The Next Generation Powder Coating System

Corrosion causes immense damage every year in many industry sectors. Therefore an advanced corrosion protection system offers great potential for cost savings to end users and can help to avoid finish problems for paint shops. With its new Alesta® ZeroZinc primer DuPont CoatingSolutions has developed an anti-corrosion powder coating system that combines high quality protection in the most severe climatic and environmental conditions with greater environmental safety.

Due to the high cost to which corrosion of steel can lead, effective protection has become a competitive factor for paint shops. On the other hand, a high degree of environmental friendliness is required by the customers. The flaw in most existing technologies is that they are either highly protective or sustainable. The new Alesta® ZeroZinc from DuPont CoatingSolutions puts an end to this unsatisfactory situation. In combination with a correct substrate preparation, the use of this innovative anti-corrosion powder system can avoid frequent maintenance or premature replacement of otherwise serviceable parts. This results in significant cost savings for end users and a competitive advantage for paint shops.

Best-in-class properties for durable corrosion protection in all conditions
The Alesta® ZeroZinc new generation of zinc-free anti-corrosion epoxy primer has been developed to protect ferrous metals against corrosion in a wide range of environments. This ranges from the interior of heated buildings to the most aggressive external conditions, for example industrial areas with high levels of humidity and pollution. In the construction industry these environments are often classified from C1 to C5-I according to ISO 12944. The primer also has a remarkable resistance to chemicals.
To achieve these characteristics the Alesta® ZeroZinc powder coating system is formulated using High Density Crosslinking (HDC) technology. On the one hand, this strengthens the barrier effect of the primer, to create a completely sealed coating that isolates the steel from its environment and provides durable corrosion protection even under the most severe conditions, for a period of at least 15 years. On the other hand, the protective layer features excellent flexibility and impact resistance as well as outstanding adhesion properties.

Technical and economical advantages
Besides its high level of corrosion protection and environmental-friendliness Alesta® ZeroZinc primer displays a low density, which leads to easier application and recycling. Additionally it improves efficiency as more square meters per kilo can be coated. Due to the low curing temperature, of only 140°C and the short curing time (2 minutes), this new powder coating system enables energy savings and a higher throughput. The protective layer is without sanding or any other preparation easy overcoatable with powder and liquid topcoats, within 12 hours. Excellent topcoat flow and a smooth glossy finish are achieved by means of the very good hold-out of Alesta® ZeroZinc. Another asset of the zinc free powder coating primer is that it has less of the abrasiveness that leads to minor wear on equipment, e.g. venturi, gun parts, electrodes, and so on.

DuPont CoatingSolutions
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What does your machine really cost?

Today’s markets are becoming increasingly competitive, with customers who own machine tools needing to adopt new, more systematic approaches to improve their performance. Concepts such as SMED, lean manufacturing, 5S and 8D are being used more and more widely. The production process is very important, and the choice of machine has a significant impact on numerous parameters that directly influence the operating result of companies using them. (To be discovered  comprehensively in a further issue of Eurotec).

With a few clicks on the internet you can access numerous studies that provide a breakdown of production costs for an industrial company. These can be highly precise, more haphazard or simply fantastical. Nowadays however, if we take a simple or even simplistic view, we can state that, roughly speaking – at least in Europe – for production with a value of 100, the costs can be spread as follow: Salaries 60, Machine 30 and consumables 30.
These figures are debatable, and depend to a large extent on the organisation of the company and many other factors specific to each company. Nevertheless, however we calculate, it seems evident that labour is the main cost driver. According to Willi Nef, Sales director at Tornos, in most cases when customers purchase a new machine they will only compare the purchase price and the cycle time (of the old machine and the competition). These are just two parameters amongst many others.

A few parameters
Purchasing investment goods can have major consequences and customers can’t afford to make mistakes. Many parameters acts on the ROI.

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ERP to promote versatility

Mid-1980s, Patrick Fleury, founder of DOP Gestion SA, was working as a Logistics Manager with a machine tools company. During this period he developed the vision of an industrial management system able to combine applied techniques of “MRP” production management and “PERT” projects that would be both easy to use and to understand. This product now exists!
Why consider this challenger in the market? Meeting with Mr. Patrick Fleury, passionate visionary and happy CEO.

An innovative concept
In 2003, DOP Gestion develops the “triangulation” concept which serves as the basis for the development of the software package and defines the principles of use: simple, accessible and complete. The basic idea is to gather and consolidate data related to sales, purchasing and manufacturing activities in a single hyper-standardized model to be able to view all the information in a common and similar structure. Thus reduce the problems of lack of users understanding by mixing the MRP and PERT principles in a single approach. Mr. Fleury remembers: “Nobody actually believed in this concept, even my employees looked at me as an idealist. And yet, a few years later, this vision became reality and brings such advantages that it has become difficult to think differently”.

Standardization of functions and screens
Simplicity is the master word that characterizes the solution proposed by DOP Gestion SA. All data can be displayed on two kinds of screens, either in a “screen data structure” or in a “data list”. The interface has been developed with the aim of simplifying user’s life to the maximum. Therefore, all information dedicated to the user is available via tabs and functions appear in a contextual manner in a unique and intuitive toolbar. It cannot be simpler. Users have, therefore; only two types of screens to master, all the data are integrated and managed according to the needs and access permissions. The system has been tested thoroughly by more than 400 users and the practice has shown that 2 types of screens and 17 functions are enough to manage a business efficiently.

Is DOPG for you?
DOPG software package today represents an inescapable alternative in the evaluation of an ERP system. The product is clearly positioned on industrial markets active in the manufacture and marketing of products and services in the areas of watchmaking, Microtechnology and technology assembly, machine-tool industry, injection… and machining of precious metals and jewellery markets. In a first phase, DOP Gestion software package is available in French but versions in other languages are planned. SMEs in the “country of Microtechnology” (from Haute Savoie (France) to Basel) will be the first beneficiaries of DOPG

To win on four levels
The basic concept of DOPG allows purchasers to gain on four levels. First the original investment is limited. Second, the implementation is fast and simple and there are no hidden costs of “consultancy”. Third, the ease of use of the software package allows very brief training to master it. And finally, this same ease of use ensures the optimization in the data entries, thus a significant reduction in the risk of errors.

Should you wish a presentation, or a demonstration, the DOP Gestion team is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact them.

DOP Gestion SA
Route du Château 43
Case postale 431
CH – 2520 La Neuveville
Tél. +41 32 341 89 31
Fax +41 32 345 15 01
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At the heart of the market

The expertise of the Arc Jurassien in the field of medical microtechnology enjoys a long history, and can be sure of having significant potential for development in the future. This remarkable competence fits perfectly into the well-developed value creation process delivered by the highly interdisciplinary Swiss medical engineering industry. It is in this cutting-edge technology context that the forthcoming 3rd edition of the mediSIAMS fair will take place in Moutier in early May.

Interview with Francis Koller, President of mediSIAMS

Why does mediSIAMS take place in this region?
This position is completely logical if we consider the environment in which companies exist and develop. In fact, medical engineering is an important sector of the precision industry in the Swiss Arc Jurassien area. The rich tradition and exacting demands of the watchmaking industry have fostered the development of expertise in precision work, an undeniable asset for the medical sector.  We offer the best place to organise such an event. Within an 150-kilometre radius of one of Switzerland, and Europe’s – historical centres of micro-technology we can find 1,400 companies, generating over 48,000 jobs in the medical industry. More than 60% of these companies are involved in production work. We are then at the heart of the market.

We have heard that mediSIAMS decided to limit its exhibitors number by reducing the covered fields of activities. Isn’t it a dangerous move?
After two years during which the fair did not have a clear focus, the decision was taken to voluntarily reduce the number of exhibitors and concentrate on a specific domain. medisSIAMS is the trade fair for micro-technology in the medical sector. At a time when managers of companies are incredibly busy and when a visit to an exhibition must be as efficient as possible, a specialist fair that is focused and of a manageable size is an important thing to offer. For those working in production for the medical sector, looking for production equipment, skills or subcontractors in this field, a visit to mediSIAMS guarantees the best return on investment in terms of time. In 2011, we’re offering an even more efficient event.

As a visitor, what can I expect?
We are providing a platform for exchange and communication for the medical micro-technology sector. Our main aim is to promote and strengthen the position of those working in the production market for the medical. It will offer numerous possibilities for fruitful exchanges between visitors and exhibitors, but also between exhibitors sharing the same passion for microtechnology and wishing to better know the medical field. mediSIAMS thus offers a unique opportunity to meet with the players in this field and to find solutions to machining, assembly or services. The show will also give some answers to all questions related to the production and assembly for the medical field.

You will be able to read the whole interview in our next issue of Eurotec.

May 3 to 6, 2011

Cost-effective reverse engineering

Delcam has taken reverse engineering software to a new level of affordability by combining the functionality from its CopyCAD reverse engineering package into the 2011 release of its PowerSHAPE Pro CAD system.

This extended range of functionality, which will be supplied automatically to all users on maintenance, is ideal both for the creation of CAD models from all types of digitised scan data, and for the re-engineering of existing products into improved or customised designs.  The complete package is priced at about one third of the cost of current reverse engineering systems with similar functionality.  Full details on the new release can be seen on Delcam TV at

“Tribrid Modelling”
PowerSHAPE Pro is still the only CAD software to offer “Tribrid Modelling” -; the addition of triangle modelling to the combination of surface and solid modelling that is offered in many other CAD packages as “hybrid modelling”.  Having all the different modelling techniques in a single package reduces the need to transfer data between multiple programs and so streamlines the whole product development process. With Tribrid Modelling, PowerSHAPE Pro offers a flexible and pragmatic approach that allows the design intent to be captured from the physical model rather than simply producing a duplicate digital representation.

Three techniques…

  • The first technique is most suitable when creating simple geometric entities. PowerSHAPE Pro can use the positions of key points to create arcs and lines, and then convert them into the full range of prismatic solids.
  • For more complex shapes, PowerSHAPE Pro now contains all the sculpting and model repair tools previously available in CopyCAD to edit triangle files. The edited triangle data can then be converted into the component features.
  • The third approach allows the user to sketch onto the surface of the triangle file and use the resulting lines to create the geometry.

…and a perfect model
The solid model can then be completed with the wide range of filleting and blending options within PowerSHAPE Pro.  These allow the creation of consistent, smooth fillets and blends, rather than the sets of complex, free-form patches, often with inconsistent radii, that would be produced from the scan data in a conventional reverse engineering system.

For further information on PowerSHAPE Pro, please contact:
Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager
Direct phone: 44 (0)121 683 1081
[email protected]

Delcam plc
Small Heath Business Park,
Birmingham, B10 0HJ, UK

Medtec Europe starts well…

Yesterday was the first day of the European medical event not to be missed this year and we can say that it starts well. I’ve no figures yet, but in the middle of the day the crowd was impressive and the people I discussed with were happy both by quality and quantity of visitors.

There are a lot of very interesting things to discover, both in terms of products and marketing approaches. In this regard, the “Pulp” created by Valtronic really grasped my attention. (I’ll come back on this company later.)

At the entrance there were a lot of desks to welcome people and hostesses to help them to queue at the right place… but the process is so efficient that there is actually no queue at all. I discussed with the responsible of the show and they told me that one of the mottos is “service to visitors and exhibitors” and I can say that it is not only a motto but a true reality.

1’003 exhibitors and more…
This year’s show just passed the magic number of 1’000 exhibitors, but as most of the booths are quite small, the visitor can really do the tour in one day without being lost. Indeed the show is focused on medical technology and the audience is very professional.
In addition, there are a lot of added value conferences and presentations to make the trip to Stuttgart even more valuable.

Plastic, metal, design, production…
No matter you’re interested in doing parts in metal or plastic or in designing these parts… or looking for subcontractors to actually make these parts, Medtec Europe is still open today from 10 am to 5 pm and tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm.

The trip to stuttgart is worth doing. (


PS: And if you go there, do not miss the latest issue of Eurotec available at the entrance of every hall, you’ll find valuable information on microtechnology.