Meeting the needs of the high precision turning industry

For automatic lathes operators, it is essential to have quality tooling to hand. For example, when starting a machine a special collet or, more generally, standard tools may be missing. With Wibemo, specialists know that they can rely on a company with passionate employees who will support them, thanks to its two specialist areas: resale of tools, accessories and standard equipment as well as the design and manufacture of special custom-made tools and accessories. How are these two complementary activities developed for customers? To find out more, we met with Director Thierry Bendit and Technical Sales Representative André Boillat from Wibemo SA in Rebeuvelier (Switzerland).

In summer 2010, a new series of major investments has significantly increased Wibemo SA’s production capacity.

Specialist reseller
The company’s reselling activities are the most widely known in the region (and date back the longest). Wibemo is the only reseller in Switzerland that offers a global solution with a complete range of tools and accessories required for turning. Mr. Bendit explained: “Our customers find we can supply all the quality products they need. We have established partnerships with several Swiss companies manufacturing quality products, to offer our customers a valuable range“. What are the advantages of this solution? For the customer, we offer simplified management and they are guaranteed contact with a skilled adviser. Even invoicing has been simplified as Wibemo offers the option to receive monthly invoices.

Production targeted to meet customer needs
Constantly in tune with developments in the turning industry, Wibemo knows every last detail. One of the most important details is the need for responsiveness in the supply of tools and accessories. In 1996, the company began manufacturing brazed turning tools (mainly for cam-type machines). This part of the business still represents a significant share of the turnover, but the gradual disappearance of the cam machine in favour of NC machines meant that the future of this part of the business was uncertain. Aware of this state of affairs, the Bendit brothers turned to other areas of design and production: The manufacture of innovative special collets.

A large range designed for bar turning

  • Brazed hard metal chisels
  • BIMU tool holders and inserts
  • Guide bushes, collets and clamping sleeves
  • Collets, end pieces and accessories for bar feeders
  • Steel or hard metal collets
  • Special collets
  • Tool holders
  • Cutting tools
  • Standard and special dresser cutters
  • Spare parts for cam-type turning machines
  • Diamond-coated grinding wheels

Quality, responsiveness, price-quality ratio
When looking for a counter-operation collet with a specific diameter, for example, it is often necessary to contact a specialist manufacturer. This is the type of request that Wibemo has organised its production facilities to meet. A large stock of billets enables the company to react rapidly and provide extended tip collets within the same lead times as ordinary collets. The structure of the organisation allows it to create collets on request. Mr. Bendit explained: “We simply receive the designs for the workpieces to be created and we develop a custom clamping system”. Mr. Boillat added: “Our customers are machining specialists, but sometimes clamping can be problematic, so we are there to help them create their workpieces in the best way possible. We really do work by combining our skills”.

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