Microtechnology + Medical in Switzerland = mediSIAMS

I went to the Forum de l’Arc in Moutier to have a look at mediSIAMS that opens next week. There are already a lot of machines and people buzzing around to prepare a nice event for visitors. Eurotec will be there on booth D10, Halle 1.1.

Switzerland is the country with the highest density of companies working for the medical industry in the world. This translates as approximately 1,400 companies, generating over 48,000 jobs. More than 60% of these companies work on the production side. All of these manufacturers are found within an 150-kilometre radius of one of Switzerland’s – and Europe’s – historical centres of microtechnology.
It is the natural home of Medisiams, a trade fair which brings together the expertise of microtechnology and medical industry.

Medisiams at a glance

  • 4 days to discover (or rediscover) expertise in medical microtechnology
  • Dates: May 3 to 6 2011
  • Opening hours: Every day from 09:00 to 17:30
  • Location: Moutier, Forum de l’Arc
  • Exhibitors: Approximately 180
  • Focus: Microtechnology and production in the medical sector

Case postale 452
CH-2735 Bévilard
Tel. 032 492 70 10
Fax: 032 492 70 11


You can read the interview of Francis Koller, President of mediSIAMS here (from our last issue of Eurotec).


PS: If you visit the show, do not miss to pass on our booth. We will be happy to share our passion of microtechnology.

Miyano BNA 42S user’s feed-back

For a mechanical and high precision turning sub-contracting workshop, a good machine is a machine which “never” stops. In addition, if the produced parts are good, it is the winning equation. The mechanical workshop of Pierre Brunetti acquired a Miyano BNA 42 S turning centre last September and we wanted to know his opinion on this new machine. A full interview is to be discovered in our next issue.

The possibility to mount double or triple tool holders and to index the turret by half-position greatly increases the machining possibilities.

“It is unbelievable, look at this stainless steel part, we currently produce it, we’ve reached 4’500 pieces and apart from to the tool which cut the part, we haven’t had to correct anything on tools. The surface finish quality is also outstanding… it is a performance” says Mr. Brunetti in preamble. He adds: “The machine was installed last September and since that moment, it’s been turning and turning and turning”. Up to 18 hours of production each day, 6 days a week on average and performance is excellent. Let’s see why Mr Brunetti bought the machine and what are his feeling after 6 months.

Compactness and efficiency
“At first sight, I was a little concerned about ergonomics. The very fact of compactness implies that space to change tools is not very large. Hindsight, what I took for a drawback is in fact an advantage. The machining area is well thought, clean and pleasant” says the specialist working on the machine. He adds: “The number of tools that I found a little superfluous at first, especially with the use of double or triple tool holders and the ability to index the turret by half-positions in fact offers a large working comfort”.

Working in good conditions is important, but the performance of the machine must also be up to the expectations of the company managers. In this regard Mr Brunetti is very clear: “The Miyano BNA 42 S brings us gains at all levels. Machining times are shortened, we can finish most of our parts completely in the machine, tools wear less and surface finish quality is excellent. In terms of accuracy, we produce parts in one-hundredth of a millimeter tolerance and the machine sticks to the center of the allowed range. From the first part in the morning to the evening, the quality is constant and we are within the tolerance”. When questioned about its investment decision in retrospect, Mr Brunetti tells us he never regretted it, on the contrary.

To know more about this machine, do not miss the Newemag open house from May 18 to 20.
(see the info about the open house here)

Newemag AG
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6343 Rotkreuz
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New Mastercam Software development center opened in Switzerland

CNC Software Europe SA has been created in Porrentruy, Switzerland for the development of Mastercam Swiss Expert, a CAD/CAM product dedicated to the Swiss turn market.  CNC Software acquired sole rights to SylvieXpert, a Swiss turn software developed in this area of Switzerland in June 2010. The creation of CNC Software Europe SA will allow the company to access the expertise available in the Jura Region of Switzerland, known as the birthplace of Swiss machining.  

According to Gary Hargreaves, CNC Software Vice President of Business Development, “We opened the development center in Switzerland because of our commitment to Mastercam Swiss Expert. Hiring the right talent in Switzerland gives us the team to successfully push forward in this growing market. The Swiss Expert product is a great compliment to the existing suite of Mastercam products.”

Dedicated to swiss turning
Swiss turning machines are typically highly complex with many operations happening simultaneously.  “The ability to accurately drive these machines and simulate the complex motion requires software developed specifically for this type of machine,” says Hargreaves.  “CAM vendors find that a Swiss turning package cannot simply be a module that is added on to a standard package without a significant development effort. “

To meet customer’s needs
Hargreaves says the market for Swiss turning machines has been increasing steadily.  “In addition to the shop that specializes in Swiss machines creating small, highly accurate parts, the use of products like Mastercam Swiss Expert has allowed the job shop with part runs of 1000 pieces to buy these machines.  Many existing Mastercam customers are now buying Swiss turn machines to produce smaller lots of parts and provide faster turnaround to their customers.” he adds.

Now available
The 2011 Mastercam Swiss expert version is available since the beginning of the year. More productive, more visual and more reliable, these are the main focuses for this new version. The first installed customers are very satisfied with the improvements of this new version.

Marketing in French-speaking Switzerland by Jinfo SA
Today, Jinfo SA ensures the commercialization of Mastercam Swiss Expert in French speaking Switzerland For France, Jinfo SA works with local Mastercam resellers. Marketing in the US will begin next June and continue through the broad global distribution network involving more than 450 dealers.

To be discovered in Switzerland at mediSIAMS next week and EPHJ/EPMT at the end of the month!


Jinfo SA
Rte de Coeuve 2
CH-2900 Porrentruy
Tel. : +41 32 465 50 60
Fax  : +41 32 465 50 69
[email protected]

Handheld, Machine Mount and Robot Tongs

Production processes for parts and for the mounting of subassemblies can be rationalized by using the comprehensive supply program of TOX®-Mini, Handheld, Machine Mount and Robot Tongs.

Pair of TOX®-Tongs with pneumohydraulically operated drive cylinder as used in a mobile or stationary way, for example, in automobile industries all over the world.

TOX®-Handheld Tongs
The supply program of TOX®-Handheld Tongs offers a total of six different types and further executions and equipment variants. According to the individual requirements and operative ranges, the customer may select among mini handheld tongs, handheld tongs and flange tongs. There are various designs available which may be guided either as independent, mobile handheld tongs, stationary machine mount tongs or even in robot operation.

TOX®-Robot Tongs
Based on the modular kit system, an individual configuration of the robot and machine mount tongs of type TZ is possible and it is also possible to leave sufficient space for the part to be operated. In a clinching operation the robot and machine mount tongs with autobalance are employed if the die is mounted to the drive side and the acting of an unwanted load upon the piecepart/surface of the piecepart must be prevented. Whereas the various TOX®-Handheld Tongs are based on their relevant series, the mobile TOX®-Robot Tongs and the stationary TOX®-Machine Mount Tongs originate from the above mentioned modular kit system.

Easy adaptation
This system consists of  -bow, tools, drive cylinder and the measurement and control technics. Here it makes not difference whether the tools are clinching punch and clinching die or punching tools. Due to the excellent guiding qualitites, the tongs can be easily adapted to the respective application. Also the shape of the C-bow will be tailored to customer’s piecepart geometry.  With regard to the drive cylinders, you may – depending on the requirements – use pneumohydraulic TOX®-Powerpackage cylinders, or alternatively, hydraulic cylinders, or decide in favour of servo spindles TOX®-ElectricDrive. In combination with the adapted TOX®-Controls and the intelligent monitoring TOX®-Monitoring systems, the customer will receive complete units, all tested and provided for direct installation, from one single source.

Flexibility and variety of application
All TOX®-Tongs can be used for most different treatments and applications within the ample range of professional and industrial  production of pieceparts and subassemblies. We just mention a few application fields like clinching, pressing, punching, riveting, peening, piercing, embossing, marking, stretching and clamping, but also forming, bending and compressing. According to their application, it is possible to guide the tongs by hand, to fix them stationary, to place or position them in robot or handling systems and to include them in working tables or operation lines. Whether used for the production of gasproof air ducts as mobile handheld tongs, or in automobile production on robots as “7th axis”.

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Happy Easter

The Eurotec team wish a happy few days off to the lucky ones than can enjoy such a period.  We also wish you a happy Easter’s time. The newsfeed will also be stopped for a few days.

The picture explains why it is easier to hunt eggs at night. (Courtesy of Pierre Kohler – Bruxelles).

Next opportunity to meet the Eurotec’s team is mediSIAMS. If you visit the show, do not miss to pass on our booth.



Implants 2011: A few booths are still available

If your company is an Actor of: Orthopaedic Implants, Biomaterials, Materials and Mechanics dedicated to the medical industry, Medical Devices, Forging, Casting, Raw Materials, Coating, Machining… Implants event provides the perfect business environment to present your products and services to decision makers…

A unique European opportunity to be connected with contract manufacturing and orthopaedic devices companies.
To book a booth or sponsorship packages, please contact the organisers’ commercial department: Michel KANIA: +33 (0)1 30 65 34 52 – [email protected]   Claude FOUBERT: +33 (0)2 47 27 33 30 – [email protected]

You can see the list of attendees here and the list of exhibitors here.


Added value programme
Indeed, in order to respond to the needs of implant manufacturers, the Implants conference will offer new and exciting services. Whether they are R&D Managers, Product Design Managers, Manufacturing Engineers, Buyers, Quality Assurance Managers, Reglementary Affairs Managers, General Managers, CEOs or Presidents, the representatives of the most influential Orthopaedic Enterprises within Europe and the United States will benefit from special services to take full advantage of all the show has to offer.

You can download the conference programme here.

For more information: www.implants-2011.com

You can read a presentation from Eurotec here.

Hardware-in-the-loop for the automotive industry

Hardware-in-the-loop – or HIL – has been a proven element of model-based development for many years. Machine models developed in simulation tools like Simulink® or MapleSim™ are transferred via automatic code generation to a real-time environment where they emulate the behavior of the system. The result is a secure development environment for critical testing of new functions.

Hardware-in-the-loop on a B&R control platform is a secure development environment for the automotive industry.

HIL on industrial PCs from B&R
Standard HIL solutions are based on expensive and unwieldy laboratory hardware, but industry-proven PCs from B&R are the perfect platform for this purpose. B&R systems can communicate using many standard fieldbus interfaces and are well-suited for continuous operation in harsh industrial environments. Using “Automation Studio Target for Simulink”, system models implemented in the simulation environment are transferred to the real-time platform at the push of a button. A wide range of modern control and drive products makes it possible to model an entire system. “Developers of test stations or test environments in the automobile and aerospace industries in particular are able to profit directly from the advantages of B&R systems,” states Elmar Zimmerling, global account manager for the automotive industry at B&R.

B&R Industrie-Elektronik Ges.m.b.H.
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A-5142 Eggelsberg

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