hannover Fair, customers were able to discover a PCB Assembly machine equipped with linear motor axes.

Through a Europe-wide network of offices, sales offices and agents Hiwin implements solutions for a wide number of applications for its customers and users. Hiwin offers extensive experience for instance in pick and place applications, assembly machines, floor automation, laser and waterjet cutting and inspection tasks (for example, the X-ray inspection of PCBs, automatic optical inspection or flat panel inspection). The offer also includes a comprehensive on-site service including goods assemblies, technical advice and support.

For more information, please visit

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One cutting tool – for different deburring operations

The Swiss cutting tool manufacturer Mikron Tool SA Agno completes his program of miniature deburring tools with a new, ball-shaped milling cutter ‚MiquMill Radiuschamfer’. Due to its enormous 300° cutting range it is really universal and can be used wherever difficult deburring operations have to be performed.


Available with ball diameters starting from 1mm and due to an extra long neck, this new tool reaches also hidden angles and edges. The positive cutting geometry allows a sharp cut and thus a perfect deburring without forming of secondary burrs. It easily removes ductile, flexible burrs too and can be used for all kind of metals.
These features make it a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ because it can be adopted not only for front and back chamfering, but also for various inner and outer contour machining operations, for intersections of bores and milled shapes.

A suitable tool for everyone
The standard executions with a ball diameter from 1 mm to 6 mm and a usable length of 4 x d are available from stock. Also custom designed executions with project specific dimensions are available. Every user will find a suitable cutting tool for his particular job in this three-pack line. MiquMill Frontchamfer for chamfering and deburring, MiquMill Backchamfer for back side deburring and MiquMill Radiuschamfer for the deburring of hard-to-reach spots and complex shapes. The feature in common? Great  for small dimensions; high feeds; perfect surface quality.

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Select, combine and order – from anywhere in the world*

maxon motor’s e-shop is being expanded. You can search on shop quickly and easily for a DC or EC motor, combine it either with a gearhead and control electronics, then order the drive system you require, conveniently with just one mouse click, wherever you are  (* maxon motors were already on Mars, unfortunately for Martian potential customers orders cannot be shipped easily for that destination yet).


All catalog products (up to 49pcs per item) can be ordered from maxon motor directly through the online purchase channel. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and now from anywhere in the world. Brush and brushless DC motors and controllers can be purchased individually or as a system solution. Gearheads, sensors and brakes are also available in combination with motors.
All products ordered through the e-shop that are in stock (green light) are dispatched from the factory in Sachseln (Switzerland) within 24 hours on working days.

Users worldwide benefit from the following functions of the maxon motor e-shop:

  • display of the full maxon motor modular system (DC and EC motors, gearheads, encoders, brakes, control electronics)
  • download of technical data of all drive components in PDF format
  • download of DXF and STEP files of all motors and gearheads
  • current availability check
  • price details for up to 49 items
  • direct orders with a part number
  • detailed overview of all items on order

maxon motor assures all e-shop users that their personal information will be handled on a strictly confidential and secure basis. All data and payment transactions are SSL-encrypted and therefore protected. Further information on data protection at maxon motor can be found in our Privacy Policy.

For more information:
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drive systems and control electronics
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In-house exhibition at Hermle AG

This year again Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG is organizing an in-house exhibition at the site in Gosheim. From 21 to 24 April 2010 the manufacturers of highly innovative machining centres will open its doors to interested trade visitors.

Highlights of the event will surely be the new 5-axis machining centers C 42 U dynamic and C 50 U MT dynamic. MT stands for Mill/Turn and this machine is not only extremely good at milling, but is also superb at turning. As if that is not enough, other innovations, which have not yet been explained in detail, can be found on their presentation platform at the in-house exhibition in Gosheim.

Of course, all Hermle products are exhibited in the Technology and Training Center and are equipped with interesting workpieces from a wide range of industries. Even the area of automation has its place here. A robot system of the RS 2 type, designed as a combination system, will clearly demonstrate the competence of the automated Hermle machining centres.

A special exhibition on the subject of „tool technology” will give visitors the opportunity to find out about the latest trends in the area of tools, CAD/CAM and control technology. Over 30 exhibitors will be represented at this special exhibition, with its continuously changing key topics, which Hermle has been offering visitors for many years.

Guided tours through the production and assembly areas present visitors with the innovative and trend-setting production of Hermle machine tools.

Hermle AG
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Orthopedic Implants and Biomaterials Conference and Exhibition – Lyon (France)

The speaker’s line up for the IMPLANTS 2010 conference will include around 30 most representative personalities from the international implants industry.

Trying to capture the best shot of the international and complex dimension of orthopaedic implants in Europe, the conference will feature also important names from America and the emerging Asian markets.
To see the full list go here.

List of confirmed exhibitors:

You can read an intereting article about the show in the latest issue of Eurotec. You can download it here.

IMPLANTS 2010 event manager
Tel: +33 (0)2 47 27 33 30 – Fax: +33 (0)2 47 27 10 49
Email : [email protected]