From the project to industrialisation: The one-stop service

Today in almost all areas, men-machine interfaces use electronic devices and require always more advanced skills in “electronic development and industrialization”. In the industry, a breakdown often means “loss of production”, therefore manufacturers of machines and appliances must offer electronic solutions of high quality. We met with Mr. Patrick Roy, head of sales and Marketing at Cloos Electronic, specialist of custom electronic solutions supplier.

“The trend today is very often that the customer contacts us with a more or less clear idea and we determine together the specifications of the electronic card and even its integration into its cabinet” – P. Roy

The activities of the company are mainly grouped into three areas for which Cloos Electronic can provide a complete service ranging from development to set up including every step of production. These three fields are:

  • electric cabinets
  • electronic cards
  • electronic apparatus and various accessories.

The company of le Locle is one of the few in Switzerland able to provide all these services under one roof and the company’s skills are largely recognized. True architect, Cloos Electronic positions itself as a partner of its customers to help them manage all aspects at any moments of the life of their products.

Outsourcing is no longer a problem
For a company an outsourcing project can quickly become a jigsaw puzzle, between non-updated procedures available internally, lack of transparency or retention of information, it is sometimes difficult to assign part of its operations to an external partner. With Cloos Electronic, the realization of the technical file is an element which made the success of the company. In this regard Mr. Roy says: “When a customer wishes to outsource part or all of its production, our specialists are going to work in the customer’s company to really understand its needs and build the technical file. It will be our knowledge base to ensure quality work”. Once this step passed, Cloos Electronic offers a secure gateway to its customers that can connect to the ERP system and track the progress of their orders in real time.

High-end products
Reactivity and skills of Cloos Electronic let the company deal with all requests in batch sizes that goes with high-end products. In terms of price the company has nothing to envy to its European or Asian competition. Finally Mr. Roy says: “We are clearly in an expansion phase, we have streamlined our workflow, increased our production capacity, and many companies will soon benefit from our services”.

You too?

Cloos Electronic
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Tel. +41 32 931 74 74
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We will publish a detailled article on Coos Electronic in a further issue of Eurotec.