Turbomill magnetic chucks

Braillon Magnetics invented and built the first Electro-Permanent magnetic chuck in 1963. Since then the E-P technology has evolved constantly, resulting in a range of very powerful, reliable and sturdy magnetic chucks for chip removal operations.

Magnetic workholding for milling by Braillon Magnetics.

Today, the most common EP technologies are

  • Full demag system: energizing by a single current impulse; de-energizing by alternating current impulses resulting in a complete demagnetisation of both chuck and components.
  • Compensated system: energizing and de-energizing are both accomplished by a single current impulse. Chuck is fully off, components of tool steel may have some residual magnetism.

Strong assets
E-P magnetic chucks being permanent magnetic chucks which are energized and de-energized by current impulses, are :

  • Safe, the magnetic power cannot get lost in case of a mains power failure
  • Powerful, using the most efficient permanent magnets
  • Accurate and sturdy, no moving parts
  • Ecological, no continuous power consumption

Turbomill features and sizes
All Braillon Magnetics turbomill chucks are machined from a solid block of steel, resulting in the highest rigidity and magnetic efficiency. The benefits being a higher accuracy and a much longer chuck life. Naturally, all Turbomill chucks are 100% watertight. Braillon magnetics ‘s range consists in three EP milling chucks. These three chucks allow users to choose the most effective solution according to their needs.

Clamping solutions for everyone
KnowHow, efficency and reliability are the company’s claim. Braillon Magnetics offers magnetic clamping solutions for almost every single application: clamping for ships removal machine tools, high temperature quick mould change, workholding, contact free coupling, demagnetizing…
The company also provides a large number of options to finely tune its products to the users’ needs.

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By the way, you can download a free magnetic and cutting forces calculation software on the website of the company here.