Boring is a matter of experience!

At the “Technical Synergies” exhibition, I’ve met M. Michel Godel, head of the Hass Factory Outlet Switzerland, member of the management of Urma. The hole making specialists is one of the leading manufacturer in this field. The company manufactures tooling systems, modular boring systems and super finishing tools.

Open House Urma.

Urma has production plants in Switzerland, Germany, China and Brazil and exports 85% of its production on 35 countries. The product range in reaming is comprehensive and allow the company to machine diameters from 8 to 100 mm (and smaller with partner companies).

Product range in a glance:

  • Modular boring and tool system
  • High performance reamers
  • Tool pre-setters
  • Inserts
  • Roller burnishing tools Tooling software

The company also provides machine-tools through the Haas factory Outlet and some second hand machines in Switzerland. M. Godel said: “The Haas machines have sometimes a mere image because not expensive enough. In the period of uncertainty we’ve been living for months and months now, some customers decided to act and try a Haas machine (maybe thinking that it would be just good for this period)… and a lot of these customers have already ordered some more machines because of the quality and results achieved with Haas”.

Urma will be exhibiting at AMB in Stuttgart and Prodex in Basle.

Urma AG Werkzeugfabrik
Obermatt 3
CH-5102 Rupperswil
Phone +41 62-889 20 20
Fax +41 62-889 20 28
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