Top performance on all fronts

“All the right topics, a further rise in participation from abroad and highly satisfied exhibitors – this year’s Hannover Messe added up to a complete success,” commented Dr. Wolfram von Fritsch, Chairman of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe, at the press conference on the last day of the show.

“Hannover Messe 2012 has triggered a new wave of business for industrial enterprises. The show’s 5,000 exhibitors will now have their work cut out for them.” The Swiss exhibitors have worked well too.

Hannover Messe 2012 attracted well over 190,000 attendees. “We knew we would definitely be seeing more visitors than in 2010 – a year in which turnout was impacted by the volcanic ash cloud. But we were not at all prepared for pulling even with our figures for the boom year of 2008, as well as for a significant rise in attendance from abroad. This underscores the kind of top performance delivered by this year’s event,” von Fritsch noted.

Definitely worldwide
A total of 50,000 visitors attended the event from abroad in 2012 – a jump of over one-third compared with 2008. 20,000 of these were from outside of Europe. “We had higher visitor numbers not just from China, but also from India, Korea, Brazil and the United States,” von Fritsch reported. There were also a higher number of visitors from other European countries.

Happy Swiss companies
As you may have noticed it, I was on the Swiss both that week and I will carry on presenting the companies I’ve met there the following days. The CEO’s and sales representatives I discussed with on the booth were quite happy with results, a lot of contacts, qualitative contacts, a perfect organization on the Swiss booth… many have already decided to be part in 2013. (I personally wonder why there are not more companies from French speaking Switzerland).

2013 on the right track
Dr. von Fritsch is confident of a successful Hannover Messe 2013: “More than 600 companies have already submitted their registrations for Hannover Messe 2013. Over the past few days many of them have even inquired about the possibility of booking bigger stands next year. So next year’s event is likely to fill the entire trade fair complex in Hannover,” he concluded.

The next Hannover Messe will be staged from 8 to 12 April 2013.

If you missed it, we already presented

From the Swiss booth and

There is more to come indeed, the show was really full of interesting discoveries.

Boundless possibilities in spring technology

On the Swiss booth at Hannover Messe I also met with the specialists from Federtechnik Kaltbrunn. This company aims to offer the whole world of spring technology from one source…

Federtechnik Group specialists, Manuel Jud, Area Sales Manager and Toni Rüegg, Technical Sales.

The Federtechnik Group has four production sites and over 80 years of experience in the development and manufacture of technical springs from wire and metal strip. The company combines advanced laser technology that allows it to carry out precision welding and cutting operations to his know-how.

The company offers a wide range of products

  • compression, traction and torsion springs ranging from 0.15 to 20 mm in diameter
  • curved embossed parts (stamping, thread forming, welding and assembly)
  • manufacture of modern tools and prototyping workshop for the company
  • manufacture of assembly parts and components
  • laser technology (welding and cutting)
  • precision cutting and forming up to 630 t.

Flexible and efficient
The Federtechnik Group’s machine pool guarantees fast, flexible and cost-effective production of small, medium and large series for their domestic and international customers whatever their sector of activity (automotive, medicine, cable car, electronics, machinery, building or plastics). The company offers technical support at all stages of development from pre-series to final serial production. ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001

Federtechnik Kaltbrunn AG
Benknerstrasse 54
8722 Kaltbrunn
Tel. +41 (0)55 293 20 20
Fax +41 (0)55 293 20 00
[email protected]  –

The watchmaking specialist …now with guide bush

Since 2006, watchmakers and bar turners creating small and very precise short parts have been able to rely on the Micro8 turning machine from Tornos. Originally designed for creating shafts for hard disks, the very high level of precision offered by this machine quickly won over specialists from the watchmaking world. A new version is now on its way!

With almost 200 machines installed with watchmaking suppliers in Switzerland (400 machines installed in total), this turning machine, which works without a guide bush, has been championed by the specialists in this domain. Mr Schoeckle, in charge of Tornos’ operations in German-speaking Switzerland, explains: “The Micro8 is the machine most suited to creating watch screws. Our customers are very pleased with both the simplicity and the performance offered by the machine”. Mr Almeida, his counterpart for French-speaking Switzerland, adds: “5 customers own more than 20 machines and only thing limiting a greater take-up is the length of the parts that we can machine”. For a machine working without a guide bush, the length is limited to approximately three times the diameter. This explanation serves as an introduction to the birth of the Micro8/4: the same machine, but fitted with a guide bush!

A guide bush at a bargain price
“Watchmaking is no different to other markets when it comes to the cost price of parts” Brice Renggli, Head of Marketing at Tornos, tells us. He added: “By taking the tried and tested Micro 8 machine as our basis, we are able to offer a new version fitted with 4 axes and working with a guide bush at a highly competitive price. We are convinced that the machine will appeal to watchmakers and to many other sectors”. To be able to put forward a highly attractive product, 2 tools have been removed from the “conventional” Micro 8 machine range (X2) and it is available in three basic versions.

With or without guide bush?
While the Micro 8 has been incredibly successful, this is only because the market for a machine which creates short parts was waiting for an effective solution. But for some users, the length of the parts which can be created is highly restrictive. They no longer have to choose! The Micro 8/4 machine is equipped with a fixed guide bush which opens up the market for “long parts”, but with a simple kit, it is also possible to work without a guide bush, as with a conventional Micro 8.

The machine will be shown at EPHJ/EPMT/SMT early June in Genève. We will publish more details later.

Tornos SA
Industrielle 111
2740 Moutier
Tel. +41 32 494 44 44
Fax: +41 32 494 49 07
[email protected]

Agathon bearing – for performing various types of movement

The special machine construction and the precision automation provide many different forms of movement as special applications: whether to tighten (e.g. spindle), or handling of workpieces, or even holding and guiding tools (etc.).

Agathon pillar guides can be used for various types of loads (static, swiveling, alternating), respectively, for up to highly dynamic movements.

The typical stick-slip, usual for sliding guides, does not exist in correspondingly designed rolling guides. Even when a moment load unbalances the rolling elements, this property is hardly changed – these benefits enable to reach highest standards with regard to achieving high accuracies. Sensitive tactual movements can be performed with preloaded pillar bearings.

Compact and efficient
Compared to the shaft bearing guide, the installation space is smaller, the load capacity and stiffness are considerably higher. The cylindrical bore of the pillar guide can be produced cheaper and more precise than the receiving areas for profiled rail guide systems – a tuning of the preload is not necessary, the pillar guide is ready for installation.
The rolling element cage lays back half the way of the overall movement, the length of the cage and bushing determines the maximum reachable stroke – the rolling element cage should, regardless of the stroke position, remain preloaded at least 50% of its length. A multiple of the pillar diameter, respectively, of the shaft diameter, can be run as longitudinal movement.

Customer’s benefits from Agathon pillar guides:

  • Backlash-free, the rolling elements are preloaded
  • Bearing deflection at maximum load, is between a few micrometers up to approx. 0.01 mm, depending on the guide dimensions and rolling elements
  • No stick-slip on optimally designed bearings
  • Long lifetime
  • For linear speeds up to approx. 150m/min
  • Suitable for radial loads, as well as uneven load distribution
  • Ball rolling elements can perform 2-axis movements
  • Alternatively manufactured in stainless steel alloys, standard material: 100Cr6 (bearing steel)
  • Ball and roller elements
  • Minimum abrasion
  • Little lubrication, continuous lubrication possible
  • Easy installation

Agathon AG, Normalien
Gurzelenstrasse 1, 4512 Bellach/Schweiz
Pone:  +41 (0)32 617 4502
Telefax    :  +41 (0)32 617 4701
[email protected]

Vegetable water-based coolants and cutting oils

For more than 20 years, Condat works on vegetal oils for replacing mineral oils. Since 2009, Condat proposes a range of soluble oils and cutting oil for metal working formulated from vegetable based esters. These fluids show high performances lubricating power, good stability and consumption economy. These product-ranges called Neat Green and Mecagreen are on display in Halle 4 at Hannover Messe.

The new range of Mecagreen and Neat Greens are innovative products that have needed two years to develop by Condat laboratories. The formulation of these products mark an important evolution in terms of chemistry, and ‘green’ chemistry! Unlike mineral oil based products, the new products are made of a mixture of esterified basic oils that are of 100 % vegetable origin.

Polar molecules
The problem with coolant is that we always have to find the best combination between cooling and lubricating properties. Petroleum based oils are non polar and do not coordinate with the workpiece surface, hence some compromise to do. The new vegetable oil and water-based coolant proposed by Condat benefit from a new technology that enhances the polarity of the esters used. Even for heavy duty operations, ester-based molecules still stick to the workpiece’s surface to ensure better slide and minimal wear on tools. The length of the product range allow the company to always find the best coolant adapted to the part to be machined.

20% less wear on tools announced
Mr. Xavier Pitance, in charge of the industrial lubrication business unit says: “We’ve done extensive tests and are working with customers worldwide. They are emphasizing that tool life is largely extended”. He adds: “Nevertheless we don’t want to compare solutions by ourselves; the best is that potential interested people ask for information and put us under test, and then they can see by themselves and chose based on facts”.

To be discovered in Halle 4, Booth a42 till the end of the week.
[email protected]

By the way, the company is looking for sales representatives in Europe and Switzerland to strengthen their network… if you’re active in lubrication and would like to seize a new opportunity, feel free to contact Mr. Pitance at your early convenience.

A Swiss company on top…

At Hannover Messe there are a lot of Swiss companies exhibiting, but the Osec booth on Hall 4 “only” presents 8 companies. Let’s start with these. We’ve just met with Mr. Bräm, the CEO of bräm: high precision mechanics and discovered some incredible parts (between a few millimeters to something like 20 centimeters or so).

Founded in 1965 the company is nowadays specialized in many high precision operations and assemblies. They can do all but turning, i.e. milling, grinding, electro chemical milling, EDM, polishing, finishing and more. According to Mr. Bräm met at the show, they are not only able to deal with all these technologies but also to go deep into every knowledge to offer accurately tailored solutions to their customers.

The best technology to meet various job’s demands
Most of the time the parts to be created are complicated and need a wide expertise. “Our customers are often interested to work with us from the development phase to benefit from our specific know-how in manufacturing. Because our original craft is the manufacture of precision molds, our expertise in precision machining and machining of hard materials is unique. Thus we machine ultra-hard materials such as carbide and technical ceramics. Our automatic polishing method allows us to reach perfect surface finishes, even on products manufactured in series. Our specialties such as micro-EDM, electrochemical precision machining (ECM), drilling/milling of extreme precision and laser processes cover any type of manufacturing: from complex unique parts to large series production. For 45 years and day after day, our team of 30 specialists witnesses what high-tech made in Switzerland means” says Mr. Bräm the company’s CEO.

To discover at Hannover Messe till the end of the week. Halle 4, booth C12.

“Switzerland: the country from where ideas and milk come” (see the logo top left? Yep that’s Eurotec’s… and we don’t have milk either!)

Gebr. Bräm AG, High Precision Mechanics
Mr. Martin Bräm CEO
Lerzenstrasse 4
8953 Dietikon
Phone :+41 44 746 46 40

The new standard for roughing applications

Haimer,  leading manufacturer in tool holding, and headquartered in Igenhausen, Germany has developed an innovative tool holding system for high-performance machining called SAFE-λOCK™.

In the Haimer Safe-Lock™ system, spiral-shaped grooves are ground into the shaft of the cutting tools. In combination with the corresponding drive pins in the tool holder, they prevent the tool from being pulled out of the chuck during heavy machining. Images: Haimer

It has been proving itself for a few years now in the most varied applications, and is gaining more and more license partners. In the meantime, leading cutting tool manufacturers have incorporated the Safe-Lock™-system into their product range and are already recommending it as the safest solution for increasing productivity in roughing applications. Widia, Walter, Sandvik Coromant, Kennametal, Helical, HAM, Emuge Franken and Data Flute – all of these cutting tool manufacturers have already acquired licenses for the Safe-Lock™ system by Haimer.

How the SAFE-λOCK™ System Works
The Safe-Lock™ principle works like this: Spiral-shaped grooves are ground into the cutting tool shank. In combination with corresponding carbide drive pins in the tool holder (shrink fit, collet or hydraulic chucks), they prevent the tool from twisting or even being pulled out of the chuck during extreme machining, which can lead to enormous costs when expensive workpieces are involved. The interplay of pull-out protection and the best runout accuracy leads to low-vibration and thus very efficient machining. This enables a doubling of metal removal rates by considerably increasing cutting depths and feed rates. Tool wear is proportionally reduced, too.

The end of the Weldon holder era has begun
Up to now, with a lack of alternatives, many users have had to resort to conventional Weldon holders, whose clamp screw causes positive locking. This allows the generation of infinitely high torques, until the cutter ultimately breaks. However, these Weldon tool holders also bring the following known disadvantages with them: unprecise radial runout, which hinders productivity due to occurring vibrations; poor clamping, because the shaft requires a bit of space in the chuck; poor balance properties due to the one-sided clamping surface, and a short tool life for HPC tools, which are generally very expensive.
The Haimer Safe-Lock™ system offers relief and can replace Weldon as the standard with unique advantages. This is true for all applications for which Weldon tool holders are currently in use, from titanium to aluminium to conventional tool steel.

SAFE-λOCK™ available in all clamping systems
The principle of the Safe-Lock™ system is not limited to shrink fit chucks. It can also be integrated into collet chucks and hydraulic chucks. In order to be able to also serve customers without shrink fit machines, Haimer offers an expanded collection of high-performance collet chucks. Depending on requirements, the market leader in tool holding and balancing technology recommends its low-vibration Power Collet Chucks for HSC or Heavy Duty Collet Chucks for heavy machining.

You can find more information on Safe-Lock™ at

Haimer GmbH
Weiherstraße 21
D-86568 Igenhausen
Tel.: +49 (0) 82 57 / 99 88-0
Fax: +49 (0) 82 57 / 18 50
[email protected]