Simodec’s trophies just awarded

At the end of its first day the Simodec lived a nice moment with its own “Oscars”. And guess what? It’s great; two of the winners were largely presented by Eurotec in our latest issue.

This morning’s opening celebration at Simodec.

The organisers received 32 files and the jury spent quite a lot of time to analyse them and discuss and debate and think… the categories were:

  • High precision turning machines
  • Other machines
  • Tooling and cutting material
  • Control and measuring devices
  • Equipment
  • Services and softwares

Two more trophies were awarded:

  • Simodec Gold trophy (amongst other trophies)
  • Press trophy

On the left, Emmanuel Turlot and Francis Koller –  Cyklos and on the right Alain Liechti – Wibemo.

The winners are:

  • Index MS22C-8 –Multispindle lathe
  • Cyklos – surface treatment machine
  • Fuchs – protection against corrosion
  • Keyence IM6500 – measuring device
  • Fuchs – portable oil-separator
  • Quasar solutions – software to help set up

You can discover the two articles on the two latest trophies following the links here above.

I will come back on some news soon.