What direction is metal working taking?

PTW Innovation Tour on Future Production Trends will bring visitors at AMB 2012 right up to date. The Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at Darmstadt Technical University has resolved to inform visitors at AMB 2012 about the state of the art in metal working as compactly and efficiently as possible.

A study conducted by the Institute has revealed that a visitor spends an average of one day at the exhibition. This will also be the case at AMB 2012, International Exhibition for Metal Working, which will be held in Stuttgart from 18 to 22 September 2012.

What are they doing?
The study also revealed that out of the eight or nine hours which visitors have planned for their stay at the exhibition, four hours will be taken up in previously arranged meetings. In the remaining four hours visitors will have time to obtain an in impression of the latest trends. With its innovative stand concept in Hall 5 at AMB 2012, PTW wants to comply with the narrow time window and the desire by visitors to obtain detailed information on the currently most important trends in production engineering. The stand concept will benefit in this respect from the Institute’s strategy as an application-based research organisation. The close connections with numerous innovation leaders in the industry will ensure that only those key topics with both high innovation potential and high practical relevance will first be presented in subject clusters.

Subject clusters make orientation easier
The “PTW Innovation Tour on Metal Working – Future Trends” will provide an extensive insight into key future-oriented topics. To make it easy for visitors to find their way around, every topic will be illustrated separately in a cluster from different angles by a total of 25 innovation leaders on an area of 540 square metres. Manufacturers of tools, machines and automation solutions, as well as service providers and users were therefore integrated in the exhibition concept. Regular guided tours for visitors will give interested parties a succinct introduction to the contents of the different innovation clusters. The framework of the Innovation Tour will be formed by the open stand concept which will allow visitors access from all sides. In the centre of the stand the “London bus” will invite visitors to hold discussions with experts, cultivate existing contacts and forge new contacts.

Main topics

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lean machining
  • Complete machining
  • Titanium machining

Registrations for the “PTW Innovation Tour on Metal Working – Future Trends” at AMB 2012 can now be made. Interested companies should directly contact the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at Darmstadt Technical University.
E-mail: [email protected]
tel.: +49 (0)6151 16-2156

Fast and highly user friendly optical 3D measurement

With InfiniteFocusSL from Alicona, supplier of high resolution optical 3D measurement systems, a new and cost efficient measurement device for the 3D characterization of micro structured surfaces is available. Users measure surface roughness including surface finish with only one system. In addition, InfiniteFocusSL delivers brilliant color images with high contrast and high depth of focus.

The low-cost system enhances the Alicona product range with another measurement system that is based on the technology of Focus-Variation and used in both research and a production near environment. InfiniteFocusSL is in particular attractive because of its´ high value for money and its universal applicability from cutting edge measurement in tool industry to quality assurance of micro components in automotive and aerospace industry, mold industry as well as medical device development. Basically, as soon as a surface shows a minimum surface roughness of only a few nanometers the system can be applied.

Also in a production near environment
“The market launch of InfiniteFocusSL strengthens Alicona´s position as supplier of optical 3D measurement solutions that deliver high resolution measurement results also in a production near environment. With the new system we demonstrate that all the benefits which are known and well established from the use of optical measurement devices in research can also be achieved in production”, states Alicona CEO Dr. Stefan Scherer. According to Alicona, these benefits include areal instead of profile based measurements or the measurement of very fine and sophisticated surface features. “Our customers confirm that in many cases those surfaces cannot be measured adequately by using traditional techniques only”, says Scherer. InfiniteFocusSL is a solution for the measurement of also complex components. This is also valid for the measurement of difficult to access surface features such as steep flanks or the tooth root of a gear.

New way to light
In daily use, the system is characterized by the possibility to also measure complex forms and shapes comfortably and in high measurement speed. Besides the robust technology Focus-Variation, this is achieved throughout the intelligent illumination technology. The illumination concept is based on the principle of using existing light conditions as well as the surface reflection properties of the specimen. In doing so, light is optimized which results in an optimal illumination of the component. This is achieved via a patent pending concentrator optics which includes a range of single controllable segments. By using these segments, a surface is illuminated from different perspectives which results in diffuse illumination.

We will publish more detail on this brand new Alicona device soon in Eurotec.

To be discovered at Control, Stuttgart from May 8 to 11, 2012 on Halle 1, Stand 1622

For more information
Teslastraße 8, 8074 Grambach/Graz
[email protected]

Demonstration days not to be missed

Formerly Hahn & Kolb Switzerland SA, Zimmerli SA, now has about 20 employees based in the canton of Neuchâtel for Swiss customers. For some years the company has opened subsidiaries in France and Italy, where, more than reseller it is advisor and provider of tailor-made solutions.

For 40 years the company has the habit to organize “demonstration days” twice a year. On these occasions, polyglot machine providers and sales engineers are present throughout the week to bring customers innovations, and exclusivities newly available on the market.

Full-scale tests and numerous partners
These test days are excellent opportunities for customers to develop their processes by testing their parts on the available machines. Next demonstration week will take place from April 24 to 27, 2012.

What will be exhibited?

  • The Pero R1, the fastest washing machine in its class
  • Elma ultrasonic devices
  • LK-Mechanik Washing baskets for small watchmaking parts
  • Spinner “DynamicLine”, strength, speed and precision
  • Acsys Lasertechnik AG, writing and engraving with Laser

Don’t miss the week of demonstration taking place from April 24 to 27, 2012.

Zimmerli SA
Pièces Chaperon 14
CH-2016 Cortaillod
Tél: +41 32 842 63 33
Fax: +41 32 842 61 63
[email protected]

DMG and Mori Seiki bundle their activities in Switzerland

After successful integration in numerous markets, such as for example Germany, Asia, United States, and Japan, the Group  carries on its transformation to manage other European markets together.

In Switzerland DMG and Mori Seiki have combined their sales and service activities from March 1, 2012. DMG / Mori Seiki Switzerland together with Josef Binkert AG are responsible for the complete sales, service and technical support of the entire product portfolio of both manufacturers.

Technical support available
By bundling sales and service activities DMG / Mori Seiki Switzerland offers its customers a guarantee that in the future each request will receive the appropriate solution. The company is still based in Dübendorf near Zürich and in addition the Dixi Machines premise in Le Locle is used as Technology center. 47 motivated employees in Switzerland guarantee the customers optimal support in all production activities, as well as the optimization of production processes.

New market appearance in Austria and Switzerland
“The concentrated market orientation as well as the technology leadership of our products are the key to success”, says Patrick Tresch, Managing Director of DMG / Mori Seiki Switzerland.
The Siams in Moutier from 8 to 11 may 2012 and the Constance fair in Klaus, Austria from 22 to 25 may 2012 constitute the appropriate frameworks, to introduce the new organization, as well as contact persons.

DMG  Mori Seiki Schweiz AG
Lagerstrasse 14
8600 Dübendorf, Schweiz
T +41 44 824 4848
F +41 44 824 4824

New types of guiding and clamping

In high precision turning when we speak about guide bushes and collets, the solutions available on the market involve split elements. Depending on the circumstances, this advantages the entry of chips into the adjustment and clamping devices and can generate significant problems for users. A new generation of patented non-split collets and guide-bushes are presented by ECS Swisscollet. They solve this problem and bring many other benefits. Meeting with Mr. Marchand its director.

M. Marchand explaining the new collet benefits to a customer on the Simodec’s booth of the company.

According to the materials to be machined, bars may have irregularities. Mr. Marchand says: “A customers who machined continuous casting bronze lived many problems related to the bars, on a 26 mm diameter bar he was confronted with differences up to 7/10th of a millimeter. We offered him to try our new guide-bush and indeed, it is capable of absorbing such a difference”. This patented system allows therefore in many cases to suppress the grinding operation of bars before machining and greatly simplifies the machining in materials where bars are not “perfect” as PEAK for example.

Let’s see the different products based on this new concept:

  • “Master Bush”: standard guide-bushes – Friction are reduced significantly, in the case of working with difficult material, this avoids jamming.
  • “Master Clamp”: standard F-collets – The clamping system reduces friction and increases the clamping force.
  • “Master Clamp”: large opening collets – These increase the clamping range by 60%.
  • “Master Clamp”: multispindle collets – Working with multispindle, chips can quickly become baffling.  The new multispindle collets operating on the same principle of added jaws without slot avoid this problem. The potential gain is extraordinary.

For every application?
“We do not want to replace standard guide-bushes and collets” says Mr. Marchand, but in very many applications, the flexibility and the removal of jamming problems, as well as the significantly increased collet and guide bush lifetimes, make them become unavoidable.

ECS Swisscollets SA
Chemin des Aulx 5
1228 Plan les Ouates
Tel. +41 22 706 20 10
Fax + 41 22 706 20 11
[email protected]


We will publish more detailed information soon in Eurotec.

De-industrialisation may wipe out Europe’s innovation capacity

The European Association of the Machine Tool industries, CECIMO, launched its ‘Study on the Competitiveness of the European Machine Tool Industry’ with a roundtable meeting at the European Parliament on 21 March, which brought together industry and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Prepared by a voluntary group of industrialists coordinated by CECIMO, the study provides a comprehensive snapshot of the European machine tool industry in the post-crisis era.

Michael Hauser, Vice-President of Cecimo and CEO of Tornos.


The event was titled: “Made in Europe? Challenges facing the EU’s machine tool industry”. The findings of the CECIMO study reveal that the share of European machine tool production has been in decline over the last decade, owing mainly to the shift of markets to Asia. “Driven by the rise of China, Asia has become truly ‘the factory of the world’ over the past decade. Today, Asia consumes more 66% of the world’s machine tool production and China alone absorbs 50% of this. The share of European consumption in world consumption has dropped from 40% to one fifth over the last decade, the share which was obviously lost to Asia” explained Michael Hauser, Vice-President of CECIMO, CEO of Tornos S.A. to MEPs present in the meeting.

“Mission impossible”
Machine tools are the basic building blocks of the industrialisation of a country. Emerging countries increasingly invest in production systems provided largely by the European machine tool industry to build up their manufacturing base. “This is good news for our companies as their exports to China and Asia are booming. However, the bad news is that our customers relocate outside Europe and we are forced to follow them to other markets. Expanding to Asian markets is almost ‘a mission impossible’ for an SME employing a hundred people”, the CECIMO Vice-President stated.

You can download the whole report here.

Misumi unveils new linear unit

With an LX15 linear guide, Misumi follows the trend towards miniaturisation in automation technology.

LX15, the latest linear guide from Misumi, follows the trend towards miniaturization.

The LX15 is just 20.2 mm tall, only 44 mm wide and the available lengths are between 75 and 200 mm. The latest linear unit in the product range of the Japanese manufac-turer and supplier of standard, purchased and made-to-order parts is therefore consid-erably smaller than the previous smallest linear guide (LX20), which measures 27 mm tall, 52 mm wide and between 80 and 300 mm long.

Misumi supplies the LX15 optionally as an open or closed model, and in two precision classes. The positioning accuracy of the unit is ±20 µm, with a repeatability of ±3 µm. Furthermore, the new linear guide can be delivered with or without an MX * lubrication unit, as well as a standard or low-particulate lubricant. The MX lubrication unit consists of a special type of polyurethane saturated with lubricant. It extends maintenance cy-cles and thus contributes to reduce costs.

The most basic LX15 model—no cover, standard lubricant, no lubrication unit, high performance—is already available from EUR 450. As always, the catalogue company offers reliable delivery times — of just eight days in this case. Units with optional extras such as low-particulate lubricant, excellent accuracy and a lubrication unit are with the customer within 13 days of receipt of the order. And like all of the other million or more products available from Misumi, the new linear guide is configurable in increments of 0.01 mm, and Misumi does not impose a minimum order quantity or apply a small-volume surcharge. Quite the opposite: Within Germany, delivery is free — even for orders of just one item.

Misumi Europa GmbH
Katharina-Paulus-Str. 6
65824 Schwalbach/Ts.
Tel. +49 (0) 61 96 77 46 0
Fax +49 (0) 61 96 77 46 360