Online subscription now possible

In some situations, nothing can replace a good paper magazine to leaf through quickly and find valuable information. In the microtechnology world, Eurotec is the magazine to read to stay in touch with piece of news, technical improvements and ways to work.


The magazine is published six times a year and send directly to our worldwide readers by the Swiss post. We’ve simplified the subscription possibilities, you can now pay directly online through our secure server. Never before the access to privileged information was so easy.

The main topics covered by the magazine are:

  • Machining – New machines and way to work
  • Tooling and peripherals – The best machine can do nothing without tooling
  • Lubrication – To go further with lubrication
  • Cleaning – It is no longer a necessity evil
  • Companies & Clusters – Presentation of companies that make the difference
  • Innovation – Nowadays, THE element!
  • The regions – Did you know that some areas are so good in micromechanics?
  • Sub-contracting – Presentation of companies, huge potential to discover
  • CAD/CAM – Allows people to go beyond the usual machining with easiness
  • Trade shows – Both retrospectives and presentations
  • Control – Increased quality also means improved control systems

To subscribe now, go here.


PS: The flow of posts in Eurotec’s blog and website will be interrupted for a few days (Summer holidays). For the lucky ones that take some holidays, enjoy!