Premiere for MEDTEC Italy in 2012

With the MEDTEC Italy, UBM Canon presents a new trade show and conferences event in the third-largest European market for medical technology. It will take place on September 26 and 27, 2012 in Modena, Italy and will present design and manufacturing solutions for the growing medical technology industries in the area.

Italian OEMs of the medical sector counts over 32,000 employees and generate an annual turnover of around EUR 10 billion. About 2,500 manufacturers of medical equipment or components and assembly groups are involved in this economic performance.

At the center of the market
About 80 percent of all Italian companies that are active in medical technology are located in North Italy, the heart of the medical technology in the country. The region of Modena and the neighbouring town of Mirandola specifically apply as the Life and Health Sciences Center and is home to more than 100 successful manufacturer in this industry.
Just like Germany and France, the two largest medical technology markets in Europe, Italy also shows many years of impressive growth (on average six or seven percent per year). The production sectors for orthopedic and cardiovascular devices grow even more with more than 10 percent.

New platform in Italy
To take advantage of this interesting market, the MEDTEC Italy trade fair and conference is an optimal contact platform for medical technology companies. Gregor Bischkopf, trade show manager with UBM Canon explains: “The MEDTEC Italy will serve as an annual exhibition of the Italian speaking area for innovation in medical technology and manufacturing.” At the same time, it offers the perfect opportunity to open up a promising new market with high growth potential for companies from Germany and other European countries. He concludes: “It complements our European trade fair portfolio perfectly.”

Are you interested in the Italian Medtec market?

Gregor Bischkopf
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Vero announce the launch of Machining STRATEGIST V13.0

Vero Software, a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the tooling industry, are pleased to announce the release of Machining STRATEGIST V13.  A powerful multi-axis CAM solution that generates optimum HSM roughing and finishing CNC toolpaths for both the office and shop-floor environment.  Machining STRATEGIST is a CAD independent solution and can work with data from all major 3D modelling systems. Within the latest release, support for VISI 19 has been included and the CAD interfaces have been aligned to Parasolid v24, SolidEdge ST4 and Catia v5 r21.

HM Waterline – A traditional waterline operation with 3D pocketing routine

Significant product enhancements include a number of new machining algorithms that will greatly benefit both Machining STRATEGIST customers and OEM partners. New CAM developments include :

HM Waterline Passes
A finishing strategy that combines all the benefits of a traditional waterline operation with a 3D pocketing routine that interacts with the main strategy whenever the shallow area between consecutive passes allows the insertion of additional passes. This method allows an optimal finish over the entire part, helping to extend tool life and produce parts with excellent surface finish.

HM Rib Machining Passes
A new strategy especially designed to machine very thin walls. These walls are often made from exotic materials (such as titanium for aerospace), and therefore a traditional approach to their machining is often difficult and risky, specifically towards the end of the process when the rib is subjected to high frequency vibrations and micro-flexes. This new strategy combines a new roughing toolpath and a finishing strategy to create a unique toolpath that should preserve the highest possible part rigidity.

Further product enhancements include improvements to Helical passes, calculation speed improvements for non-smoothed waterline passes and the ability to define different feedrates within Rest Machining and Combined Waterline for steep & shallow and offset passes.

Vero Software
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Hexagon Metrology invites users to the “Hexagon 2012” International Conference

Hexagon AB, leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies, will host its second annual international conference, Hexagon 2012, 4-7 June at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Bringing together users from Hexagon Metrology, Intergraph®, ERDAS, Leica Geosystems and NovAtel the Hexagon 2012 agenda promises attendees hands-on training courses, interactive technology demonstrations and exhibits and unlimited networking opportunities. As the conference will bring together users from all Hexagon group companies the event will be split into several tracks in order for users to follow sessions aligned within their industry.

Industry experts
The Metrology Track at Hexagon 2012 will include insightful presentations by industry experts, visionary keynote presentations on industry trends and compelling customer testimonials from industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Energy and so much more. Other events will include hands-on software workshops, developers feed-back sessions and round table discussions.
“Following the success of last year’s inaugural event, our focus for Hexagon 2012 is to enrich our attendees’ experience with content concentrated on our synergistic and comprehensive technology portfolio,” said Ola Rollén, President and CEO of Hexagon AB. “We look forward to welcoming customers from more than 65 countries and to yet again delivering a conference of exceptional quality and value.”

More than 3000 attendees
The Hexagon 2012 theme, “Think Forward,” highlights Hexagon’s continued determination to take on the challenges of the design, measurement and visualisation world by mobilising the full capabilities of its brands to innovate across boundaries and chart future directions. More than 3 000 attendees are expected to attend Hexagon 2012.

Call for speakers
Hexagon Metrology is seeking users from across the international community that wish to present case histories on how their company has employed Hexagon Metrology products to improve processes, raise quality and efficiency, and do business smarter than before. All selected speakers receive complimentary access to the conference. Please contact [email protected] for a speaker information pack.

The special Hexagon 2012 “Think Forward” rate of US$699 is available through 9 January and room rates at MGM Grand are from just $129 per room per night plus taxes.
To register and for more information, please visit

Hexagon Metrology
For further information, please contact:
Melanie Stutz, Deputy Marketing & Communications Manager
Phone: +41 62 737 67 75, e-mail: [email protected]

Control upgrade prevent customers’ production coming to a grinding halt

PTG Customer Care, the cross company division within the Precision Technologies Group of Milnrow, Lancashire that deals with all post delivery requirements for Holroyd, Crawford Swift and Binns and Berry machines, has developed a solution for customers finding it difficult to source replacement parts for machines with CNC controls over 10 years old by offering a state of the art new CNC control upgrade.

By definition, the unthinkable is something none of us wants to think about. And, in this case, the unthinkable for PTG’s customers consists of the nightmare situation of production literally grinding to a halt with the resultant missed deadlines and lost business. It really doesn’t bear thinking about. Which, as PTG Customer Care points out, is precisely why it’s important to think about it. The fact is, while the company’s highly efficient Customer Care division will always aim to achieve the fastest possible turnaround time in supplying replacement parts in the event of a breakdown, with the ever quickening pace of technological progress, older technologies are naturally becoming obsolete more quickly than ever.

A proactive approach
In the event of the machine breaking down and parts being unavailable, therefore, customers really would have been facing the doomsday scenario of having a machine sitting idle for six months or more awaiting a totally new CNC system while customers drifted away.
Fortunately, PTG Customer Care believes in taking a proactive, rather than reactive, approach in anticipating problems before they arise rather than merely trying to deal with them when they do. That’s why it has recently introduced a CNC control upgrade harnessing the very latest industry electrics and CNC software with user-friendly controls and remote diagnostics to prevent those sleepless nights and put customers firmly back in control.

You deserve precision
Incorporating the world-class brands of Holroyd, Binns & Berry, Crawford Swift, PTG Heavy Industries and Precision Components, The Precision Technologies Group has established itself at the forefront of high precision machine tool design, build and supply. The PTG range includes grinding machines for rotor, thread and gear operations, rotor milling machines and lathes producing ultra precision components to serve a wide range of industries from aerospace, medical and mould tool & die to marine, power generation, oil, gas, steel and high end automotive.

For more information about PTG Customer Care please contact:
Alan Mead – General Manager
[email protected]
Tel. +44 (0) 1706 526 590
Fax. +44 (0) 1706 353 350

Material and Surface Technology for Implants

Next spring the Medical Cluster and the RMS Foundation in cooperation with the Swiss Society for Surface Technology SGO-SST, will bring the fourth edition of the event [MEET THE EXPERT] Material and Surface Technology for Implants to the market.

This event will take place on April 23-24, 2012 at the Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken. The goal of the conference is to offer a platform for discussion and knowledge transfer between individuals active in the implant field.

Subject of the conference
The focus on the 2012 conference will be on implants surfaces. The programme will be divided into the following sub-topics:

  • Physical and chemical surface modifications
  • Biological interactions of implants surfaces
  • Process validation and regulatories
  • Clinical aspects of implants surfaces

Call for paper
In addition to keynote lectures, short presentations (15 min.) of current projects from select companies will be given and discussed. To ensure a broad range of topics and presenters, the organisers would like to invite Eurotec’s reader to submit an abstract for one of the select short presentations. The deadline for abstract submission is 31st January 2012.
Information can be found on online. Registration is fast and can be completed online too at

The 2012 event will include both the established tabletop exhibition plus real-time translation of talks from German and French to English.

Medical Cluster
Wankdorffeldstrasse 102
Postfach 261
3000 Bern 22
Tel.: +41 31 335 62 53 – Fax: +41 31 335 62 63 – Mobile: +41 76 324 31 15
[email protected]

Delcam to show feature-based mill-turn programming at Euromold

Delcam will demonstrate its latest developments in feature-based programming of mill-turn equipment with FeatureCAM 2012 at the Euromold exhibition to be held in Frankfurt from 29th November to 2nd December.  FeatureCAM will be shown on a second Delcam stand within the turning area of hall 9 (B139), as well as on the main Delcam stand in Hall 8 (H57).

FeatureCAM 2012 incorporates a range of enhancements to enable faster and easier programming, and produce more efficient toolpaths to give greater machine productivity.  All these developments will ensure that FeatureCAM retains the leadership in programming speed and ease of use it has held since its launch in 1995, when it was the world’s first feature-based programming system.  Full details, including videos demonstrating the new functionality, can be seen on

A number of the improvements will make FeatureCAM even easier to use when programming mill-turn equipment.  For example, a range of keyboard shortcuts have been added, including isometric view options, that will allow faster programming.  It has been made easier to select multiple items from the operations tree and to move all the features in a group, for example, all the operations on a particular spindle.
Toolpaths are displayed more clearly, selection of toolpaths has been simplified and an “undo” option added so that alternative strategies can be compared more easily.

…and productivity
The most important improvement for increasing machine productivity comes from further developments in the use of stock models to cover 2D features, including bosses, sides and slots.  The models allow the user to visualize the stock remaining after each operation.  This makes it easier to eliminate air cutting and so generate more efficient toolpaths with reduced machining times.  The models also simplify the selection of the most appropriate tool sizes for each operation.

Ideal cutting parameters
A number of extra options have been added to the tooling database.  This database is a key part of the automation in FeatureCAM as it allows the optimum operating conditions to be associated with each tool.  In most companies, the database is developed by the most experienced user.  It then ensures that even inexperienced operators use safe and efficient cutting parameters.  The new options in FeatureCAM 2012 allow more variables to be specified, including maximum cut depth and the optimum ramp angles.

There is more to discover at Euromold. For further information on Delcam’s FeatureCAM software, please contact
Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager
Direct phone: 0121 683 1081
e-mail: [email protected]

Delcam plc
Small Heath Business Park,
Birmingham, B10 0HJ, UK

The expression of an entire industry!

Siams is a trade show which was born from the industry and has grown on fertile ground of innovations and extraordinary developments. In 2012 again, the entire region of the large Jura arc (from haute-Savoie to the South of the Germany) will be rewarded in this trade fair located in the geographical centre of all microtechnologies. The organizers announced yesterday that the halls will be full again next spring.

Francis Koller – President, Laurence Gygax – Sales and customers relation and Patrick Linder – Head of communication at the press conference yesterday.

The Siams offers specific features that make it unique; it is anchored in the heart of the Jura of microtechnologies and represents a superb means for companies who want to make or strengthen their places in this area. It is a trade show but more than that, a strong brand that comes directly from the market. With Siams the Jura region of microtechnology can use an effective communication tool for all companies in this area.

Novelties for exhibitors and visitors
Patrick Linder says: “We are very satisfied with the evolution of leased areas and we should be able to count on approximately 500 exhibitors. The Forum de l’Arc will be full again in Moutier from May 8 to 11, 2012 and we expect about 15’000 visitors”. The numbers are similar to the 2010 edition. The head of communication adds: “We are working on many ideas and I cannot spill the beans yet. However, I can already announce that next issue will include a large section dedicated to high precision turning. This activity is one of the strengths of the Jura region and quite oddly until now, there was not really a dedicated trade show. Several formats are possible, a booth located in the high precision turning area or being part on a common booth either in the form of mini booths or through shop Windows. We also think “to give more content” in the show, our goal is to bring more value to visitors and exhibitors”.
[[Indeed we’ll publish more information about this as soon as available]].

A few spaces still available
It is the last race to sign up for you places, only a few square meters are available and soon the organizers will have to refuse exhibitors. So if you want to be part of this successful trade show “in the heart of microtechnology”, it is time to act.

We will publish a full interview of Patrick Linder in Eurotec’s next issue.

SIAMS 2012 | May 8-11 | Forum de l’Arc | Moutier