Honing for Dummies

In Europe the series of publications “…for Dummies” sell like hot cakes. Not that buyers are considered as stupid, far from that …but it is a way to say that these books are addressing consumers who do not know the subject. They aim to make people informed and efficient very simply. The new modular MVRL 160 vertical honing machine by Pemamo follow this trend and allows everyone to be able to master the micron scale simply and without prior knowledge.

The MVRL 160 machine was presented at the EMO in 1-spindle configuration and equipped with a 2-position rotary table. Depending on needs, this version may be underequipped. For this reason, the company continued its developments and will present a 2-spindle configuration with a 6-position rotary table at GrindTec.

More possibilities
Mr. Grimm says: “Our customers wished to have more possibilities, for example, roughing-finishing or brushing in the same machine. The two-spindle version answers perfectly to this desire.” The spindles are totally independent and allow many combinations of operations. The machine is modular and a three-spindle version is also available. Mr. Decker adds: “In addition we offer many possibilities at the level of support for parts, from simple cross table to 2, 4 or 6-position rotary tables and even a linear transfer system”.

For everyone
To be able to work with such a modular machine, adaptable on request, offering the accuracy of the tenth of a micron is a dream comes true for many companies. What about its manipulation and programming? Mr. Decker says: “Loading and unloading of the machine are performed in hidden time, and changes of set-ups require a few minutes only. The machine is ideal for the realization of batch sizes between 1’000 and 300’000 parts”. This for a reduced investment compared to some “big solutions” available on the market.
“There is no CNC programming to perform; we have developed an expert system that allows anyone to guarantee perfect work within the accuracy of the tenth of a micron. According to machining and production conditions, the operator is guided across a very visual and intuitive interface” adds Mr. Grimm. The system includes all the know-how of Pemamo and makes it available to all operators.

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We will come back on this modular honing machine soon.